Monday, March 30, 2009

By Popular Demand-----HERE'S BLUE

I first need to apologize for the delay in getting this picture posted, but seems I lost control of my social calendar, and also kinda got totally involved in watching the Stock Market. Anyway below is a picture of me and good ole Blue. He and I galloped up to Mel's palace, for a most delicious Steak dinner, and I had this pic taken of me and Blue. Blue is eager to make the run up to Mel's for the Easter gathering---(old blue sure likes to run----eeeeeeehawwww!!) (click on the pic to make bigger)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Saturday Night In Temecula

My Nephew Pete and his wife Judi, called me up yesterday and told me they, along with some friends of theirs were coming down off Shogo Mtn, to the grand opening of Lucille's Bar-B-Que, located in the Mall complex here in Temecula, and invited me to join them. I said Pheenomenal!---next thing I know my other Nephew Edward, and his wife Sherri, joined the party, -----Ed and Sherri hadn't seen my new place here in Temecula, so everyone came to my place for a drink and some chips, before hopping over to the mall (two blocks away) to take in the Grand Opening. I welcomed the chance to show off my new digs, and more importantly to break open the champagne to christen the place properly.
So, we started the evening at my place, killed a couple bottles of champagne, and headed out to Lucille's. Lucille's had live entertainment by a guitar playing singer named J.D. Priestly, who is fantastic, has all the good sounds of the blues, and oldies and goodies. I learned that J.D., will be performing at Judi's Birthday party next month----a small intimate gathering of about 90 people that her husband and her offspring are putting together----(hmm ain't seen my invite in the mail yet??)---but that's okay, I KNOW how to get there. (lol)---what will be exciting is the drive back down the mountain after the party-----so many curves and so few guard rails.
Anyway tonight was a most excellent good time, drinks, friends, good food, and live entertainment----it don't get much better than that.

Pete and Ed are going fishing tomorrow morning, someplace not to far from here, anyway they are meeting at my place, for coffee before they head out. I will pass on the fishing, my plans call for a quiet day on the patio, reading, and working on my tan. -----maybe another trip to Lucille's after sundown, tis truly a fun spot.

Friday, March 27, 2009

"A Meme-a-day, A Meme -a-day----The Lion sleeps tonight---

----sorry folks, my mind is easy to wobble out of its normal orbit---the play on words of the title to this post is a ripoff from the hit song done by the Kingston Trio, in the fall of 1955---was the year I escaped living at home and made my abode the dorm at the University of Colorado, free from Parental overview----I will say no more about THAT.

My fellow blogger MRMacrum, selected me along with five others to participate in a Meme, if I have a problem with that its only because he just blurted out he tagged me cause he KNEW I would play-----(don't ya love it when your taken for granted?)----(and don't ya hate it even more when you know they were right?)

Now MRMacrum in his response to the meme, started his out by admitting the concept of randomness kind of through him for a loop, how does one identify what is random as simply something you have done before but maybe not in a while---aw hell he says it much better, so go read his post (<----click on red link to get there). I at first thought he was making much ado about nothing, but now I'm tagged and ------yeahh can see the problem now. Since he has told the world that I am tagged, and told the world that I will play the game----its not like I can pretend I never knew about it----(sigh)---okayyyyy six (6) random things about me. (the hard part is to identify which six of so many to write about).

1) I love people who are not afraid to state their opinions, to which I almost always polarize and take an opposite view ----this almost always comes across to them and those listening , as sarcasm, belligerent, or belittle ling----occasionally its seen as being witty. It never ceases to amaze me that people have no sense of humor and take me seriously. (guess its a good thing I am 6'-2", 190#)

2) I, if having to choose one , would rather read a good book, than watch Television---I have no rational explanation for the fact that I am the owner of a 42" HD Plasma television.---now with a blue ray DVD player attached. Like I know where both the public Libraries are in Temecula, but ain't got a clue as to where the Social Security office is---is that weird or what?

3) I sometimes, more frequently that I want to admit, allow myself to spend ungodly amount of time trying to decide weird things like: What is the proper way to eat a Patty Melt w/grilled onions Sandwich in Public---I mean should the onions be on top when you bite into it , or on the bottom under the beef patty? I checked, Emily Post never said anything on that topic.

4) I am stiff suffering from going through "Stages"----I equate this to the fact that being an adult I am terribly aware of the gaping holes in my education, and when it almost always happens I fall into one of those ignorant pot holes, I over compensate and go into crash mode to fill the hole, and then have to announce to all I can pigeon hole and preach to them my new found knowledge on the subject that shortly before I was totally ignorant of---I of course do this in a manner that implies if YOU don't know these things, there is something wrong with you. (this is an offshoot of No. 1 above).

5) I personally think I come across in the real world as one of the characters from Oz, Sometimes I am "The Scarecrow", other times "The Cowardly Lion", and yet on other times, "The Tin Man"------I am sure however should you ask my friends, they might well come up with completely different images of me. I took enough Psychology in school, to know, its not uncommon for people to "Think" they are appearing one way, whereas the world sees, them differently----the question is?----are the people around you reacting to you the way you want them too----rather than are you reacting the way you THINK they want you to, or the way you want to?----Oh my gawd, I just heard an opinion, polarized with it, and am now arguing with myself. ---!!!!.

6) I have to confess, I just LOVE Yogi Berra-isms-----its amazing how many one can hear, when listening to people talk, and they are totally unaware they are doing it. What you ask is a Yogi Berra-ism? How do I explain---First off Yogi Berra was a baseball player for the New York Yankees, as an athlete he became famous---and he would make statements, which today are considered classics, ---for example, Yogi would be asked about a famous restaurant in New York, and his response was, "Oh nobody goes there anymore, its to crowded"----anyway such inane remarks make me laugh. and I love to laugh.---I wish people would learn to relax and let go and laugh more---everyone is so uptight and serious these days.

Now according to the rules of this meme, I have listed my six random things about myself above, and now I have to select six others to play the game---some will, the Lazy ones will make some excuse not to, and some will cop out they won't nominate six others to pass it on to, and deny us the possibility of knowing their friends better----however the lucky six are (and oh, you have to notify them they have been tagged), ----

1. Alexi---shes young, she's vivacious, and if you can't think of six random things Alexi, just
ask Phil for a list, and talk about those than you can talk in public about. (lol)

2. Drucie----A fellow Bloggerite, who lives right here in Grand Old Temecula---She's a lawyer, and it should be most interesting to learn how Lawyers do "random".  You should read her posts about Temecula, better than the stuff they put out at the chamber of commerce, and thats a fact. (the Defense Rests your Honor!)(LOL).

3. Helene,  (My good French Friend), many of you enjoy the pheenomenal water colors she
produces, and who apologizes for her English----(she does English better than I do for
crying out loud. (lol). The French invented randomness, so her answers should be a
delight to read.

4. Sadi, who never has a problem speaking out----let the pieces fall where they will right


5. Granny Annie, because anybody who can write posts about raising baby chickens and
make it good reading has got to have some real depth to them----come on Annie, tell us.

6. Matt. I do like the bizarro way he has of presenting his posts , which by definition are
Radomness personified.


1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So, as the sun sinks in the west, (nothing random about that)----I will mosey out to the kitchen and do my best to prepare my evenings repast (tonight it will be hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes and I think peas---but I reserve the right to make it green beans, depends on what is in the larder to be honest)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Romping with Blue

The day started with me close to home monitoring the stock market and doing my best to earn a buck or two---but then the market closed (1pm PST), and I opted to get out and enjoy some of the great sun and blue sky weather the day was presenting itself. So Blue and I drove over to Paul's to grab a quick lunch----(my third visit to Paul's restaurant), and sure enough just as I fill my mouth with a damn good tasting bite of my Patty Melt, who should come up to the Table but Paul, the man , himself----well he shook my hand, welcomed me to come eat there anytime, and he seemed satisfied, when I explained it was my third time there, in the last two weeks. Anyway having sated my immediated need for food, we and blue went for a romp. Drove North on Jefferson, had a great oldie but goodie playing on the stereo by the Mama's and the Papa's, and found myself taking in the wilds of north Temecula, and right on north into South Murrieta, making a right turn on Murrieta Hot Springs road, and going due east, (don't ya just love the names of the roads here?)----well was kinda surprised to find myself driving by the Murrieta Best Buy mall, and then realized old blue was just showing me the backway , and the more scenic way, to get there, ----we continued to head east and damn if we didn't come across Margarita Rd, and old blue made the turn and headed south, you could tell he was headed for the home barn----sure nuff, acouple miles later we were turning into the old homestead-----sure is fun romping around with Blue. (lol)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Good ole Blue

You kind of know when things are just right, no facts you can put your finger on, more or less just a gut feeling----well that's the way it is with old blue and me---we only just met Yesterday, but well as soon as I laid eyes on Blue, I just knew we would be good for each other.---Today Blue took me to breakfast, I was right proud to be in his company, later he and I went to Winco, my local dispensary of groceries, and I picked up a few things to finish out the week with, namely a 12 pack of O'doules, and a 12 Pack of Budd Natural light, and a bag of pretzels that was on sale---life is simple here in Temecula (lol).
The ride home was just darn enjoyable, what with being in company with Blue----yeah good old Blue and I are gonna be damn good friends-----life is good.

Just another damn nice day

One could take days like to day for granted, but maybe because I got the time I savor each day, or at least try to. Today for example: The sun is shining, spring has sprung, got fruit trees blooming, day lilies, etc. Went for a short little drive in the new car (gotta love that), had breakfast at Mimi's, (the waitress didn't even ask, just brought me my decaf coffee) took my order, eggs over easy, fried red potatoes, orange juice, and whole-wheat toast (buttered)---and it was good. The point being I enjoyed being acknowledged as a regular customer, enjoyed the efficiency and professional way it was served.
The Market is up, which always is a pleasant experience, yep its just another damn nice day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well it Aint Green Tea Metalic---but still----

Okie doakie sports fans, ---its all over, lets keep the crowd moving here----nobody got hurt, there is nothing to see----move along. The old dude bit the bullet, and with trembling lower lip, purchased a new 2009 Honda CRV----would have liked green tea metallic, but alas and alac, the model I wanted with the features I wanted, wasn't in stock in that color, and I didn't want to wait for them to negotiate around with other dealers who might have that one in that color, so I went to plan B----well what color DO you have----fine I'll take it----actually I did have a choice, I could have gotten it in silver metallic , or Tango Red Pearl (Like who thinks up these color names anyway?)---I finally selected Glacier blue Metallic----and having looked at it a bit, have decided I like it better than the green tea metallic----I mean being a masculine like guy, I wouldn't want to go around telling people my car was green tea colored---comes off kinda wimpy, but now I got GLACIER BLUE----argh, argh, !! Its probably a bigger car than I really need, but still having looked at a whole lot of models and different brands, I chose the Honda CRV------NOW I gotta call my insurance company and get the bad news about how much the insurance is gonna be----mentally I have programed my mind to think in terms of tripling my old insurance rate---if it comes in less than that I will be happy----but that's a tomorrow thing.
For those wondering, I nixed the moon roof, nix the leather seats (that would have been another 1400 bucks---my tush ain't that sensitive anyway), did get cruise control, power locks and windows, remote entry -----so all in all I am satisfied with my decision, and I am no longer sobbing hysterically having written out the check------. Bye bye '94" S-10, and HELLO HONDA!!

Out of Step, and Out of my Mind

---I try, really try to be a good "go-a-long" kind of guy. I almost always am cognizant of the other guys argument, whether I agree with it or not, ---I almost always know the weakness in my views of things---and almost always I end up in the middle of the road. Yet somehow today I am finding myself out of step with the prevailing mood of the people, ---the economy is at a standstill, many of losing their jobs, or having their hours cut back---the government, preaching they want to help the people, now have taken the position that in that, having given them monetary loans, that they the government will dictate how much pay employees should be allowed----now people who had been clamoring at the gates for the government give a way are running screaming into the distance, it would seem the government has shot itself in the foot. The ultra left liberals in control are confused, and have lost whatever goals they thought they had in mind---its almost amusing to watch them scrambling around trying to find solutions, actually its kind of pathetic----the libs project trillion dollar deficits for years to come---and China, the biggest buyer of our debt, publically warns us they might not buy any more----now what sportsfans?----does this mean we have to live within our means?----which brings me back to my original thought for this post, and MY place in things.
Today I am going into the Honda dealers and negotiate the purchase of a new car---(as I type that my mind flashes on the old roman salute the gladiators gave the ruler of Rome---"We who are about to die, salute you")---sigh---. So here I am out of step with the general mood of the country, and pretty sure I must be out of my mind -----but I want a new car----don't confuse me with facts---damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead-------no-o-o!!---WAIT!!! (film at 11)

Friday, March 20, 2009


-----We have looked, and looked, and gone back and looked somemore----and I do believe I have finally decided what model new car I want to have.----the Honda CRV----in Borrego Beige, or maybe Green Tea Metallic.  What I havn't decided is are the various options available----like should I go with the moonroof or not---I mean like have never had a car with a moonroof---they are kinda cool----on the otherhand I do very little driving at night??  Then there is the AWD option, (all wheel drive), like hello, guess thats a neat option if one frequently finds oneself driving in mud, or snow----not one to drive in that kind of weather----then we have to think about cloth seats, versus leather seats, do I want the GPS option, 6-disc player in the dash option---and of course the big decision---letting go of all that cash to buy a new car-----(sigh), in any case, have more or less told myself I have to make these decisions in the next few days---before the new statewide sales tax increase, and state mandated car registration cost go up on April 1st.  I'm running out of procratination time folks------my stomach hurts.  (click on the picture to make it bigger, sorry its the only pic of the CRV model I have)

Obama Watching---or "As The Stomach Churns"

A large number of citizens watch the day to day actions of our duly elected President, and of course the media is always on him, waiting for anything that smacks of news. Unfortunately as I watch ----I hear echos of all the campaign rhetoric saying he was inexperienced, his views naive, etc, etc. etc. Now we know how fast he pushed a bill through the congress to throw money at the financial crisis, he wanted it, he got it, he signed it----------guess he didn't read it first? NOW he is unhappy because the money given to AIG , some small percentage of it was given as bonus monies to those employees who worked their butts off to earn it. so NOW the congress in a fit of angst, has passed a bill to tax these bonuses. I am trying to understand how the congress feels it knows how to run AIG----seems the "State" will now tell AIG, and all the other companies that took the handouts how to do business-----I wonder how incentivized employees will be at those companies, now knowing that the Government will determine if they should be given bonuses -----ain't this like communism, where the state runs everything?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maybe---Maybe not----tis a quandry

You would think buying a new car would be a simple choice of wanting a certain model, with certain features, in a certain color-----yeah righttt!!  It aint that easy, least not for this old dude.  First off havn't bought a new car in over 20 years, really couldn't afford it, as such I didn't frustrate myself by keeping current on what all is being offerred.  So now, have no background to even tell me what models are available.  Solution:---go round to all the car dealers and browse, and thats what I have been doing, and I have narrowed it down somewhat---but now I have to get into leather seats, or cloth seats, gps navigation or no, delux trim packages, or standard trip packages, and I don't even want to get into deciding what color the ultimate vehicle should be.---so to sum it up, as for buying a new car--??----A Honda?  maybe---maybe not, a Toyoto? maybe--maybe not--------but yes I am going to get a new car---just not sure what model, what features, or what color------my head hurts----stay tuned sportsfans.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Trick OR treat---call em as you see em

Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet by peasap

putting foil wrapped icecubes in tricker-treaters paper bags----

The New Car Hunt

My Nephew Peter, stopped by Saturday, his wife Judi off visiting her Mother and sisters in Virginia, doing the blogger blast and all that stuff---so out of boredom he came over, and he talked me into biting the bullet and physically going into various car dealerships, and reviewing the various models being offerred. I think I have narrowed it down to about three models now. I have the Honda Accord CRV and Matrix models, and I also like the Toyota corolla ----this week will have to make further cuts on the list, and (gasp) make a decision soon, hopefully before the new California tax on new car purchases goes into effect the first of the Month---jeez, gonna have to decide what color???

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My new life, here in Temecula, so far has been a most positive one, but then its only been something less than a full month. It occurs to me I am playing the game (life that is), more or less one day at a time----and so far each day has allowed, impulsive activities, which BT (Before Temecula) had not been a part of my daily routines. My earlier life style was rigidly structured, my new one seems to be just the opposite-----and I am finding the new life style both adventurous and exciting, and yet kind of unnerving----I'm operating without a net here!!(LOL)
I assume at some point, things will settle down and become more predictable, or at least happen when they are scheduled to happen, but then again who knows, maybe this wild unplanned , damn the torpedo's, full speed a head style will prevail----?? Hmm, Can I , or should I plan on that? How does one plan for unscheduled happenings?? I guess one just gets up each morning, brushes their teeth, gets dressed, and then-----see what happens?? Like I said, that makes for a most interesting approach to each day---but then a life without structure is Chaos--not sure I can live that way for very long. I obviously am a bit mad of late----its been fun, but I know it can't continue---I mean what if I get up, brush my teeth, get dressed, and then NOTHING happens??-----so a person just has to have plans for each day, just in case nothing happens if for no other reason.
So having said all the above, I will continue to more or less structure my day with possible plans and activities, but also attempt to remain flexible and go with whatever comes up. Eventually I am sure my life here in Temecula with put in place a new paradigm, and a sense of being in control of my life will return---meanwhile I am enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just another nice day today

The sun is shining,  the birds are tweeting.  I have my apple juice, my coffee and my cereal---the market is not beating me up, ----just another nice day.  Yesterday I mentioned I had bought my first plant to help dress up my barren patio----figured a picture would give you a better idea of that, so here it is:

----------well as you can see I still have a ways to go before the patio is properly decored, ---time and money thats all it takes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday 03/10---A RED LETTER DAY

     Today, this old dude awoke to blue skies and lots of sunshine, that in itself makes it a great day, but having my morning shot of apple juice , a couple hot muffins, compliments of my niece Tish, (who is currently in Europe, "doing" Sicily), and armed with a cup of fresh made coffee, I sat down to survey the status of my investment portfolio, and VOILA!! ---the damn thing was up 5.5%, , a most pleasant change from the previous week when it fell some 3.8%.  My faith in my research and convictions boldly underscored, I did a little happy dance on the patio, not unlike the dancing chicken you see on the left side of this blog page. (lol).---but theres more----
     The happy feeling permeating my body and mind, I left the abode, and approached the one and only Dry Cleaners I have found todate, and determined that Yes, they could clean my 60" round throw rug, it would take a week, but I didn't care, ---success, I would get the damn thing cleaned and fit for the floor of my guest bath---the cost was a bit of a shock, but hey I can't let costs rule my life style---(I think I am working on the "build it they will come" model).----but wait there ius still more---.
     Giddy with success at finding a place to clean my rug, I then decided to act  on my "want list", and I went to Lowe's hardware and dallied in the Plant department-----the idea being my patio needs some decor, got the patio furniture, but all those bare walls and empty spaces, screaming for plants----I did have to restrain myself a bit, and so after much see-sawing mentally back and forth, ended up buying a four foot tall cluster of Queen's Palm, and a decorative pot to put it in---total investment in Patio decor $33.53----well its a beginning-----.and yes there is more sportsfans----
     I succeeded in bringing home my patio plant without tipping it over, got it placed on the patio just so, and then I went and checked out my mail for the day, at the clubhouse across the drive and lo and behold, what should I receive, along with the normal five pounds of throw away crap, but a refund from AT&T from my old phone account.   YES today was truly a RED LETTER DAY.----LIFE IS GOOD.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's One of THOSE Mondays

I work up this morning to find the weather kinda bleak. more clouds than sun, and getting worse as the day progresses. The temps are more chillier than this old dude would prefer, no sitting on the patio and reading today. The stock market remains bleak, nothing exciting there to get involved with. I did manage to do a load of washing, but aside from glad its done, can't get much satisfation out of having done it.----In short its one of THOSE mondays. One just kinda works through it, hoping for a change to the better.
Part of the blahness today I suspect is the post let-down from the great time I had yesterday having Pete and Judi (MY nephew and his wife), stop bye and see my new place, now that I got all my stuff in place, (well most of it, the pictures still need to be hung). We ended the visit by going out for Dinner at the nearbye Olive Garden. I had heretofore never eaten at any of the Olive Garden restaurants, and I must say I found the experience quite pleasant and enjoyable. Our waitress was both professional, courteous as well as having a great personality and made the whole experience a great one. The food was quite good, the prices reasonable and of course I got to have this great experience in the company of really great people. (Next time I will opt with the Soup and Salad choice---three different soups, and all the salad you wanted, a big basket of breadsticks and rolls-----yeah I will definitely try that selection next time at the Olive garden.
Me thinks this afternoon I will throw myself into the mall and see if I can check off some things on my must have list----extra pillows to fill my new shams, and perhaps some new towels for my guest bathroom, (the ones I have although nice enough don't go with the color scheme I want for that room. Also while out, need to trackdown a dry cleaner for a large throw rug I kept from the old place that needs cleaning, and I guess too I should stop at the grocery store for a few things------tonight at least I will be able to put a dent in my backlog of Netflix movies and series I am watching.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I posted earlier today, (saturday), actually this is the 3rd posting today, but I digress----I discovered I had received a comment on my initial blog of the day from a delightful person who lives right here in River City, Temecula.  She was most kind as to make a suggestion as to where I might find a good breakfast, now is that friendly or what??     In any case, I of course read her most well written blog, and have added it to my blog roll of interesting blogs to read.  Her Name is Juliet, and her Middle name is----wait for it----Drucilla!!, well go visit Juliet's blog, and read her "all about me" input.  I agree with her----"TEMECULA RULES"!!! (And you might mention I suggested it)

Dana said to---so I did---and I just had to post this

-----I had of course had to check Dana's blog, hoping of course to see some signs of life, (I do believe she is slowly but surely crawling back to life from her Death bed. In anycase today she "advised" in her post that one should go visit Nikki's blog, "Blah, blah, blah", and so heeding Dana's advice I did so, and well I was impressed, made me kind of smile----and it inspired me to write this post, in response to Nikki's plaintive cry for suggestions. I suggest you all go visit Nikki's blog, then the rest of my post here will make sense----and HEY!!?---thanks Dana for the hot suggestion----(and I still say you should be drowning yourself in hot chicken soup! LOL)

Nikki,---some ideas of those things that you can put IN glass containers:

Not a very good pic, sorry, but underglass is an intricate "alice in wonderlandesque music box. (the glass not only makes it stand out, it keeps it dust free)

Hand me downs or "old" nostalgic toys also look good under glass. (Picutured here is an old Teddy Bear, which provenance claims came over the Oregon Trail, a bit over 100 years ago).

On the other hand some things just look great without anything in them:

I enoyed you blog have have added you to my blog roll list-----you might want to mention this to Dana, ------(I could use the brownie points)


     I seem to be falling into something of a routine, part due to old patterns, and part due to new circumstances.  Today, Saturday, I sprung out of bed, bright eyed and bushytailed with nothing specifically planned or necessary to be done.  A whole  day stretched before me---I was bored before I even knocked back my glass of Apple Juice.
     The sun was shining off the surrounding mountains, another nice day here in Temecula, so grapping my keys I set out to treat myself to breakfast at Mimi's. (two eggs scrambled, whole wheat toast with orange marmalade, and decaf coffee.  I dawdled over my meal, consuming three cups of coffee, and then decided since I was almost already at the grocery store, (just the other side of the plaza ), to do my shopping for the week.  So soon enough I am hiking through the isles at Winco. (the place is huge, about the size of a football field I would guess).  Well, long story short, ( I know to late---), I gather up my purchases (one bags ones own groceries at Winco), and set forth back to home base.  There I put the groceries away, took out the trash, and sat down to catch up on my blogging world.  So far now I have killed two hours, its going on 10am.
     The thought occurs to me I should most likely do some house cleaning, but I find that my mood says no to that Idea (need to build up a bit more guilt before I get to that one).  So after posting this I have decided I will dive into the morning copy of investor's business daily and hopefully glean more financial, and economical news and statistical stuff to have a better understanding of how to deal with my investments, I now find myself watching the stock tickers and keeping a thumb on the economy---believe it or not, I do think it has a pulse-----see Walmart posted a new sales record, higher than the same period last year, the first time its managed that since April/08----perhaps the Market overall is about to reach its bottom and will rise lke a phoenix from the ashes----time will tell.
     This afternoon, I will venture back out into the world , this time to find the "OLD" library here in Temecula, which I understand has more books than the "NEW" one does----not sure that that matters as one can check books out and either one, and return them to either one.   I finished the two books I had checked out last week, and they need to go back, but I think I will not get any new books this time out, as I now have the "Investor's Business Daily" to read, along with a few online business articles to read, and too, all those many cable channels to investigate, and with my new DVD blue ray player, all those DVD's from Netflix to peruse-----hmm gonna have to get a LOT more guilt going before I get to the cleaning thing.---but then I have this insane fear of dustballs to worry about too.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Next Big Thing

Its been one wild ride so far this year, selling the old house, moving to a new locale, getting settled in, and now I only have one major decision yet to resolve-----getting a new car. The old Truck (1994 Chevy S-10), is getting to be something of a problem, the cost of maintenance and the ever growing assessment that it could break down at any given time, means I need to bite the bullet and venture into the dreaded Car Lots.
I did put a toe in that water the other day (last tuesday to be specific), and dabbled on the computer, almost within 15 minutes my phone was ringing, and my email box was going nuts, from inputs from the various car dealerships---boy talk about one hungry crowd!!!? If thats the reaction one gets via the computer, I am not ready to walk in in-person and hint that I might be in the market for a new vehicle----would be like throwing blood into the water and starting a shark feeding frenzy!!----
The actual reason I am hesitating here is simply I am not sure what kind of car I want to get. I kind of like the feel of my truck (been driving it for the last 7 years, its comfortable like well worn slippers ya know?). On the otherhand while moving down to Temecula, had the experience of renting new cars and riding in them, and ooooooh yeahhhhh very nice. Then getting back in the old truck and -----well I gotta get a new car, but which model, what brand, decisions, decisions, decisions!! Worse, from where I am now living , have half a dozen Car Dealerships within five minutes drive----Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Saturn, Chevrelet, buick, ford, Mazda, Cadillac, and I am sure I missed acouple, hell I am new in town.
Then it occurs to me I have to renew my drivers license in April, what if I fail the test, and become licenseless?? -------what would I do with a new car then? I somehow feel that is nothing more than a pure procrastination excuse, I have no real fear of failing the driving test. I am one of those types that gets the book, reads it and then goes in for testing, besides, it may turn out all they want is to check my eyesight and get a new picture----which reminds me I AM needing to get my eyes checked, its been acouple years----(writing that down on my things to do list).
Well its friday, and I am thinking it might be best to hit the old grocery store and buy some vittles, so guess I will end this post at this point, and go do that.--------any thoughts on what kind of car this old dude should look at seriously?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

THE ON-GOING SAGA (with pics no less)

OKAAY!, today people I have more pics of the new digs. I hope I am not boring you all with all these posts about me and mine, but well kinda like showing my new place off, as I am finding it getting better and better . anyway today I give you pics of the master bedroom, please remember I just moved in and have a ton of things to do to complete the decor---like hang up pictures, or in today's case, you'll notice I have not added the required extra pillows with shams to the bed----still on my list of things to go out and acquire.----
The dreaded headboard pic

and here are a couple more shots of the Master bedroom,

well I warned ya that things are still a bit raw here----but give me time people, one can't just slap up pics willy nilly---one needs to understand the lighting and determine what the space calls for----or one runs the risk of living in an unbalanced invironment----and you know how bad that can be---so trying my best to avoid that pitfall. (lol)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Awakening early and looking out as the sun reflects off the nearby mountains, makes for a glorious sight, and one can not help but realize its going to be yet another good day.  I am quickly adapting to my new surroundings, and I almost regret not having made such a move much earlier---but one can not turn the clock back---well maybe for daylight savings time---but not sure that counts, as you have to turn the clock forward again six monthes later----or is that the otherway around??
     Okay, now where was I?---oooh yes adapting to my new world.  I've completed the move, my stuff is unpacked and semi-quasily put away in some semblence of order, I have made all the necessary changes to my banking, insuruances, utilities, and alerted all my friends to my new location, phone numbers etc.  I have initiated the investment of my proceeds from the House sale, into what I hope will return to me a pittance large enough to accommodate my spending habits, time will tell.  In fact later this morning I have another meeting with "Chuck", this one to discuss Certificates of Deposits (CD'S), which will complete my investment portfolio.  It was nice to see the stocks I bought yesterday are all up today----and I see now one is already about to issue a dividend to share holders of record 3/9 (thats this coming monday),
     Yesterday afternoon, I drove down to old town Temecula, and explored.  I re-found "Texas Lil's ", a fun little place that sells adult beverages, and decent hamburgers, (My Nephew Pete and his wife took me to "Texas Lil's: some weeks back when I was first exploring the possibility of moving to Temecula, and I found it again on my own---a fun watering hole if every there was one----the harleys out front really set the mood of the place.   OOH, also I found the Temecula Senior Center-----they have pool tables, a library, and serve lunch every day , with different entrees each day.  They also organize travel trips to local points of interest, this coming month they have one going to the J. Paul Getty Museum , which I may go on, which is kind of ironic, in that before I lived about 10 miles from the museum but never got there. now I'm a hundred miles away and I am going----go figure?
     The Headboard was delivered at 11:45am, and the crew had it efficiently installed in no time at all, and I think it looks great.  -----yes I will post a picture soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Schedule??---what schedule??

In my old life BT (before Temecula), I ran an organized scheduled life.  I was programed, example,  if I was at the fluff N fold, it had to be thursday 7-8:30 am.  Now in the new order, its structured chaos, my new life has yet to establish a modicum of a pattern.  I find this both exciting as well as disconcerting---wobbles the mind.  I suspect this is because I have yet to come to firm grips with the new life style. 
     Today for example, I got up at my normal time, (6:30ish AM), made a pot of coffee, made the bed, checked out the status of my stocks , and now find myself impatiently awaiting the delivery of the Head board which I purchased last Sunday. I would LIKE to go to the hardware store (Lowes), and see if I can find some decent greenery for my patio, but---gotta stay here at the apartment and wait for the delivery truck----they promised it would be between 8-12----well its now 10:22, and counting----. (sigh)
     Yesterday had that long talk with "Chuck: (aka Charles Schwab), and established an on-line stock account, and have started to buy some shares in this and that----watching ones stocks rise and fall is a bit of a nerve wrack----but that appeals to the masochist in me, as well as the little boy at Xmas side.  I also used the time to embellish my office documenting files, I now have files for everything, but now need to alphabetize them-----hmm maybe I will let that slide til tomorrow---kinda has a wednesday feel to it ----. (In case you havn't noticed, I am an expert procrastinator).
     Sunday last, along with getting my headboard, I also acquired a new blue ray DVD player, and now have it hooked up and working.  Managed to watch acouple of my Netflix discs, and complete season 1 of "Mad Men"  Having been without tv or a period of three weeks I have lost all concept of the plots on most of the shows, but now I got basic cable, am enjoying the new channels such as the history channel, the travel channels----and as I said above, I now got netflix working for me again.
     Guess I will take a break from toiling over this post, grab a cup of coffee, abandon myself to the patio, and relish the mouintain view and fresh air-----.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The New Digs---Part 1

well, I meant to get this post posted earlier this afternoon, but unfortunately (for you all), I got side-tracked playing with my new toy, a brand new Samsung Blue-ray DVD player, and well anyway I got it, got it hooked up and working and once more netflix is my friend.  However here are a few shots of my new place, which right now is still a home in work------:

having given you some exterior shots of the view
from my patio, one turns and walks into the apartment and this is the view of the living room, as you can see the pictures have yet to find their place and be hung., if you inlarge the pic, you will see the see-through into the kitchen just above the tops of the pics.  The Philadendron sitting on the counter is a house warming gift from my nephew Eric and his lovely wife Jennifer.

this is yet another shot of the living room, this time taken from the kitchen side, looking towards the patio, to give you some perspective on the size of the room the glass coffee tables combined measure 3'x6'----and as you can see the walls at this point are naked.  The dark wood three panel screen in the far corner comes from my Parents home and is now something of a family heirloom.  I think it looks good there.
and here is a shot of my new Den, Office, TV room. (I havn't gotten around to tieing up and hiding all the wires, and coaxial cables that my new (lol) wireless system employs.
again we are looking at the Den, office, TV room, this is the view you get when first walking in-----I know, I know, the far corner table begs for a lamp, and the poor walls are bare-----give me time guys!!
and this last pic is looking down the hall from the living room , you get a glimpse of my headboadless masterbedroom, the doorway on the right goes into the Den/office/tv room, the other doors are to the linen closet, the hall closet and the guest bath.
--------more pics to come soon, keep the faith.

In The Way Of Introduction

This is the clubhouse of the Solana Ridge Apartment complex.  MY unit happens to be right across the street from it, and thus this is the view I get each time I go out of my place.  The clubhouse itself houses, the lounge, the computer/fax office area, the workout gym, and the big kitchen area for those having gatherings poolside and intertaining larger groups of people.-------moving right along-----
this picture was taken but a few minutes ago, and is a view from my Patio, looking southwest, Temecula is surrounded by mountains ---on the other side of the mountains seen here is San Diego-------continueing right along-----
This is yet another shot taken from my patio, now looking Northwest, the street in front is of course Margarita Rd.  The large white building on the left is what I've been told is Abbot Labratories Corporate office building.  They are by far the largest employer in the Town.-------which brings us to the last pic of this post---
I couldn't part with "Indira", who resided in my dining room of the old place, and now occupies a place on my patio ----it at the moment appears rather bleak, but soon I will have some plants and foliage going on the patio and it will be quite lovely----at least thats the game plan.
     I will be making another post a bit later today with more pics of the inside----stay tuned sportsfans---film at 11-------(lol)