Friday, October 2, 2009

Twas A Terrible Job---

Some number of hours ago I posted a bit about my current trial and tribulation, well this is the sequel-----I had to go to three different stores to acquire a box, of some equitable size to accommodate the gift.  Believe it or not I found what I needed at Fed Ex Kinko's.   Then of course I just HAD to have wrapping paper, and plain brown wouldn't cut it, so off to other stores, where I found wrappings that pleased my sensibilites , and a third store for a card to go with the gift.   Then of course I dashed home to DO the wrapping.

I most definitely miss the lil Princes talents in the sphere of gift wrapping-----this is the first year I have had to wrap gifts in over a decade, and unfortunately the end result definitely shows my lack of skill in that arena..  However I finally got the job done , and I don't know the name of the saint that invented scotch tape, but BLESS YOU, whoever you are.  It was a terrible job, but somebody had to do it!!  Just remember Alexi, years  from now when you look back and talk of this occasion------and you will----be kind.

Now all I have to do is decide what to wear-----hmmm, maybe I should do laundry now that I think about it? ((sigh, it just never stops does it?)

Trials and oh yeah tribulations too

I hate it when things are out of whack, off balanced, spinning out of control.-----can make a guy nauseous. So, whats bugging the old dude you might ask? Well as most of you all know, tomorrow is Alexi and Phil's engagement gala. (Gala, meaning a frantic gathering held in the afternoon, as compared to a Blast, which is of course a frantic gathering held in the evenings), but I digress-----my problem, which isn't really a problem so much as just a trial---hmmm, maybe its a tribulation, or some combination of those two things together, ----is I have acquired a nice little gift for the occasion, but the proprietorship from which I got the gift did not have a suitable box in which to put it----so I brought the bag home, and now its Friday and I have yet to find a suitable container in which to insert the gift, and whats really bugging me is once I DO find the right box------I will have to wrap it in some festive manner for the occasion, and oh yeah, guess a card would be a nice touch too. So will leave off blogging (I no longer have sufficient time to procrastinate resolving the above conflict)------and throw myself out into the world in search of appropriate solutions. TTFN (THATS TAA-TAA FOR NOW)