Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas At My Nephew Edward's House

I am kinda jammed getting things ready for show and tell with the realtor, packing boxes, house cleaning etc , etc, etc ad nauseum.  SO thats my excuse for not getting my xmas pics posted til now.  However, better late than never, and here they are.
From left to right we have Carl, Tish, Melanie and Bill. (as you all may know, Tish and Melanie are my nieces.
This is one of the cousins in the clan ,Tracey, and My nephew Eric's wife Jennifer
This is Alexandra and her boyfriend Phil.
and this is a group pic of the good looking women we have in our family, the girls at the ends are some of my Great GrandNieces (as you can see good looks run in the family)
---and this old dude is Moi, with my blogger sponsor Judi. (we can title this one "Beauty and the Beast" (lol)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all!!

Well its Christmas eve--(finally its only taken since before Halloween to get here)---I'm tired of xmas music, xmas promotions at the stores, in short I'm close to being totally bummed out on the theme of xmas, and STILL another day to go.  Well I got the rent-a-car picked up, going to the family gathering in a PT Cruiser, kinda appropriate, what with being a single adult male again. its a nice jet black in color---way cool.   Looking forward to the Christmas day family gathering, and the "Gil-Olympics" which are now a well entrenched tradition.  I have yet to win the damn competition, have come close a number of times, but still---its alluded my grasp.----maybe this year------time will tell.
     So just want to wish all those following my blog , as well as those that havn't signed on , a Merry Christmas, and a good 2009!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here's A Seasonal Thought---good for year round too

  A couple more pieces of Bric-a-brac to some people, but these kinda are my touchstones to my outlook on life in General. (click on he make bigger thingy)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Living inside the Box

-----Normally I get upset with people who can't think outside the box, and yet today it occurs to me that I am now pretty much living in a box---some would call it a house, but----nah, this might technically qualify as a house, but ---its no longer a home. I have been reduced to living in a box. Just waiting for that person that wants this box, meets my price and this boy flies down the freeway----.(lol)
Actually still have a lot to sort through and pack up---what am I suppose to do with 29 champagne flutes---can't remember the last time we used all of em, its been awhile, still there they all are, nicely washed and shiny, and that's not counting the fancy ones I also have.
Then there is the garage----what the hell is in the garage?? talk about a time capsule, I know there is this huge bag of pine cones, that were to be used in making a pine cone Christmas tree, which never got done, assorted wicker baskets which can be used to make Easter Baskets, and then too there are a few pieces of luggage, couple cabinets with drawers all filled with assorted ribbons and wrapping papers, about a dozen wrought iron candle holders of various heights and widths, and I have no idea whats up in the rafters----like I said, twill be like opening a time capsule.
Well I got three boxes packed today----my back says enough already!!---So its late afternoon,k and here I am blogging and enjoying a cold beer, and listening to Christmas music on the old HI-FI stereo. (life is good).

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ADAPT OR DIE!! (The times they are a changing!)

It is in its own way it's exciting to think about changing one's lifestyle, and old patterns of behavior.  Now having said that---I'm finding its almost gut wrenching to actually do it.  Today being an example.  As you all know my day for doing "fluff and fold" (aka a laundry) has always been on Thursdays.  (I have posted my adventures at the Fluff and Fold Laundramat in previous posts)----but my life IS changing, and changing faster than I had expected it to---today is Sunday, and lo and behold I did  the fluff and fold bit this morning----its the way things just worked out----busy preparing my house for the lookee-loo's and the be prepared at all times for a realtor wanting to bring somebody through----the holidays falling on Thursday this year doesn't help either.  So I am kind of taking each day as they come, and doing my best to stay flexible.   It dawns on me most all my old patterns will ultimately be changed, deleted, and new ones added.  I keep setting the table for two, not just one now----so its Adapt or die, we have opted to go down this road, so be it----or like the admiral said---Damn the torpedoes FULL SPEED AHEAD------NO-O-O-O WAIT!!! (LOL).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Watch Out For Penguins

Just a quick post to allow those that still bother to check my blog to know that I am alive. Today we met with our lawyer, and completed the legalities , and now I can focus on where I am going to move to, have pretty much decided it will be in the area of Temecula/Murrieta, California. The big problem is I will have to drive down and spend a day or two interviewing potential apartments, and then figure out what furniture I have now will fit in them. I need to do that soon, as I want to have an address to give the movers, and avoid if possible having to put stuff into storage and pay THOSE costs (shiver).----so far no surprises, and everything seems to be under control-----but I am trying to keep an eye out for those pesky penguins-----!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Downsizing---(aka off loading)

Well its starting people, reality is taking form. Moving from a house to most likely an apartment, and making the decisions as to what I wish to retain, versus what has to go--(sob). My Niece Melanie and her husband stopped by and I was able to talk her into taking a few things. She was kind enough to send me pictures of the things I off loaded on her, as they are now in her home. I thought I would share them with you.

This first pic is a painting done by an artist in Hawaii, (Oil on canvas) depicting the Queen of Hawaii's Lady in waiting. and is now hanging in Melanies lovely home.

Here is a pic of a fun little Vase she found to her liking (lol)

----and finally the pair of free standing Bronze Cranes which stand about 5' tall, and are now standing on her patio with a view of the San Bernardino valley, and the mountains beyond.

Today, one of my other nieces , Tish, is coming over, to assist me in packing up the 16 tons of bric-a-brac I have in the place, and no doubt we will go out for lunch or dinner, so it should be one nice day.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What I did today (not to get excited over people)

Today I was awakened with a phone call at 6:30am, from my friend Midge advising she would be unable to meet me for coffee as it is our norm on Friday mornings. (just as well as in that it was already 6:30am and I hadn't got up yet, I would have been late. Anyway that's how my day started out---with a negative. (Don't ya just hate that when that happens?)
To awake to go back to sleep, and yes I did give that option a bit of thought, got up showered, shaved, wrestled with the coffee maker (I won---pretty sure the machine saw I was not in the mood for any attitude from it, and acquiesced to making me coffee)
Then sipping my coffee gazing out at the pool, decided it looked like the rain they had predicted for Saturday might come in early, and so I decided to go out and wipe down my bronze cranes and drag them into the house, and have them ready to fly when my niece Melanie and her husband bill arrive Saturday to pick them up.(Leastwise they won't have to put wet birds in their trunk. (lol).
Then I killed a couple hours walking back and forth through the house, measuring furniture, and letting my mind deal with what might fit in an apartment, which I have decided either has to be a very large one bedroom, or more likely a two bedroom unit. Then I leaped on the old puter and googled apartments for rent in the Temecula/Murrieta towns, then got to looking at condo's available-----next thing I knew it was 3pm, and then I remembered I had to go to the supermarket.
Returning to my domicile, put groceries away, and began preparation of the evenings repast, (will be reprised on Saturday night as well), which hopefully will be a big pot of beef stew. Browned the beef, chopped the onions, carrots and celery, potatoes, and even as I write this its all simmering on the stove----we won't starve tonight anyway.
Anyway, will finish this posting, review some of youawl's blogs, eat my dinner, catch the evening news and watch the next three hours of "Entourage" with Danny Divito. So did I get anything packed for moving?--NO. Did I make any firm decisions on what furniture I am taking?---No.-----do I know how to procrastinate?---OOOOH YEAH!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Living Room At Matilija

Before I begin dismantling the place, figured I should take some pics to share with ya, the following pics are taken giving you a lil tour starting with the sight you see upon entering my front door--(don't forget to click on the make bigger thingy)
then if you step forward about 12 feet and look to your right, you see across the room to the opposite corner, and see this view.
now, this next shot is taken from the corner of the room to your right (from the above pic), which is the view from the kitchen entrance to the living room. (my blogging center in the far corner)
this next pic is taken looking from the above corner towards the doorway to the kitchen, and looks like this.
-----and finally I took a pic looking from the poolside windows looking across the room---shows the entrance way where this tour began and please note the packing boxes in the entrance way------(my back hurts already and havn't even started) (lol)
-------its hard saying good bye to this old home.

The Last Christmas at Matilija--such as it is

Hi people, thought I should put up a post, if for no other reason that to allow you to know I am still alive and kicking. As you all know I am in the process of selling my home, and agonizing over what to keep (to feather my nest at my new place), what to sell off for whatever I can get for it, and trying to get organized and start packing up.

Not knowing exactly where I am going to settle, what size place I will settle in makes deciding what furniture to keep a real problem, then there is the 16 tons of "decorative" stuff that makes a place a home to keep or sell or give away (sigh). However have started on that. Sold my Japanese Garden light tower to my neighbor, who is in the process of dismantling it , to be reassemble in his back yard. My Niece Melanie has adopted my bronze cranes, (five foot free standing ) and they will next in her yard. My nephew Eric, will take the pair of 37" tall wood sculptures currently adorning my master bath and dining room. My other neighbor has purchased one of the five lamps I have.------so it begins.

I took a deep breath and have purchase some two dozen boxes, and if I can stop procrastinating will begin the fun task of removing brick-a-brack and packing it up. and too, sorting through all the books in the house and deciding which to keep which to sell or give away.

My Niece Tish is keen on doing a yard sale to dispose of clothing, sweaters, jackets, suits, as well as the ton of kitchen dishware I no longer want (example, two dozen champagne flutes, a George
Foreman Grilling Machine, etc, etc, etc. ---

I most likely too, will be having an estate sale, but first gotta decide what I AM keeping----decisions, decisions, decisions-----Anyway that's why I am not posting as often, but hopefully at some point in the not to far distant future I will be relocated and manage to regain some control of this old dude's place in the sun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looking Outward---

Its a nice neighborhood I live in, and I got me good neighbors----here for example is the view as I step out of my front door, looking down the drive to matilija ave.  Its my neighbors Smitty and Virginia's house-----.

  isn't that one magnificent tree?   and this is the very same view taken at night-----Santa and his Reindeer.------SANTA'S COMING, SANTA'S COMING!! (LOL)

I figure Christmas finally getting here, that I should post something in the spirit of things, so thought you all might enjoy this little input.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Color me "Lurker"

Just a quick post boys and girls to offer you some evidence that I am alive and well. I am kinda involved in a period of introspection, having lost my LP, and transitioning to a new phase of my life. file my mood under "What NOW Brown Cow?".

Today for example was spent diligently ransacking the closets, dresser drawers, desk drawers, filing cabinets in the garage etc, etc and etc. and making hard core decisions like giving up keeping old tax records some dating back 15-18 years ago,and piles of photographs I can't even identify where they were taken let alone when, and then re organizing my files so I can lay my hands on any pertinent information required.-----anyway that's what I am doing, closing out one phase of my life, and setting the baseline for the next one. I will endeavor to post something of more interest tomorrow-----course that will be Saturday, and nobody ever reads my Saturday and Sunday posts (sigh), but hey I post I hope they get read, but I can't force anyone to read my crap----being the nice guy that I am and all-----code of the west and all that jazz. and ooh yeah I AM reading your posts, but not commenting, just color me "lurker"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Apria Healthcare---A company with a cold,cold heart.

Yesterday in the mail I received a bill from the Apria Healthcare Corporation, in the amount of $35.01, billing for a full month of rental of the oxygen unit that the LP had been using for the better part of two years. The billing period was for the month of November (the month just past) billing me for the rental period beginning Nov. 8 . My initial reaction was that like most companies the billing office had not been notified that the said rental equipment had been returned on Nov. 11Th, (The LP having passed on on 11/06, two days before the start of the billing period in question), and that the said bill would be prorated for the four days that the equipment was in my possession before being picked up by the Apria service.

So wanting to resolve the bill, I of course called them to confirm the above, confident that it was an oversight , and the bill would be adjusted accordingly and I could complete the closure of that account.

I called, the 800 number referenced on the billing, and the phone was promptly answered, I explained the reason for my call, and was efficiently transferred to the billing dept, and the individual that answered was polite and knowledgeable, she was quick to pull up the LP's account, confirmed that the bill in question was what it was. I politely explained, that the LP had passed on the 6Th, that I had contacted them on the 10Th and said equipment was picked up on the 11Th, and she confirmed that was indeed what the record showed, but then she quickly and efficiently told me that SHE did not have the authorization to prorate the billing for the four days of the billing period in which I had possession of the equipments, and then she kind of muttered, that she was fairly certain that most bills were never prorated, but she would transfer me to someone that had the authorization to do so------I was on hold for the better part of 25 minutes, waiting for that individual.

Finally I was talking to a real person and not a recording telling me ad nauseum that all representatives were busy but that calls were being answered on a first come first serve basis, with bouts of inane Muzak between these announcements. I went through the same drill as the first and was once again told their records agreed with my own , but to bad the equipment was received four days AFTER, the start of the billing period, and NO they would not prorate the bill accordingly.

Here we have a situation, where a loved one has passed on, those that remain behind now must deal with not only their immediate loss, and grief, but deal with funeral arrangements. Had I made getting his equipment back to Apria the top priority, and put off dealing with the disposition of his mortal remains, I could have avoided this problem. I didn't know the Apria Corporation could care less about my grief and from their perspective getting the money was of paramount importance. Their policy of billing for an entire monthly period, and not prorating a bill due to a death makes --------Apria Healthcare Corporation, a company with a cold cold heart.

Well it will be a cold cold day before I allow another penny to go that Company. I would caution all my readers to avoid Apria like the plague, and hope that those who read this will caution all their friends and relatives of this companies greedy policy.