Friday, May 30, 2008

Tomorrow---Tomorrow---(you all DID see Annie right?)

Tomorrow, the old dude ventures outside Valley Glen---to drive to the Laid back, quiet Village of Redlands, California. This quiet but interesting township, is where my Niece Melanie and her husband Bill reside.. The occasion is a surprise birthday bash for said Husband---(my family, bless them all, is really BIG on surprise parties---actually to be honest, they just fucking love parties, and will go or create them on the most flimsy of excuses.)---On any given gathering of the clan, on whatever excuse is offered, be it birthday, purchase of a new VCR, a milestone in education, aka 9Th grade to high school for example, -------and adoption of a new puppy, or kitten, , purchase of a new (or newer) vehicle---hey party time. My family lives from one Kodak moment to the next---and being as big a family as we are---its now an on going riot.

But I drift---tomorrow I will drive out to Redlands to make an appearance at Bill's surprised birthday bash. This will entail a 150 mile round trip, I will take a 12 pack of beer (the adults in the family no longer exchange gifts, ---its appear or be dead.) Why do I do this??---well damn I got this dumb reputation of being there------it comes from being the current living senior of the family---almost like gives the party throwers bragging rights ----"Uncle Gary was at MY party" kinda thing. Pressure, always pressure---not easy being old---not wanting to show favoritism's.

Actually will HAVE a good time, assuming I survive the southern California freeway system---my generation still calls the various freeways by name, while the younger use numbers, ---makes for inter=generational dis-connects, and confusion.

But HEY, 71 and counting here---somebody has to lord it over the kids---I worry about them and they're lack of experience?

Inquiring Minds inquired---sooooo---

On earlier blogs I have given you close ups of the art of Matilija, but not really backed off and shown the rooms per Se---here we have the Dining room, One view is taken from the main entrance way, the other the exact opposite view. Please note the walls---the LP wanted to achieve the effect of say a dining room in a old Spanish castle, albeit one updated with modern conveniences like electricity---so with seven different colors, a plethora of different size sponges he painted the walls to achieve the old room look. Note if ya look close he has even painted in the grime of centuries in the corners, ---the cracks etc---Is it any wonder that the LP was the top floral designer at Jacob Maarsh Floral in Pasadena for some 15 years?? He did many of the floral arrangements shown on the West Coast Barbara Walter's specials, not to mention floral arrangements for a number of movies--such as "War of the Roses" with Michael Douglas (pay attention in the movie to the center piece of the entrance hall of the Roses home.) Not obvious in the pics is the ceiling recessed flood lights (with dimmer switch of course) that is centered over the table, and also directed to highlight the paintings on the wall------. The LP has not only got good taste, he expects it from everyone around him-----(and me such a "trailer parker")

Off The Wall---Yet Again

I have to laugh at myself, ---as you all know (if ya read my earlier posts) I installed the required TV decoder box so allow us to continue to watch TV, come next February. The installation now allows us about 15-16 new channels which we didn't get before. giving us a total of some 28-30 channels. What makes me laugh is the line from the Bruce Willis move, "The KID"----its a complex plot to explain, but basically its about an adult having a midlife crisis, and next thing he knows he is talking to this kid, who as it turns out is himself as a kid---the kid finds the TV in the house, starts flipping channels, and the line he speaks is, "Geez, 99 channels and nothing to watch!!!".

I'm so old, I remember when Hollywood and broadcast TV had a war with those pushing Cable, or as it was known then, " Pay TV". Well as it turned out Pay TV finally won. Broadcast TV, is reduced to running mindless "reality" programing with no writers, and the good stuff is on the premium Pay TV channels

Over 52% of homes are now signed up for Cable---the rest of us 48 % get the bad shows, or worse shows with no writers at all. Movies offered are cut and slashed to fit the broadcast time slot shown and then cut into Lil pieces to allow the insertion of about 100 commercials. Which of course destroys whatever mood and plot lines the original movie had tried to set up. In short broadcast TV is reduced to being the entertainment choice of those that can't afford cable, or the gas to drive to the theatres---and I don't even want to talk about the price of theatre tickets----

Right now I get my entertainment from Netflix movies , and the thousands of books available at the Library----am an avid "Who dun it" reader. However I only get three movies at a time from Netflix----between mailing them back and them sending me the next on my Que (28 moves in my current list), I have gaps when I have no new movies to watch, their being nothing on broadcast TV, so the LP and I take turns choosing a movie classic from our 700 plus movies on the wall to watch---last night was one of those "OFF THE WALL" nights again, ---the movie, "Close Encounters of The 3rd Kind"

Tonight, we will have a Netflix disc, and start watching the second season of the British TV show , "The House of Elliot", (there are four discs in this series, to cover the 12+ episodes for that year,with 3 episodes per disc (roughly two hours of viewing time per disc). The show takes place in the early years of the 20Th century, and is about two young women , whose parents have died, and are making their way in the world, one becoming a designer of women's clothing, the other becoming something of a business mgr----its a fun series and I can highly recommend it ---best of course to start with the first season of the show. I imagine it can be rented through blockbuster as well as Netflix.

Tonight's dinner will be the ever popular twice baked Potatoes, with Avocado/Tomato Salad with Ken's Steakhouse, Country French dressing. (This old dude ain't exactly a complete novice in the kitchen heh, heh, heh!!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Late Great USA--??

I am a senior citizen, born, raised and live in these United States. My concern is---where is the country going?--The current presidential election , as presented by our tabloid press, is nothing more than a "who is knocking who about what" (anything that might smack of controversy and sell news). Blowing away the smoke and mirrors---what do we KNOW about the candidates for President? that are running? WHAT ARE their personal beliefs --- what drives them??---what have they historically done----Hillary has stuck by her philandering husband, ---does this qualify her to be president? Obama, did a great speech at the 2004 democratic convention---but his wife is just a johnny come lately promoter of the the country?? (whats with that?) Not trying to take sides here, ---the basic question is---where is the country going, what direction should it be led----PLEASE, think about it, and vote.

So Far-----So Good---

Its Thursday , as all my fans are aware, and they all know that on Thursday I put in time at the local Laundromat, and do my weekly fluff and fold routine. This little weekly routine is a source of much amusement as a rule-----unfortunately sports fans, to days fluff and fold session was conducted without any mishaps, I was the only one in the place, (not many customers do their laundry at 6am it seems. I remembered to take my soaps, neither the washers or the dryers gave me any cause for complaint-----the socks came out even---was in and out in an hour and a half. Its been one great day so far-----course its still early??

Tonights dining will be the standard Macaroni and cheese (heavy on the cheddar, to hopefully mask the taste of the macaroni)

Lets Hear It For Rose DesRochers

I have to single out Rose for all the great help and encouragement she has given this old duffer in developing a better blog page. The great Header you see above is her customized design which she developed for me. I am sure I drove her nuts with all the things I wanted the header to reflect------in any case , after submittal of multiple presentations of potential designs, I finally was satisfied and well now you see what I finally locked onto. I am sure many of you would love to customize your own headers, and I can highly recommend Rose to assist you in doing one. Should you care to contact rose, just click on the link above. (and mention I suggested that you contact her. )

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MileStone, Comments being solicited

Hi, its Me, GJG, sometimes called GaryJay---did ya notice the new Header to my blog?? what do ya think, good, bad, ??? I think its damn good,, really reflects the inner me, ----and if your really nice to me, will tell ya how this header came to be.

The Power of Blog

I want to thank all my many readers, who have heard me griping about the lack of choice in our super markets, especially the lack of cauliflower with cheese sauce. Its obvious to me, that my readers have gone to their stores and complained-----and our message has been heard.
Yesterday, in my Local Ralph's, there it was on the shelf---the clerk checking me out didn't ask why I had tears in my eyes.----
Thanks dear readers, never underestimate the power of blog. each of us can make a difference. Blog on----blog often.

Old Dude Meets TV Decoder Box

Perhaps you have already seen the video, touting how come next February, all TV broadcasts will be in High Definition Digital signals only, and if your still using an old analog TV, you will need to obtain a decoder box to convert the HD signals into analog, so you can see the picture. In this short video they imply how simple it is to connect the decoder box. THEY make it look like a less than five minute exercise. yeahhhhhhhh righttttttt, as if ANYTHING the government gets involved in, is ever so simple!!

Yesterday I acquired a TV decoder box. Being an old dude, and not a expert in electronic hookups per se, still had seen the video how complex could it be to install. Plug the lead from the antenna on the roof (currently plugged into the VCR, and plug it into the decoder box. then take the cable that comes with the box, plug it into the TV out jack of the converter box and plug the other end into the jack of the VCR which previously had been the antenna jack .

Great, easy took me longer to pull out the VCR and the TV Console to be able to reach the Jacks . I step back turned it on and-------YIKES!! got nothing but a major snow blizzard on all channels----and so it began----Old Dude Vs The TV Converter box.

I was of course disappointed, it should have worked, but obviously it wasn't , whats a boy to do now? Well first off I went and got a cold beer. and then (glad no one was around to see), reached for and opened the converter box manual to read the stupid installation instructions. The silly three step start to finish instructions make no reference to how to install the decoder box with a VCR ---(and I HAVE to have the VCR functional, or otherwise I would not be able to make use of my large video cassette collection, nor the on going parade of Netflix discs of current and oldie favorites, not in my collection.)

Fact, the old installation worked, signal came from antenna to VCR and then there were cables going to the TV ---Logic dictates that the signal from the antenna must now go first to the new decoder box, then to the VCR----a second cold beer was downed as I scowled at the VCR, the decoder box and the TV----maybe I should work on getting the new decoder remote up and working. maybe the remote had to be in the mix somehow for everything to work. To do this I had to install the AAA battery in the remote. So slapped the batter in, and damn nothing, so reversed the battery, still nothing. The remote must be defective is my first thought---but wait maybe the battery they had included was just a bad battery---so I rummaged around the house and learned we had nothing in the house utilizing a AAA battery.

By now, totally frustrated, help myself to another beer,and getting to look closer at the battery they had sent with the box noticed that the stupid thing was encased in a thin shrink wrap---a pen knife and careful surgery finally got the shrink wrap off the battery. AHA, old dude is now making progress. Now I noticed also included with the decoder box was a second cable, this one with three color coded jacks on each end yellow, white and red---subsequent investigations showed me the VCR and the decoder box both had similar coded jacks -----with my heart beating a mile a minute, tears in my eyes with relief, I dutifully applied the coded cable to the the two boxes, and now with my new remote turned on the TV, the VCR and the decoder box---and that's when the LP returned from the computer in the other room, took in the disarray of the den, open boxes, plastic envelopes ripped open, instruction pages all over the place, the TV and VCR pulled out of their shelves ----then he saw the TV was operating properly, insisted I give him the new remote, ---and then instructed me to put the room back together properly, while HE ran through all the new channels the decoder box allowed us (I think we added about 15 new channels than we had before)

Anyway what started out as a five minute exercise the old dude suffered, an hour and half with---but the result was good, and hell not only did I have that satisfaction, I also had managed to give myself a good buzz. (and as Dana would say, "life is good")

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here We Go Again

Its Tuesday, comes right after Monday---like clockwork----tick tock, tick tock----(time stops for no man). It being Tuesday , its my day to do the LP's grocery list, which sends me to our local Ralph's Supermarket (which for you east coasters, is owned by the Kroger chain). Our local store is in the midst of a major re-do, and shopping there is a total adventure. Who knows what is where---so far have found everything, (except the cauliflower with cheese sauce). However, on today's list of wants given to me by the LP---he is calling for Folger's coffee, "breakfast blend"---I know for a fact the store does not have it, but neither does Gelson's (a high price market for the rich and famous, you know the type, (the ones that order Mocha Lattes where you and I would have simple said cup of coffee please). So what we have here is yet another case of the disappearing food item----a case of the stores telling us the consumers what to buy or not buy , or is it a case of the original food processors making economical decisions and cutting their overhead by offering a narrower variety of coffee blends??-----in any case its making me nervous------who ARE these food Nazi's making these decisions.

Some shots of the Back Yard

Here you can see a couple shots of the back yard, not a good pic of the Shrub,it is due for its quarterly pruning, but you can still get the idea of how it looks when properly barbered. (the place where i do all my reading is at the end of the walk and behind the pine tree. Its where I go when I ---"vaunt to be alone".

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Master bedroom

Two views of the bedroom, one allows a peek into the master bath, and you might recognize the chair and low table from an earlier blog Art of Matilija 03, in the other shot, if ya look closely you will see yours truly reflected in the mirror on the left side of the pic taking the pic., one may turn right at the stuffed chair and exit out onto the patio.

------and The Master Bath

this is a peek at the master bath

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Its THAT Time Of The Month

The maid and her husband, the handyman are coming today. The LP gives them their specific instructions, and then the two of us get out of their way. Maria does an excellent job of House Cleaning, and Lollo her husband is one crackerjack jack-of-all-trades.

Today Lollo is going to rehang the door between the kitchen and the dining room, (with the new carpeting, the bottom of the door needs to be shaved down a touch so as not to drag on the carpet. He also will be disassembling, cleaning and lubricating and reassembling, the front door lock. and weather permitting , he will be working on the backyard hedges (all three sides of our back yard are enclosed by 12 foot high hedges).

This old dude's function is to keep the workers supplied with coffee, tea, or water. While they work, and to put together Lunch for the four of us. Lunch to day will be egg salad sandwiches, on whole wheat, potato chips, and soft drinks. (The egg salad compliments of the local Ralph's deli). I will have to make a trip to Raph's a bit later, I need to confirm with Maria and Lollo that they LIKE egg salad, if not then will change to beef, or ham, or turkey, or peanut butter and jelly, if thats what works. ----(sigh, the care and feeding of staff is never easy)

Thanks a Ton Wendy

I have been struggling like hell to learn all ins and out of blogging. Most of the written instructions I've come across are not all that clear to this beginner. The terminology used is most intimidating , and I am totally ignorant of how to write html code. However with a Lil determination and persistence (aka a lot of trial and error work), this old dude is learning the tricks of the trade, or at least enough of them to make blogging kinda fun. Today however I wish to salute one particular lady , who I am pleased to call friend, who hearing me wanting to learn how to post links in the middle of my blog, was kind enough to write and give me the simple steps to achieve that end result. So in her honor, I have decided to perform my first official application of IN POST linking in her honor. MUCHO GRACIAS SENORA WENDY. This beginner Blogger truly appreciates your assistance in teaching this old dude how to be a better blogger.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sometimes Ya Just Got To Do A Makeover

It was suggested by Rose (World Outside My Window listed under Spunky Thinkers), that I check into I did so and found the site very interesting and very helpful to this novice bloggster. I have spent the better part of the day reading and applying new stuff to my page. Not unlike graduating from highschool and going to college---kinda both a nerve wracking, yet terribly positive time.

I have therefore kinda deleted the cute stuff from my page, and rearranged the rest---and may do some more in the near future, not quite satisfied with the balance on the page----hard to explain just what I am striving to achieve look wise---. I have been advised by an expert, to limit my posts to five per page. That means for you that wish to read my older blogs you will have to do some clicking. or if ya know the title check the archive log bottom right of the page here.

Thanks for putting up with my changes and my dust (SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION HERE), but like the man in gone with the wind said, "----its a far, far better thing I do---", and hopefully , in time I will have a better blog to show for it. Meanwhile if ya want "WILD and EXCITING, check out Dana's page (Life IS GOOD), another one of my spunky thinkers. (I'm hoping in the very near term to learn how to put links directly into my blog posts---like the big kids do.)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Okay SO I'm Nuts---I'm Harmless

I think I can LIVE with this color scheme a while-------its not to dark and its not to light, and at least for me find I can read it without my old eyes watering----so lets give it a try for a while. I see my Middle Niece , Tish, has set up her blog page (shes listed under good people on the right hand side of my page here). If you like your women to be independent, and unafraid to express their opinions---give her a shout. I have two other nieces Melanie and Gabriel-----and three Nephews, who don't have the time to blog, to busy ruling their empires, between road trips .

Tonight, the weather being somewhat cold and wet, will be hot turkey sandwiches, with the traditional mashed potatoes and Lil green peas, served with a side of cherry jello, with chunks of peaches and pears.

To nights entertainment will be brought to us by Netflix---the LP hasn't informed me yet which movie it will be.

Today in the mail we received our government issued coupons to use in the acquisition of the required decoder box for our analog TV---once installed should allow us to receive the HD definition TV broadcasts signals. Tomorrow I will go get the damn decoder box and see if there is any improvement in our TV signal (nothing I can do about the programing unfortunately).

Tomorrow being Saturday, I get my weekly allowance (that's my social security check divided by 4.3-----minus those funds needed to pay the monthly credit card bills, the gardeners, the pool guy, and rent----it makes for interesting grocery shopping, I am a subscriber to "short cuts" an online service that allows me to select those coupons I want, then go to my local Ralph's and shop, and the coupons are automatically deducted from my total---paperless coupons . The site will assist you in identifying which grocery chains are eligible, and the nearest store near where you live, you punch in your store card, IE Ralph's, Kroger, Von's etc etc and that's it.

I'm working on a new quiz (or as Rose likes to call em a Meme)---from the comments I got they all seem kinda a mix of ohh no, to ooooh boy!!---be warned I have no qualms about tagging. (be nice )

The LP has informed me that come this Sunday Lolo and his wife Maria will be coming. Lolo is our expert handyman who does everything from repair our screens, prune our hedges, oil our squeaking doors to washing the windows on the outside. Maria , his wife, takes care of us two old bachelors by doing the requisite dusting, vacuuming, and waxing, scouring and otherwise boring housework. What this really means is that tomorrow (Saturday), this old dude is gonna be cleaning house so when the maid arrives, they won't think we are total slobs. I figure this monthly routine costs be about 100 bucks plus the cost of lunch while they are here---and I consider it a price well worth what it saves this old dude in the way of physical effort. (thanks LP)-----(it occurs to me some may not know ---when I mention the LP, I am making reference to my significant other, my roommate Jerry who I refer to in these journals as "The Lil Prince")

Question, some of you know, others have just observed, like myself, but how does one post like Rose does-----starts out with an eye grabbing short paragraph, then one gets a link --"more---" to click on to read the rest of the blog. How does one do that,I think that's the slickest thing I have seen since they invented bread slicers? If you haven't seen that phenomenal presentation skill, check out ,"Outside My Window" , listed under my Spunky Thinkers list off to the right on my page here.---oooh and Rose?? lets not tell the others about the original word usage of dude okay?? (and where DO you learn that kinda stuff anyway?)

Okay, we will interrupt tonight's broadcast for a few messages out there to our friends, -----
"The sky will be blue on Tuesday", I repeat, "The sky will be blue on Tuesday"------to our friends in Graniteville---"Stay inside on Wednesday from the storm", I repeat, "Stay inside on Wednesday from the storm"----now back to our regular programming.


Thanks to all of ya who commented positively on my new page look, I got bored with the old look, kinda thought it was a bit to dark. I opted for what I currently am using primarily as I liked the contrast between the text and the background color---I think its easier to read, less eye strain. Still kinda unnerved with it---will take some time getting use to it.

Am I blogging to often? I have not really given it much thought, whenever something came into mind have just posted it----the old throw it on the wall and if it sticks go with it policy.

I read somewhere, if a blog is gonna be successful (and I'm not exactly sure what that even means), that it should have a theme, and the blogs should relate closely to that theme----going back and reading my posts----not discerning much a theme. Like the post of "Art at Matilija", are not so much meant to be a theme as just filler material between my regular blog musings. (its also allowing me to become familiar with the camera Judi was so kind as to loan me). I notice to my art at Matilija posts get less comments---I assume that's due to the overwhelming awe they impose on my readers (yeahh righttttt).

By now you have correctly assessed the old dude here is kinda rambling and to a degree your right, the old mental wheel is spinning round and round, and where it stops------well stay tuned sport fans---right now gotta go check my trap line, see if I have snagged anything good.

The Art of Matilija 09

This particular shot, is of one corner section of the wall in the den. Of particular note, the drawing of the Lil dutch girl, was done by Elizebeth Phister, age 14----done in colored chalks, on the back of a brown paper bag---later she married my father, and became my mother.----oooh, the Italian Ball Mask is kinda a unique touch, don't ya think?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Gosh darn it, l let a few lightning bolts and loud reverbs of thunder make me back off---but now I am back---the storm appear to be abating, the palace on matilija has once again survived---Judi has commented on my blogging posting her views from Shogun Mtn---(I think she approves?). She indicates she, (at least for one) approves of my new layout of my blog--- I wait with baited breath for the rest of the "Old Dudes Regulars" to advise THEY'RE opinions----(remember we are all adults---no hitting)

Tonight (Thursday 05/22), on television we get to watch the season ending shows of the soaps, "Ugly Betty" and, "Grey's Anatomy". I only mention it for those that don't have access yet to "Netflix" or "Block Buster" on line movies---and are reduced to watching cable---(gawd, they actually PAY for cable---and I thought I was masochistic??)

Working on a new Meme (and yes Rose, I am going to use the word Meme to describe it, --and will continue to direct there questions to YOU to explain the word---I am to old to argue its meaning or origin) (You can reach rose at HER blog page, "World Outside My Window", by simply clicking on the link listed under my "spunky thinkers" list on my sidebar). I hope to have it out in the next day or two,and unlike some wimps I WILL tag---.

I think I will go lay down now, let my meds kick in---I am not normally an aggressive sort, ---but not a pushover either----but now I ramble----love you guys-------really.

Kinda Getting Nervous Here

Its late afternoon, the sun as disappeared behind a heavy cloud layer---and just a moment ago teh house reverberated with the sound of thunder. Normally this would not bother me all that much, but---as I sit here operatng the puter here, it occurs to me, this unit is on the same circuit as the motor for the pool house, which is located right under the Power pool with the residential power transformer, and the pool motor is running----and-----my family has a history of having their homes struck by lightning----twice in our home in ohio, twice again in the house in Michigan-----kinda makes a guy think ya know?? maybe I should shut the unit down and ride it out---or maybe what the hell do my imation of Errrol Flyn, laugh in the face of diversity and go full speed ahead------"NO Wait!!" SCREAMS another part of my mind---which brings on the movie moment in "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE", starring James Dean, where he cries out the line to his parents confronting him with what they expect from him etc, etc, "STOP, YOUR TEARING ME APART". I know I'm crazy, but hey, I'm really harmless, my life sometimes just seems one movie out take after another---everybody has been there and done it, better than I did it---but one of these days I will discover MY SCENE, and then look out world---a STAR will be born------!!? "It don't rain in California, but it pours---" , partial lyrics of a song I can't pull up the song title. ---"help me, help!! ?" , which in turn is a famous line from the movie , "The Fly"---. Well damn, descretion if the better part of valor (don't ask me I don't know who said that first), gonna shut down, ride the storm out, and relax with a cold one---or two. later dudes and dudettes.

Judi's Overlook

Judi, in answering the Meme, specifically question number #18, mentioned she enjoys looking out over her land---well thought you all should get some idea of her view. This is the view from the front of Judi's home on Shogun Mtn (sorry it was an overcast day). The top pic is looking north east, you can see how the driveway curves down to the left. The bottom pic is looking I believe Northwest, and on a clear day, one can see the ocean and Catalina Island. The view from all sides of the house are equally fantastic and Pheeeenominallll.

Laundromat Blues

Once again its Washday, and the old dude totes in the big laundry basket full of jeans, sweatshirts, polo shirts, bath towels, dish towels, and a whole platoon's worth of socks, and unmentionables. The place is empty, I'm alone with 20 money hungry washers, and 30 quarter gobbling driers.

Stoically I go about sorting the colored from the whites, and fill one, two, three--(sob)---four washers, My mind calculating the cost 5 quarters, 10 quarters, 15 quarters----no wanting to think about the cost of drying this mountain of laundry, but it has to be done---I have no choice. (outside clothes drying lines are banned in my neighborhood---and I know for a fact that there are several blue haired biddies who scour the neighborhood pretending to be exercise walking but are in reality, are patrolling the neighborhood, just waiting to spread the word about one or another infraction of the "standards" the neighborhood expects---these women can spread rumors faster than messages fly on the government's Milstar satellite system., and I really don't want to get cut off from the steady supply of cupcakes, pies and such that seem to come my way form these very same nice ladies. (I may be old but I am not stupid).

The Laundry sorted, loaded into the washers I reach for my supply of laundry soaps and bleaches------I blink uncomprehendingly at the bare table, no big box of tide, no bleach---and the terrible realization sinks in---I've failed to put them in the truck after loading the laundry----my stomach hurting, blinking moisture out of my eyes , grateful now that I am alone in the Laundromat--(an old man crying is just Way to pitiable a sight to be seen). I numbly review my choices. Should I drive back home, get my soaps and bleaches, round trip would be about 3 1/2 miles (gas at the station next door to the laundry telling me the cost today is $3.98/gal), and take about 15-20 minutes , but it would mean my laundry would be at the mercy of anyone walking into the store and helping themselves, and damn I got a new 35 dollar sweat shirt at risk.----My other choice--??--buy the required soaps and bleaches from the vending machine--at the cost of .75 cents per lil box required,---my shock melting into a body numbing masochistic mess---whats an old dude to do?

I numbly feed dollar bill , after dollar bill into the change machine, muttering not so inaudibly, calling myself some names which I am sure you all can pretty much figure out. Then go about pushing quarters into the soap dispensing vending machines, more quarters into the washers, by the time I have the last washer turned on and doing its thing, I am almost giddy with relief, I have my laundry in work, I am back on track----yeah, yeah a bit lighter in the wallet, but I'll give up my sweet roll at coffee tomorrow morning at the Friday meeting of the SOCDS----and with luck won't have to tap into next weeks allowance .

My wash churning dutifully, I walk across the street to the Chinese Donut-Bagel shop, get myself my regular large coffee, and return to the Laudramat, still have the place to myself. I get in a quick read of a chapter of my current book, ironically named , "Basket Case"by Carl Hiaasen----then have to move my washed goods into the dryers, --say goodbye to a lot more quarters-----and then approximately 45 minutes later, finish my fluff and fold for the week---- as I drive back to Matilija House, find myself taking some consolation in knowing in the long run my supply of soaps and bleaches (residing undisturbed in my garage, right next to the truck) will last just that much longer---although somewhere in the back of my mind have a nagging suspicion there is something wrong with this kind of thinking. I'm not gonna think about it---I've got blogging to do when I get home, I'll worry about fluff and fold next week.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

so its a bit later in the day (talking Wednesday 05/21)---I took a nap, something I find myself doing more and more ---they are addictive ya know?---came back here to my blog page, caught up on the comments---thanks Judi, Wendy and Dana-----have you three met before?? you all three kinda have a lot in common, you really should investigate each others blog. Then the though occurs to me that all of you are either on my spunky thinkers list or under my good people list------and I gotta wonder, how is it I am so into scrapbookers and hand made greeting carders-----would my mother approve?-----Probably, if memory serves she liked everyone.

Not sure whats on TV tonight, TV being just that TV---if your not in the target 14-39yo's, they don't care ---and they are right, I'm not and I don't. I'm in an awkward age---71---to old to have the teeth for a good steak, and yet not old enough to enjoy pablum---screw TV.

As you may have read on a previous post "Answer the Meme", I am not much for paying the outrageous theater pricing for movies, and instead rent them from NetFlix, and watch them with my shoes off and my own Orville Reddingbacher munchies---and the old dudes law is: the more they hype it at the time it first approaches theater release, the worse the film really is.

OH, before I forget---Rose was kind enough to inform me that the word "meme" is not Canadian, SHE claims its a made up word that blogger use to describe questions sent to other bloggers and ---darn, kinda think she is baffle gabbing the old dude---anybody else wanna talk on the word "meme"?

I read someplace that Shakespeare once said there were in reality only seven basic plots to write about, everything else was a bastardization of a mix of the basic seven.---but can't say I have ever really sat down and tried to figure out the basic seven plot. Like we got the girl meets boy, yada, yada plot,--- then we have good old "Us " vs "Them" (the entire Sci-fi genre), but what about the other basic plot lines??

Moving right along, still as you can see trying to hit on something to blog in detail on, preferable something light and not TO controversial---nothing as racy as the on going tabloid adventures of Babbette and Chico (if you like me , I am addicted following that plot line (check out "Life is good, under "spunky thinkers" dear readers)----I guess not gonna have anything monumental to say today---but hey thanks for tuning in.

What Do YOU Want To Do Alphy?

Its Wednesday, its noon---and I am bored. I could grab my current book and go out on the patio and read, but did that yesterday, and the day before, and most likely will tomorrow. I could go out and do some yard work, but then that's what I pay the gardners to do. I could, I suppose, plan some wild outta the blue meal for tomorrow night, and go to the store for all the necessary ingredients---yeahh that's gonna happen---righttt. Actually I am a good cook, like hello, if it fits in the toaster I can cook it. (sorry that old joke is a steal from a line under one of the many Maxine cartoons). Actually what I am doing here is stalling waiting for the flash of light to tell me what to blog about today---I don't think the world is ready for yet another "Art of Matilija" blog---quite yet.----so be patient with the old dude here----be werry quiet, I'm hunting wabbits (and doing bad Elmer Fudd imitations)---more later ---we hope.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Answer The Meme (stolen from Rose---she said it was ok??----she really did??

Answering the Meme
I interrupt my regular blogging schedule to give you answers to some questions.

1. Last Movie you Saw in a Theater:The last movie I saw in a theater was "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (at the Hollywood Pantages theaters)---it was I believe 1978---on a tuesday afternoon.

2. Favorite Board Game: For Me its has to be Cribbage---and use a hand carved board and hand carved and painted wooden pegs, done by my Father a couple years before he died.

3. Favorite Smells: The clean moist air outside after a good long soaking rain.

4. Favorite Sound: The "YOU GOT MAIL!" on my aol isp, when I sign on.

5. Worst Feeling In The World: Talking to someone dieing, they know it, and they know you know it---both pretending it aint so. (care giving sucks)

6. Favorite Fast Food Place: "Carl's Junior's"---two blocks from the house and they know my name.

7. Finish This Statement. “If I Had A Lot Of Money I’d…” If I had a lot of money I’d most likely live on cruise ships 100% of the time."

8. Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal? I'm 71, I get up and down alot at nights---nobody human or beast or stuffed toy sleeps with me. I do have a carved alligator on my dresser, does tghat count?.

9. Storms-Cool Or Scary ?: Nothing is as thrilling as a good hard rain, with hail, lightning ----the thunder claps alone are humbling.

10. Favourite drink: Kinda a toss up depending on what time of day---Folger's Classic Decaf in the mornings, and cold Natural Light beer after noon.

11. Finish This Statement, “If I Had The Time I Would …..” If I had the time I would searching the web, to learn how to steal Meme's faster than copy and past, deleting previous answers and putting my own in.

12. If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice? Hmm, would opt for either a sunbleached brown, or maybe go kinda far out and have it bleached almost white rather than the motley grey dingy brown it currently is.

13. One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You: Well got this fun Meme (thats canadian for quiz I think??) from Rose. And gosh, have ot say busy as that women is----she takes the time to read this novice bloggers posts, and incourages me---check out my "Spunky Thinkers" list and visit her page "World Outside My Window".---and she takes awesom photos.

14. What’s Under Your Bed? I don't think I have taken inventory of whats under the bed since April of "96"---reasonable certain that is where I will find the extra leaves to the dinning room table---and probabely a whole ton of stuff that might jazz up a lawn sale.

15. Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again? I would say yes, but the second time around would hope I would take life just a modicum less seriously and take the time to build memories, good bad and indifferent.

16. Morning Person Or Night Owl? Morning person here---if I over sleep til say 7AM I feel like I have lost half a day. (to be honest?---with the crap thats on TV, and being on fixed income, not much to choose after sundown to get excited over.)

17. Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up? Over easy, with the yolks still runny, and the edges of the whites burnt crispy (preferable cooked in bacon grease or at least lard).

18. Favorite Place To Relax: Out back on the patio in the end of the yard, reading a good book, in the shade, listening to the birds twitter, with a bucket of cold brewski's.

19, Favorite Pie: Ohh Crap, we Have Marie Calendar's on speed dial here===anything with Meringue, or chocolate or cheesecake (no on coconut however)

19. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: This week its Ralph's Private Selection brand--"French Cream Swirl".

20. Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first? Hmm Okay would have to say Missy, but on the other hand---Judi can be damn competitive. But being honest haven't tagged anyone, (I don't really know how to do that??) just kinda assuming the above will read my blog and comment..

If you have nothing to blog about, fill it in with these questions and tag your favorite friends (if YOU know how), and have fun. (sorry rose I still haven't figured out how to do tagging?

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Art of Matilija 08

In the continuing series, of Art on display here at the Matilija Palace, we have the Harlequin Music box----the music it plays is the theme from the Movie, "Somewhere In Time"----(A Movie I can heartily recommend to those that like"romantic tear jerkers")


-----This is kinda hard for me , but like it's said---"its a dirty job but somebody has to do it". (Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-A-A-A-P-P-P!!!! ) That sizzling sound you just heard?---was me executing the "Hang The Freak" game from my blog page.

Had that Lil fun widget from my first day of blogging----kinda like family ya know---(sigh). However time marches on, we all change, meet new people, lose some old people, and there comes a time when---well when ya just have to let go and move on ---Ti's a far, far better thing I do , you will do better without me----(ohh crap I'm trying to do "Gone with the wind" stuff now) Did I tell ya the story about shaking hands with Werner Von Braun, when I was stationed in Huntsville, Alabama??---its kinda a long story and is a small part of my life working in Aerospace---I will blog about it sometime, but not now----still kinda down about losing my old friend "Hang The Freak"---but it had to be----Lets talk about the countdown to Christmas thing at the end of my blog---what do you dear readers think about that----to politically incorrect or what?

"No Country For Old Men"-----THE CRITIQUE

As my many readers know, I advise I would be watching the movie "No Country For Old Men", and I am rather amazed so many of you dear people actually wrote asking for my opinion of said movie. So in response to the many requests, (okaaaay so there were only two----lets not quibble about it), ---in any case heres MY well thought out review of the movie.

How to begin-----first off I was much impressed with the cinematography----it really captured the nature of that bleak Texas countryside. Aside from Tommy Lee Jones, I have no recollection of seeing any of the cast before. I found the acting overall quite good, but unfortunately from the beginning to the end of it---felt like I had walked into the middle of a movie, missed the beginning, and missed the ending kinda feeling----. In short, never really identified with any of the characters portrayed. I would have wished for more character development, what I was given seemed incomplete-----never really understood why the one guy was out on the desert finding the original drug bust scene ----the Tommy lee Jones role, never quite lives up to the tired overworked, but competent county sheriff, good old boy thing, and the killer with the oxygen tank, ---was just that and no more----the killer with the oxygen tank. I'm afraid on this Old Dude's Scale ---would rate this movie about two stars (five stars being best)---and even that would be mostly because of the great cinematography and lighting used. I am glad I rented it, and not paid real theatre prices to see it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Grocery Store Is In Flux

There only being the two of us here , I do our grocery shopping almost daily, (hey it gets me out of the house---leave me alone). My problem, if I can call it that, is my supermarket (Ralph's)in in the midst of a major renovation----but they have chosen to remain open for business through it all. I mean like hello, every grocery isle has been moved, new flooring put in, the produce section which had been located at one end of the store has been flipped and is now located at the opposite side. I use to know which isle had just what, and I could do my shopping rather quickly, but now---oooh my god, its "pack a lunch", I may be in the place tracking down this and that for hours.

I must say however, I kinda like the challenge, and, what they are doing with the store too. I suspect when its all done, (they say a couple more months), that the "pardon our dust" price cuts they are laying on us shoppers, will disappear only to be replaced with the all new (the cost of rising gasoline added in) prices----and I will be reduced to looking for them cheap broken packages of Macaroni---(HEY, hot macaroni with butter---makes for a good meal----besides veggies are over rated in my book).

So with my trusty grocery list in hand I will once again plunge into the unknown---and with grim determination will hunt down every single item on the list---Milk (2%), bread (whole grains), butter (I can;t believe its butter margarine), Coffee, (Lg can Classic decaf), throw away razors, toilet bowl cleaner, and sundry food items----needless to say I will also be on the look out for the rare sighting of cauliflower with cheese sauce, which has mysteriously been stripped from the shelves of the grocery stores here in this area. Cleverly I will make this jaunt to the store around 1pm, the temperature outside will be close to 90+F---and will totally imbibe in the grocery stores exceptionally good air conditioning---dallying in the deli dept, stroll slowly through the freezer Isle-----stop and read labels in detail---maybe even help the odd Lil old lady or two get things off the top shelf, where they can't reach -----that is assuming they don't totally tick me off by running their grocery carts down the middle of the Isle and block others coming and going---I really , really hate Isle hoggers.-----anyway this will be my "Get-a-way" from Matilija, for the weekend---and I "VILL ENOY IT JA".

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Art of Matilija 07

What we have here is a creative whittling of a railroad tie, into a rather eye catching Candle holder-----you don't see THOSE everyday.

I Can't Stand it---NO HITTING

I didn't know, like I JUST DIDN'T KNOW!!!----Yeah sure I said what said, and at the time it was sincere, but then things just didn't happen that way and ---damn, now I got all these people asking me how did I like the Movie ----and I haven't watched it yet---like I said I was gonna do, and oooooh jeez I just didn't know people were actually reading my crap and commenting----gawd, you can't imagine my guilt right now. I promise I will throw myself at the LP's feet and beg to watch that particular movie tonight (Saturday. I am reasonably confident he will understand the corner in which I have painted myself and with a minimum of lecture will condescend to let me get off the hook---although kinda KNOW he is hot to watch "The Golden Compass" vid from Netflix, which we also have on the table------Mercy people, I'm begging here---will review the move "No Country For Old Men"-----really soon---OKAY??

PS. I am diligently reading on blogging and how to---been kinda lost in my research so didn't manage to blog yesterday------you might wanna check out my "Spunky Thinkers" list---kinda find those blogs not only interesting, but informative---should ya check out those blogs and make comments tell em you got the link from my page.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Fluff N Fold moment----

It being thursday , I grow consciouse of my inviroment being the rows of washers and walls of dryers, ergo I must be doing laundry on auto-pilot again. Like the sun comes up in the East, and Sets in the West like clockwork, and Thursday mornings are devoted to obtaining of the subtle pleasures of completing a successful series of wash cycles, and transitions to the dryers---ultimately leading to a veritable orgy of fluffing and folding (Life is good---hey if ya really believe that clap your hands and I got his bridge ya might be interested on that I can make ya a terrific deal on--). Anyhooo, there I was lost in my own lil world of tri-folding my jockeys, when out of the corner of my eye I became aware of a younger women (lets face it at the laundramat, they are ALL younger than this dude, but again I drift from my point---which was???---give me a moment here---hmmm, OOOH YEAHH now I remember)---this women is kinda watching me fold my undies, and oh my damn if she didn't walk up to me, give a tentative smile, and remark, "I must say you really know how to fold clothes---" I was of course pleased to hear the compliment but at the same time the way she looked at me when giving it to me----what I heard was , her saying I was a good fluff n folder----FOR A MAN!! Now kinda made me a bit tight around the jaws, she hadn't actually said it, but we both kinda knew what she meant. So I figure I had acouple options, one, just grin and give her the old lil boy "aw shucks mame-- it aint nothing" bit---and let her sashshay back to HER folding station---OR , ignore my common sense and get in the last word-----you can't let a women ever top ya------(I can't believe I just said that??)----so boldly going where no man ever should---I gave her a friendly smile, "Well thanks mame----My Drill Sgt would be proud of me , you complimenting me like that. Perhaps If ya don't mind, I'll be glad to Teach ya how to do it right?"------well she didn't slap my face at least----but I doubt she darken MY laundramat again. (so today the score is "OLD DUDE" 1---"The World 0--------its gonna be an exciting game today people).

Some time later I am in the pickup, heading back to the Palace Matilija, and glance over an a renovation of a strip mall , and read the freshly lettered new business sign of the concern that would be working there----I damn near drove off the road reading it----unbelievable---the sign bold as brass proudly claims it business title---"DISCOUNT CAREGIVING"!!!!! There are businesses specializing on giving care on the cheap??---what?? maybe buy wheelchairs by the gross get a discount-----I'm sorry but in that I AM a caregiver, I somehow don't much care for that business title----implies a negative attitude-----. Hey don't misunderstand me, health care IS expensive and yes like most people I am looking to get the best as inexpensively as possible---but to advertise so blatantly ---care giving discounted??---rubs me wrong---sorry that's the way I "roll". Like should I ever visit this establishment, will have to do so with my sun glasses on, and hope nobody recognizes me----"pssst, hey buddy, looking to score some beta-blockers?, I'll make ya a great deal on some Atenenol tabs, fresh off the boat man, the good stuff from Canada---" Only in America can there be a black market in Legal pharmaceuticals??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

----As the Sun Sinks, yet again In The West -----

---the sun slowly sinks in the west (something to be said for consistency)----it occurs to me, that if your a romantic movie junkie, ya might wanna click on the Scribbit button , listed under "spunky thinkers" on my page, and check out HER favorite romantic movies---the Lady has good tastes. Tonight the LP and I will dine on Macaroni and cheese, with a side of Kung Po Chinese Chicken Salad---along with a nicely chilled bottle of White Zinfandel ---a quiet but satisfying feast-----. Tonight's entertainment will be the movie (bless you Netflix), "No Country For Old Men"---(tomorrow its gonna be, "The Golden Compass")---we are sucking them outta Netflix as fast as they are released to CD---interspersed with ---ooh yeah remember that movie yadda, yadda , yadda??? which we flash on and put on on Netflix Que. What new movies get added to ur Netflix Que--you ask??---well if we see it being hyped waaay to heavy on the TV we KNOW its a loser. Both the LP and I have pretty much been exposed to the developement of commercials and advertising on TV---the GOOD stuff doesn't have to be HYPED---you would think the trailer park crowd would get wise to that----but then if they did get wise--?? how would we know just WHO had good taste?----getting dark here, time to go lay down awhile I think----stay tuned readers----

"------Speaking of Movies-----

its amazing how one acquires stuff---the pic at the right is our (mine and the LP's) combined video collection of movies, some 700 plus of them. In LP's case he started as a hobby to collect all the Betty Davis movies (he has to the best of our knowledge all but two of them, and we don't think the missing ones are available and have been lost to posterity). My own tastes ran (and still run ) to hey I liked it, I want my own copy---long story short, ( I know, to late now for that)---we have ourselves one damn fine collection of classic movies---pretty much nailed the top 50 of all time------name a movie of any notoriety, we most likely got it here on the wall. Both the LP and I are movie addicts, (beats anything offered on TV ---watching the academy awards show is mandatory at our house---that and Champagne and toasted biscuits with marmalade watching the Rose Parade) I and the LP both like those movies which develop the on screen characterizations, and the characters STAY in character, and not suddenly do something out of character.---in short good writing and good directing----the exact opposite of reality TV garbage.

Art of Matilija 06

"Aunte Mame, eat your heart out----InJAAh, where the mountains rise into the mist, and ------and the world is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death" (Hey Rent the movie, I consider it Rosalind Russell's best). This delightful lady reposes in one corner of our Dining room-----

Art of Matilija 05

Another small placement of artwork in our dining room It is an original by the Artist Horn (I believe he only did about 2000 or so for export), still it looks damn nice----I don't want to talk about what the frame cost.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Old, so I remember----

back in the good old happy days (remember the fonz?)----theaters that sold tickets for movies were in a major fight to survive with something called television---they're commercials were NO on pay TV-----------well seems they have lost. NOW CABLE , (them Premium channels?) , dominate the TV award shows. Over 50 percent of TV watchers now have cable, which of course they PAY for----the other 49 percent or less of us, we get the "Networks" and Public Television offerings--complete with commercials The Networks you ask?? talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the WB . The world is divided now into those who are willing to pay versus those that just take what is offered for free. Least that's how it appears. "Free TV is for ---the "little people", the poor, the trailer- parkers, those maybe on fixed income like myself. We don't get the hot programs, like sex in the city, or the sopranos, ---we will ultimately as re runs, a few more years in the future most likely.

Next February, they stop broadcasting in analog and it becomes a total digital world. Those that haven't rushed out and bought high priced digital compatible TV sets, or already paying monthly fees to watch TV (aka cable or Satellite)---we have to line up to get converter boxes. Well Yeah , ain't totally stupid here, I have lined up, and submitted my request for coupons to buy the required converter boxes. I sure as hell ain't able to afford the better part of $1,000 bucks for a new TV---(considering what the current offering program wise for TV is). What I notice is , the coupons are good for $4o bucks---but the price of converter boxes is $60 bucks. (hope ya all bought stock in the converter box makers)

Am I unhappy about this situation?---you betcha. Its just one more nail that separates the masses. Those that got money and those of us that lived our lives and paid our dues , and are doing our best to pay our way----our rewards is the current broadcast system which offers us old movies no longer running in theaters, at even then about 33% of the movie is cut out to make it fit the time slot, and then further emasculated with insertion of commercials every five minutes , or original programing which is at best a cheap (most often poorly edited) . If not movies we are given "Reality" programing---that's put a bunch of people in a room, or on an island and give them some directions to why they are there, and then back off and film the result----Stars anybody that loves being a camera hog----(and you STILL get the commercials every five minutes). The networks save a mint on not having to hire writers, or pay out salaries to professional actors, (its not like they had to have talent or anything). I'm sorry, unless your willing to pay the price for the premium cable broadcasts, your stuck with poor writing, "reality TV (no writing required at all), chopped down movies complete with lots of redundant commercials ---or ---there is always Netflix, or Block Buster---(so okay as seniors on fixed income ya gotta give up a couple meals, least ya have SOME entertainment.) I gotta go lay down now----let my meds kick in----

Never Ask a Women a Simple Question

You would have thought by the tender age of 71, I would have learned not to ask a women a question and actually expect a definitive answer. Yesterday in my blog I asked, should I keep or trash the Hangman 's game at the end of my blog page,-- a simple yes or no type of question, or at least so I thought. Then the comments start to come in---do I get simple yes or no votes?? nope I get no, but maybe yes, gee I don't know, and gosh what about the pigeon game, and yadda yadda, yadda. How did the pigeon game get involved?? I never asked about the damn pigeon game, I asked about the Hangman's game-----?? Its scary how women think-----I don't think I want one as president-----?? (madame president do you think we should bomb Iraq?---well I never been to Iraq, but have been to Korea, and I didn't like the food in Korea, so think we should bomb Korea, and keep Iraq-------women are fuzzy thinkers---They, as a group, seem to have problems with simple yes/no questions however. (blink blink blink)

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Emperor looks to the crowd, "THUMBS UP or DOWN?"

Today is May the 12th, 2008-------the question is---should I keep the hangman's game at the bottom of my site or trash it?. Trying to develop a professional blog page here, yet , what can I say. Kinda fun being a show off frog in a small pond----yet man at the same time---?? (it bugs me, just where the hell ARE those salmon's going??)---okay, okay so the simile doesn't quite play, you understand the point right? (born and bred here in the USA, you would think I had a decent grasp of the language----English ---man they lost me when they started talking about Gerunds (sp?) Hell Maybe best I DO stay here in the small pond?? Anyhow, want input on the keep or trash the Hangman's game---will keep the lines open til sundown, Mon , 05/19/08----stay tuned---

The SOCDS Crowd

A few members reading up on current events prior to the start of the mornings meeting.
This is Steve Quaranta, one of the founding fathers of the SOCDS---(also a transplanted NEW YAWKER here in Granola Land)

A Meeting of the SOCDS 5/12/08

Midge Lebell (wife of THE famous "JUDO" Gene Lebell) (oooh yeah, the old dude she is sitting with is moi)

The Art of Matilija 04

Amazing what a good dried floral arrangement can do for a room. The walls you are looking at, are textured plaster, painted a light adobe color, and the lightly brushed with adobe white on the higher levels of the plaster to accent the texture------. More on the Art of Matilija will be forth coming in future blogs---I don't wish to overwhelm ya with the magnificence of the abode here, by exposing to much in one sitting----besides its almost noon---close enough for us functioning alcoholics, who this early in the month can still can afford to keep cold beer in the fridge.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Onward and Upward----yeah rightttt

Okay boys and girls, the old dude here is continuing to do his best to learn the ins and outs of blogging. I am now trying to get my blog page listed in various places, also making comments on other blogs I find interesting and amusing . I have even added a list of fun blogs under the heading "Spunky Thinkers" on my page. So if my own pearls of wisdom don't grab your interest all the time, check out the links under Spunky Thinkers. My latest effort has been to sign up with a site titled " WhereIStand", in which I have volunteered my opinions on any number of topics, and which may or may not get me new readers of my own blog, which I think is going to start getting a bit more opinionated-----just why the hell isn't cauliflower w/cheese sauce available in my local stores?? get me the Mayor on the phone-------

Well Darn, My Blog Has Done Gone International

Been blogging now since way back on April 20th of this year---and this morning was checking my site map (its clear down near the bottom of my blog page, should you care to check it out yourselves), and there it was , one pin the map from an anonymous reader in Kitchener, Canada---wow, now I can say people read my blog not only inside the country, but outside as well. So thank YOU strange person in Kitchener, you've ,made this old dude's day---this Lil blog is dedicated to YOU.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some People---just have to push in and say HOWDY

---off to the right here is JUST ONE of my good looking Nieces---good looks run in the family. , she goes by the name of "Tish"----She's a middle child and has learned how to get noticed---and she really likes to be noticed, that is to say, she gets tense if she feels she is being ignored, but then don't we all?---I think it was the bells they put on her shoes when she was young to keep track of her---that and camera's---the lady can hear a camera click at 50 paces---She does play well with cameras don't she?

Art of Matilija 03

Sometimes stark is an attention getter, allowing the viewers to participate in a quiet non-distracting moment-----or its some advertising nut doing his best to sell ya a pig in a poke---sorry guys may have to revisit this shot and learn how to zoom--this pic just doesn't really show ya the subtle details that really 'Make" the shot---my baad.

He Reads---He Clicks and---and YES HE SCORES

I recall a bit of the Peanuts comic Strip, when back in college. In it Linus and charlie brown are leaning on the fence , and Linus remarks, "Sometimes ya win and sometimes ya lose", to which Charlie Brown, our much put upon hero, replies, "Gosh, that would be neat!" Well today dear readers, this old dude successfully added just another Lil piece of knowledge to his collection of data, and diminished that huge black hole of "I don't that" by just a smidgen and so at this moment I am sitting here, sipping my coffee and allowing myself a earned mental victory lap---(yaaaaaa, and the crowd goes nuts). What the hell am I babbling about you ask?? well if you haven't already noticed, if you look in the lower right hand corner of the page your reading you will see a Lil upward pointing arrow---click on it and it automatically takes you to the top of the page---like hows THAT for convenience?? (am I good to you or what?)

Well enough basking in self satisfaction, back to reading the blogging tutorials----there is so much I don't know about blogging-------yet.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The House of Matilija--Pt. II

Figure having given ya a shot of how the front looked, should give ya all some concept of what was in the back--if ya go to the end of the pool and turn left---that's where I do my serious Library-ing (that's old people talk for "reading"---some thing people under 30 don't do---with them it has to be pictorial, or their 30 second time spans don't accept it.)---well darn I promised myself I wouldn't get into knocking the kids---but damn!!---its like shooting ducks in the water---to damn easy (heh, heh, heh).

The House of Matilija

There it is boys and girls, the old guys abode, the house on Matilija. Kinda underwhelms ya don't it? Its your basic, half million dollar fixer-upper here in California , a year ago the place was closer to 750,000 on the market----ain't life a kick in the head? Anyway, having been blogging about the art in the house, had someone ask where Matilija was----figured I should kinda back up some and clarify my references ---I interchange usage of the word Matilija, house, street, ---am making references to where I live, and my home environment. I hope that clears things up for ya all dear readers. OKAY, its now approaching noon here, and gonna have to do some boring stuff----pay bills, balance checkbook, find out what the LP has in mind for dinner tonight and get my cooking instructions----and wanna get it right , got one person monitoring my errors all week here----and don't want to run up the score needlessly.-------stay tuned in-----

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Art of Matilija 02

The above sculpture is located in the dining room of our house here on Matilija ave. I would ask you all to pay some attention to the over all aspects of the room. It appears to be a rather old room does it not---perhaps one could describe the overall appearance to be of a room not unlike some old Spanish hacienda in old Spain----well the effect is deliberate boys and girls---the column just behind the sculpture is fake, and the dirt you see caked in the corner of the walls, is painted on, ----I could go on about the recessed lighting etc, but that's not reflected in the above pic and strays to far from the theme----the Art of Matilija House.

Its going on 9AM here, and I'm back from the weekly session of "fluff and fold". I managed to ruin a perfectly good new sweatshirt by washing a set of the new place mats I had bought with my colors---they ran, but by beige sweatshirt now has all the ambiance of a badly tied dyed rag----fortunately that seems to be the only thing effected-----so on a scale of plus or minus 5---would score my day so far as a +2 (mainly reflecting that the overall chore of fluff and fold is done----albeit badly (sigh)---okay, okay!!! I admit it, ---I flunked Laundry this week----can't win em all!!!