Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Again (two weeks later)

Once again its Sunday, (seems sundays pop up on a regular basis----who knew?).  Today finds me spending time with my niece Tish in Irvine, Ca..  Today we went to lunch, and had a most delightful Chinese repast.  I opted to go with beef and vegaetables, and I believe Tish had the Schezan Beef.  Both dishes of course come with the obligatory rice, hot tea, and afterwards the dreaded fortune cookies.

After Lunch, Tish suggested we visit the Presidential Library for Richard Nixon, which is located only a few miles away, so off we went.  I found the LIbrary quite interesting, as it was a period of time when I was "into" politics, and the world scene.  Also next to the Library complex, actually a part of the complex, was Nixon's boyhood hoom, and we of course had to see that, but bye then we were getting tired, and would have had to wait some length of time til the next tour of the house was to be run, so we opted to call it a day, and came back here to Tish's place.  As I write this quick little post, SHE, (being the good lil niece that she is), is slaving out in the kitchen making me up a big batch of her excellent Tuna Salad to take home to Temecula, along with the loaf of bananna bread, and a container of grapeseed oil, which is suppose to be good for lowereing one;s chlorestorol.

During the last couple weeks, since I last posted, my Nephew Pete and I took a run up to Vegas, which I have not visted since 1996, ----the place sure has changed, but the games are the same-----I only lost about 400 bucks, but had a great time. (Pete won enough to break even after taking us out to a really fantastic great steak dinner, paid for the gas, and lunch on the drive back)  We more or less agreed we would have to do it again in about 3-4 monthes.   Driving up I learned it might be best for me to invest in an IPOD, as my new car had an IPOD jack in the sound system, and of course with an IPOD, one can collect thousands of songs.

Also during the last couple weeks, I have  become a Cosco Member, in that their store in Temecula is abour a block from my apartment complex, and they sell gas abourt as cheap there as anywhere in the general local, and offer good deals on fresh meats, as well as clothes and electronics-----hmmm bet I should shop there for that IPOD.

Okay thats it for now good people----I'm typing this on Tish's computer, and I believe she wants to do something on the Puter, so am signing off------see ya all around the blogosphere ------(lol)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay its Sunday----now what?

I more or less promised a post would be made today, and this is my attempt at meeting my promise----ain't got a clue as I write this sentence what I am going to post-----working without a net here.. (lol)

I don't have any immediate plans for today, or Monday or Tues, or Wednesday, so will be going with the flow of whatever comes along.  On Thursday my nephew Pete and I will be driving up to Vegas, and taking a shot or two at blackjack.  I am rather looking forward to the trip, I havn't been to Vegas since 1996, and I am looking forward to seeing all the many changes to the city ----about 10 new hotels.  However, knowing how I love playing blackjack, most likely will find a hot table, and next thing I know it will be time to head back home, no time for silly sight seeing-----but then the worst case scenario would be not finding a hot table, and nothing else to do but go sight seeing----hell sounds like a win-win situation to me either way.

I have been slowly adapting my apartment to MY liking.  Hung up some of my wall art, but what I havn't put up just doesn't "fit" the decor here, so am keeping one eye open for the right paintings and pictures that will work here . (your not alone in this problem Patty--- LOL).

As I write this , have been trying to decide if I want to go out for breakfast or stay in for breakfast---I know if I go out it will cost me money.  Seems I can't just go out and get breakfast and come home, no, I will no doubt talk myself into doing some shopping-----and next thing I know will have spent monies on gawd only knows what ------not that there is anything wrong with that------seems I can always use "stuff".

Actually today, most likely this afternoon, will do my stock market research, and be ready for the market when it opens Monday morning------who needs Vegas (lol).  I will also finish my current novel that I am reading , and oh yeah might as well do some laundry---and then come evening will have to decide if I am watching a netflix movie, or something I recorded off the DVR  (its programed to record a number of tv series, such as "Supernatural", "Mission Impossible" and "Murder She Wrote", and if none of that appeals, perhaps take in one of the old movies off of one of the cable channels----oh, oh, just remembered, the Library is open on Sundays here----good time to go get acouple new novels to read.   Gee, glad we had this little talk, it helped me more or less plan my day-------laters good people.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"---Back by popular demand" (yeah righttttt!)

Hi all, guess I have been remiss in not posting of late.  Several of you were thoughtful enough as to inquire as to my welfare, ---another few were actually angry that I hadn't posted  for a time (I assume they were suffering from withdrawal symptoms).  In anycase here I am again putting words up , without a thought as to where they should stop.
I have no excuse to offer for my lack of posting, just got caught up in a different swirl of things, and time escaped me------.

Its now going on 2am, and the old dude here is thinking he should be in bed, and there is no one here to talk me out of it, so------goodnight all----will endeavor to post something a mite more coherent tomorrow.