Thursday, August 6, 2009

OH DRATS!!----

Gosh Darn it----went to my local med clinic today to take a long scheduled blood test----what can I say I flunked my blood testing!! (note I said blood testing, not the actual blood test itself---so relax)  I got up early this am, rewarded myself with going out to Papa Paul's  for breakfast, and then since the clinic is just a short distance away, decided to drive over and get my blood tested (I get regular blood tests every six monthes, and this test was scheduled back in March), andway so I arrive at the clinic, enjoying the fantastic clear blue skies, and cool morning air, and noticed with glee, that there was no waiting line at the Lab---but the nice clerk at the check in desk stopped me cold when she casually asked if I had fasted prior to coming in----I had forgotten I was not suppose to eat 12-14 hours prior to having my blood tested.   I admitted I had just came from a restaurant having had breakfast-----(sigh), so we will try again tomorrow morning, and AFTERWARDS, will go have breakfast.

On a more brighter note, today, I set a new personal best playing freecell----completeing successfully a new all time record for me of winning 1,403 games in a row.  (not to shabby for an old dude !!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chores Done----

Got my chores done, or at least enough to not feel guilty about those that didn't get accomplished. Tish is coming to visit tomorrow, so did a bit of house keeping, laundry, dusting, and mostly just putting things away and neating up the old abode.

The Stock market continues to be my friend, (knock on wood), and I am expecting things to slowly improve as the rest of the year progresses.

Spent about four hours last night viewing some of the recorded shows from my DVD recorder, and have got it down to only 49 percent of memory used. I have maybe another 10-12 old TV show episodes to watch, and am adding one or two every night. I also have four netflix discs to watch (all of "The Forsyth saga")., and if all else fails to interest me at the moment, I have instant movie on demand compliments of my Verizon FIOS system. (and you wondered why I am not blogging more often (grin).

Tomorrow Tuesday, Tish and I are going down to the Casino, and have a couple hours of wild abandonment------and then come Saturday, I will be attending my Nephew Ed's big bash that he is giving in honor of his Son Aaron's visit down from Montreal, as well as a Birthday Party for one of his Grandchildren---this party has been in the planning for some number of monthes, and should be quite the fete.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where Does, The Time Go--??

It seems like only a couple days ago since I last posted, but golly gee---!!? ----its been a month, and Judi is forewarding comments of concern about me.  I guess I owe everyone and apology, I sure didn't mean to give anyone cause for worry.  I'm just fine----really!!.

I have been busy getting to know my new Town better, or at least my way around and through it.  I must say the traffic engineer who laid out this little city knew what he was doing, lots of left turn lanes, and the stop lights are all sensored so that the light changes to accommodate the heaviest traffic at any given time, and that makes driving around town so much more pleasant.

Today I got up rather late, (9:00am), and went out to breakfast at Papa Pauls, as I am now in the habit of doing.  There I have my standard breakfast (two eggs over easy, hashbrowns and decaf coffee), and peruse my Investor Business Daily newspaper;  This being saturday, no need to hurry home and watch the stock market, so I used the time to explore Temecula a bit-----found the Green Arrow Nursery, and spent the better part of two hours browsing over various plants, shrubs and pottery, and finally selected a Hibiscus, and a decorate pot for my Patio (which is beginning to look like someone actually lives here and uses the patio).

Last Monday, was invited over to my Niece Melanie's for a steak Barbeque, and totally enoyed sitting on THEIR patio with the magnificent view of the San Bernardino Mountains and looking over the City below.  The Steak was most excellent and I finally headed home reluctant to leave , having become so relaxed and comfortable .

My other niece, Tish, mentioned she was thinking of dropping my here this coming week, which will be fun, will give me an excuse to check out another new eating establishment, called, "The Macaroni Grill", or maybe, "PF Changs", (no, saving that one to visit with Pete &Judi)---so mayhe instead will give "The Iron Wok" a try----or maybe that Nowegian restaurat-----hmmm ----decisions, decisions.

I am in the market to buy an IPod, but know nothing about them.  I understand they come in various levels of complexities, and its my understanding one should buy them from an Apple Store.  I have been told there is an Apple Store Outlet down in Escondido,  (about 35 minutes down the big concrete hwy from here).

My lucky streak continues at my local casion (Pachanga), I seem to win there more than I lose. and it beats watching rerums on Televison.  The biggest problem with the casion is, they keep the airconditioning so low, a guy could catch a real chill, and I feel stupid wearing sweatshirts when its 90 degrees plus outside, but hey, a guy has to be comfortable when gambling right?

Tomorrow, Sunday, I plan on having a late breakfast at Papa Paul's, and then heading down to the Town Library to check in my books that I have read, and get me some new ones to peruse.  I may also go back to the Green Arrow Nursery, and see what else I can glom onto for my Patio Ambiance. (I don't think the Mgmt will allow me to put in Tiki Torches)