Wednesday, November 30, 2011

QUIRKS (not to be confused with quarks)

     If you pay any attention at all, you no doubt have seen some pretty odd behavior habits of people around ya.   I think each of us no doubt has habits that we never even think about.
     I was out for my morning eggs, toast and coffee at my regular haunt here int good old Temecula, and got to watching the people around me, in particular was watching how they stirred their coffee (or Tea).  I soon enough learned not all people stir their coffee the same way.
     Basically their are those that stir their coffee clockwise, another bunch counter clockwise.  You would think that would be pretty much everyone, but wait----I found some who agitated their drinks with a back and forth motion, others doing figure eights with their spoons.   I even saw one young man slapping his coffee with a spoon not unlike a lil kid playing in a puddle of water, but then he had that dazed look in his eye and I was fairly certain he was coming off a binge of some kind and still not back to earth.
     Then not satisfied to just observe all the variations of coffee stirring, I got to noticing the types of people stirring in a particular manner----but thats a whole different blog for a later time.  lol

What goes around-----comes around

Don't get over-heated, but I have been thinking about getting back into blog posting---its been acouple years since I last blogged---finding it a bit scary.  However me thinks I can remember how to go about it.    
    what do you think?