Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What A Difference A DAY Makes.

Yesterday the doomsayers (aka the doom and gloom leftist liberal media) were all screaming how the world was ending, that we were in a financial melt down, the start of a Depression yadda, yadda yadda. All because the silent majority got on the phone, on their fax machines etc, etc,and told Washington NO on the Bailout. The Wallstreeters panicked and the market dropped 778 points, something around 7 percent. The doom and gloomers were all saying that today (Tuesday it would drop another 1000 points.
Well the sun came up in the East (as it always does), and gosh smart money looking at the basics of the American economy decided no, the sky wasn't falling, the free Market was just doing its thing---and voila, today the market went up big time. Further, consumer confidence index for Sept went up from the month before, The dollar grew stronger against the Euro. It also was noticed that the failure of Washington Mutual bank, resulted in JP Morgan buying it up, and the bank didn't even close, but just kept doing business, nobody lost any money---and that was the biggest bank failure in the history of the United States----also financial guru's are starting to say there is plenty of available money around (note JP Morgan having just bought up Washington mutual had no problem raising 10 billion dollars -----the FDIC has about 250 billion dollars to back up bank failures, and as such can handle 4-5 big bank failures a week for a long time (all accounts are insured up to $100,000)----so maybe just maybe we don't need to panic and run up a trillion dollars of debt payable by the taxpayers-----??-----MAYBE, we should just let the market finish correcting and let congress pass whatever legislation that needs to bed past to prevent the greedy distortions from happening again. No golden parachutes for those banks that fail, maybe some legislation to assist home owners keep their homes due to layoffs or major illness (no bailout for those that just flat speculated on ever increasing housing prices and got caught being greedy) Let applaud the silent majority that kept our congress from totally panicking to the leftist media's attempt at creating a crisis that really isn't as bad as they would have us believe. No BAILOUT of those greedy firms, not with taxpayers money anyway.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Judi Made Me Do It

     I received this cute little word association test/challenge from Judi----in that she allows me to toss memes at her, I figure the least I could do is respond to her word association challenge.  Those that read this might , if your so inclined share the answers YOU would have come up with by posting them on your blog pages.

I SAY---                                     YOU ANSWER--?

1.  Memory                    Recollection 
2.  Original                     One of a kind
3.  Exclusively                 Limited to
4.  Listings                      Television programs
5.  Bucket                       Pail
6.  Knight                        Day
7.  Dusty                         Barns
8.  Choice                       Best of the picks
9.  Sunlight                      Warmth
10.  Change of plans       Plan B
     I think now maybe I should take my meds and lay down now right? (LOL)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


1. If you take an Oriental person and spin him around several times,does he become disoriented?

2. If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland called Holes?

3. Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

4. If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

5. If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

6. Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?

7. When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?

8. Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who drives a racing car not called a racist?

9.. Why are a wise man and a wise guy opposites?

10. Why do overlook and oversee mean opposite things?

11. Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety one?

12. 'I am' is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language.Could it be that 'I do' is the longest sentence?

Will Success Spoil GOG?

I know its poor form to go around bragging about one's self, but gosh darn I have spent five month's working on my blog here and well dag nab it, I'm a proud old blogger. Today, I was awarded page rank of 3 by Google. I know that's not all that high, but it just goes to show ya that my Lil blog is growing, that my "build it they will come" attitude is paying off. It may not seem like a big deal to some , but for me ---well its a RED LETTER day for GOOD OLD GARY (gog)---and I want everyone of my readers to stand up and take a bow , cause I couldn't have got this award with out your help, your patience and loyalty. THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Mixed Berry Pie and GOG

It was a fairly decent day til about two hours ago. Just before 2pm (PST) the LP casually inquired if I had any intentions of going to the grocery store today. I replied that yes I did have that on my list of things to do to day---(actually it was the only thing I had on my list of things to do to day---like I said it was a nice day). I equally casually inquired as to why he had asked me that, was there something he would like me to pick up from Ralph's??
Obviously there was or he would not have asked if I was going to the store---we went through the social niceties ---well if it wasn't a bother, no its no bother, yadda, yadda yadda, and I learned that he had this sudden desire for a piece of pie. No nothing fancy like one might get at Marie Callendars, just a good old fashion off the shelf standard pie from Ralph's. "Sure , no problem, and what kind would you like?" says I---The LP pauses, blinks a few times as he ponders his specific flavor hunger and in a low voice, "An apricot Pie would be great----(then seeing my skeptical look on being able to find that particular flavor, he went on)---my second choice would be a Berry Pie, no, no, wait, make that Key Lime Pie---but if they don't have that then make it Cherry" By this time I am now taking notes, and getting a headache, but I manage to collect all the info regarding just what kind of pie he would like, as well as his second, third and forth choices..
So I collected my own grocery list, and headed out to the big supermarket , with reasonable expectations of success. The sun was shining, and the world seemed to be in balance, ---you would think at my age I would immediately know something was about to go wrong it always does when things get to being that good.
It started as I pulled in the big parking lot at Ralph's---I swear I had stepped into the twilight zone----for immediately I was swept up in the tide of cars going round and round looking for a parking slot, stop and go, stop and go, stop and go-----three and a half complete circuits of the parking lot, before the gods decided to allow me to park, and that of course was about as far from the store entrance as one could get and still be in the parking lot. (but I was grateful to get out of the stop and go, stop and go level of hell).
I entered the big Ralph's emporium, the cool air conditioning washing over me as I bravely pushed my empty cart, and for a brief couple minutes I began to have hopes that the worst of it was over, and the rest of my trip would go smoothly (yeah right!! its truly amazing that I retain any sense of optimism at all).
The circus in the parking lot should have prepared me for the zoo inside the store. It was readily apparent to me as I looked at the structured chaotic mob surrounding the checkout stations that if I had any smarts at all I should flee the store and go home and accept the LP's snickers of disgust at my inability to purchase a simple everyday item that he had requested. My family inherited stubborn streak precluded my making such a rationale decision, I had come to shop and should it mean I would be run down by unattended kids playing tag with market baskets, or delayed in mid blocked isles by seniors trying to read their scribbled grocery lists---I would complete my own list, no matter how long it took.
Unfortunately my list of items required I go all over the damn store from one side to the other , from the front to the back-----dodging the kids, keeping my hands to myself, and not throttling the screamers, keeping one eye on the shelves for my items, the other on the lookout for mad dog cart drivers---there was a four cart pile up on Isle #6 involving two older blue haired women, their husbands, a young women with two screaming 6-7 yo's, and senior citizen driving one of the electric carts-----I didn't stick around to find out who or what had happened, it seemed they were about to start throwing can goods at each other---I wanted no part of that----I rounded up my half dozen items from my list, and pushed my way into the bakery area to get the LP's pie. I quickly determined they had no Apricot pies, (his #1 choice) but they did have Peach pies, hmmmm, but wait he had made no mention of Peach pies, so best not to get that, I had to screen about 1-12 cherry pies, before I scored one that read "mixed berry", I grabbed it and headed for the check out stations----it was like entering the seventh level of Dante's inferno. The screams of tired and cranky children, the snarls of adults who had been in line waaay to long. In my own line, it was like life had suddenly gone into real slow motion, every one ahead of me had issues with the checkout person, regarding whether it was a two get on free, or a coupon for a different size, but what the hell ---last minute changes of mine, my ice cream is melting can you send the box boy back to get a frozen one, etc, etc, etc.---I don't remember clearly paying for my groceries, nor do I recollect driving home the few blocks to the house---what I do remember is, unpacking the groceries, hearing the LP telling me he was ready for his pie and wanted ice cream on it----, in a calm smiling face I gave him a nice slice of pie, with Ice cream, he smiled up at me, and vocalized his thanks, and once again GOG returned to his normal good natured self (GOG is shorthand for "Good old Gary althought sometimes it stands for "Grumpy old Gary")-----well it HAD been a nice day at the start anyway.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alls Quiet On the Western Front (of the bloggesphere that is)

Its Saturday, and few bloggers post on Saturdays, to busy at the dental appointments, buying groceries (don't forget the green tea), getting the lawn mowed, picking up the dry cleaning, etc, etc, so no time to post to ones blog. One would think they would plan ahead, and put in some posts predated to keep their blog pages fresh over the weekends. Anyway all is quiet on the western front-----(sigh)

Green Tea VS Decaffinated Coffee.

There is a war going on guys, and its Decaf coffee versus Green Tea. We all live in tense times, you have fun to look at the evening news or scan the Internet and become totally upset, and reaching for something calming----Decaffeinated coffee or that new comer on the scene----Green Tea?? whats your sedative of choice people.
Over my large number of years , I'm 71 now, the two adult choices of non-alcoholic beverages has been coffee, or tea---later as Madison avenue became for sophisticated, this got broken down into regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, Lipton tea, Iced tea, and a whole plethora of various brands pushing the product. (Folgers, Maxwell House, Lipton etc, etc, etc). The American public became familiar with Mrs. Olsen, and Juan Valdez.
Then a couple years ago, one began to see or hear the odd advertisement for "green tea", at first nobody paid it any real attention---it was lost in the flood of the standard coffee/tea blitzkriegs. Nobody seemed to mind the odd input of a commercial ad, in the throw away papers for green tea, but slowly we began to be exposed to these blandishments in health pamphlets, and then the better magazines----and all of a sudden its all over the media, ---TV, Radio, Magazines, newspapers, billboards---"'GREEN TEA, GREEN TEA, GREEN TEA!!"
I thought I was immune to the Madison avenue hyping formula, but---(sob) I almost broke into tears as unpacking my groceries from my latest trip to the store-----I found a box of teabags, ----green tea bags. Like a zombie, unable to control myself, I went about boiling water, placing a bag of this new narcotic in it---pouring the hot water-------and then after allowing the mixture to cool, its clear light green color ---I sipped it, expecting all kinds of horrible things to happen, but none did-----.
I finished that first cup of green tea, and as I stared out the window on a clear blue sky and bright sunshine, this old dude came to a conclusion-------I shoulda bought a bigger box of green tea bags.

Obama Just Doesn't Get It.

I watched the first presidential debate last night and its obvious to me that the Leftist Liberals have nominated a totally green man for a candidate. Yes I am talking about Barrack Obama, the guy looks like a young college professor, and certainly talks like one, and he demonstrated over and over in the debate his total lack of understanding of how nations relate to each other. In his naivitivety, he thinks its like a good old boys club, where leaders just sit around and call each other by their first names and talk out their problems..
In the debate, he actually said he would talk with terrorists, without any preconditions. In short he would give these criminals legitamacy and recognition, more or less telling the world that they must have some worth, and should be treated as equals.
He even had the gall to blurt out we should chase after the terrorists and follow them into Pakistan, in short invade Pakistan---(McCain was so stunned by this ignorant uttering from Barrack, he admonished him in front of the cameras telling him one just doesn't say those things in public.)----no, Obama just doesn't get it------and he seemed like a History Professor harping on things in the past, rather than dealing with things as they are today.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout Everyone Except The Stupid Taxpayers

My day started with my arriving at my Local Gelsons Food emporium for a meeting of the SOCADS, (For those that don't already know that's the Sherman Oaks Coffee and Debating Society--SOCADS)---here over coffee and donuts, pastries, cookies and whatever we kick around the worlds problems, politics , and societies ills in general. Today's discussions were centered on the pros and cons of the the big government bailout----and concluded with the democrats in control of the congress it will turn into the biggest taxpayer funded welfare program in the history of Mankind. and it would in time Like LBJ'S "War on Poverty" totally screw up the nations economy and all at the expense of us the tax payers. The Liberal democrats won't stop til everyone is bailed out , except the stupid tax payers. So best if ya just stop working now, and belly up to the welfare office. (Hell I don't even know where the welfare handout office is??) It was generally agreed that it would really be best for the country if we didn't bail out the greedy bankers and mortgage lenders and just tough it out----after all damn few of the average taxpayers have over 100,000 in the bank, and we are government insured up to that amount. $700,000,000,000 will pay for a lot of bad banks and the accounts in them----should they fail.
Tonight we have the first of the Presidential Debates. I noticed Obama went out to Missouri early, man that boy just loves to talk in front of cameras don't he. His medical plan, which sounds really terrific, will only saddle the taxpayers with $1.3 TRILLION more debt. but will ensure another 35 million people who can't afford insurance,--- and he says how he is gonna cut taxes for 95 percent of the people---so where is all this money gonna come from ??----yeahh that's what I thought---but boy he sure does talk pretty don't he?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lets Knit one For The Green Team

Over and over one reads about how we the people are trashing our planet, smog, pollution, our land fills filling up with plastic and aluminum containers that will last forever. Yet one goes to the store to buy one's necessities, food and medicines and just look at the packaging it comes in?? One has to wonder just how many tons of plastic are manufactured just to hold six packs of sodas and beers together. How much of the cost of those fast food burgers are tied up in all the packaging that they come in?.
We the people have gotten real lazy , no wonder obesity is so prevalent---we are to lazy to return bottles to claim our deposits, we LOVE those individually wrapped portions, that save us having to cut and divide them them at home.---I doubt if the majority of adults today remember the day when ALL meats came from the butcher rolled up in butcher paper---today we insist on the clear plastic wrapped styrofoam containers---so easy to pick up and put in the basket, rather than having to wait for a butcher to grind ya a pound fresh.
Well here is ONE thing we all can do---and if we all do it---will be a major step on cleaning up our environment. Stop using plastic AND Paper bags when shopping. Instead knit yourself your own personal shopping bag, or maybe acouple of em so one is always handy. One could buy one from some of the better grocery stores---but frankly I find the ones they are selling are way to small to handle my normal weekly grocery load. It is a great way of families and individuals to get creative and show their personal flair in what patterns and designs they use in their shopping bags---hey would make a great xmas or birthday gift for them Uncles and Cousins that are so hard to shop for---after all how long does it take to knit a good sack, maybe with his or her Name or Initial---a family crest ?? what ARE your Family Colors.?? So "Go Green" and knit yourselves a handy dandy personal shopping bag.

NoObama flunked leadership yet again.

First he screwed up and snubbed the wounded troops on his Grand Publicity tour of Europe., allowed himself to be seen publicly snubbing the American flag by not putting his hand over his heart when the star spangled banner was played, then when invited by McCain to stop campaigning and both of them return to Washington to deal with the crisis, "The One" refused, preferring to continue to grandstand on the hustings, and only when ordered back by the president did he quickly stammer his decision to go back to Washington (I wonder if he knows the way and I wonder too, if he is charging the trip to congress or if he's using some of the Labor Unions funds for that purpose.----I'm sorry its apparent Barrack isn't able to handle emergencies as a good leader would---he would rather pontificate, and hem and haw and wait to see which way to decide that would best make him look good.----now if we can just get the
other "Do nothings" in the democratic controlled congress to make a decision.

Wednesday TV In Review

The shows watched were "Knight Rider", "Criminal Minds" and "CSI NY". I was impressed with the morphing graphics of how the car converted itself from a coup, to a truck and all the special bells and whistles, almost guarantees the show will be a hit with the sub-teens group. However I found the plot like totally sophomoric, implausible and predictable----My suggestion is they move this show to the four PM time slot to pacify the children while dinner is being assembled.

Criminal Minds was pretty much as like last year, and they did try and make the first show of this current fall season an attention grabber, but in setting up the plot they made it very complex, and I was never really sure just how they got to where they were at the start of the show---one watched this episode feeling perhaps they had missed an earlier chapter identifying the players. Aside from that negative, the show was well acted and directed, and one quickly re-identified with all the key players after the long hiatus. I will look forward to this show on a weekly basis.

I guess I have much the same complaint with this first episode of the fall season as I did with Criminal minds. The show opens in the middle of a complex action sequence, and one is left with the feeling one has walked into the middle of a movie-----perhaps it WAS the second half of a two hour two part-er?? I must have missed the last show of last season----anyway by the end of the hour show, and about 16-20 more commercials than preferred, I had assimilated the plot and familiarized myself with the on going characters----and again would recommend this show for weekly viewing---although the gory violence might make it not so good for the squeamish.

Tonight, Thursday, the schedule will be, the opening shows of the new season of two returning shows, "Ugly Betty", and a two hour opener of , "Grey's Anatomy"----.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OHH JEEZ, do I feel dumb.

Talk about stupid---man the laugh is on me---ya know how when ya rent a car, or maybe find yourself driving a friends car for whatever reason, and it comes time to fill up with gas, but ya don't know which side of the car the gas cap is on??---yeah right we have all been there, and what do ya do, ya look in the side view mirrors, you stick your head out of the window and strain your neck trying to see----and or ya just have to get out of the car and look.

Well boys and girls here's a dirty little secret nobody mentioned, least not to me. I'm 71 years old and learning all the time----but this one made me feel stupid.   (I have to thank my good friend Midge LeBell for putting me on to this gem of information)

All ya gotta do is look at your dashboard of your car, where the gauge tells ya how much gas ya got left---on it you will find an icon of a gas pump. the pump will have the handle on the left or right side, and THAT'S the side it will be on your vehicle, as the pics below show ya. ain't life so much better now? (LOL).


The American public bought into the change idea some two years back, changing the congress from Republican lead to Liberal Democrates being in control-----so here we are two years later, and everything is going to hell in a hand basket, and the democratic controlled congress is in full dither-----oh my gowd, oh my gowd-----and of course aside from pontificating on all their gripes and worries, and negativity in general ---doing what they have done for the last two years-----nada, nothing, zipp, zilch.----its the modern day vesion of "fiddling while Rome burns"---Pelosi, and Reid, the two leaders in congress presiding over the house and the senate respectively----are putting on the best "Punch and Judy" show ever.
Meanwhile out on the hustings, Barrack Obama, is proclaiming how this is all the fault of George Bush, (the man doesn't seem to understand its the congress who creates and passes all the budgets, and its been democratic budgets for the last two years that have created the mess we are in-----), is he trying to be bipartisian?---no, hell he's not even in washington trying to solve the problem, but then he hasn't been in washington now for the better part of two years, he has been busy promoting himself as being the American choice for president. (two years he has been at this and he STILL doesn't have half the votes ---and how many hundreds of millions of dollars has he spent so far?? not to fear the AFL/CIO is gonna throw in a billion dollars to back his candidacy (they want them rigtht to work laws made illegal, forcing all workers to joing unions. or forget working.)
Frankly I say----let the subprime market collapse, no point the taxpayers should have to pay for the green and stupidity of investors looking to make obsceene profits.

"K IS FOR---"

"K" is for the wonderful old movie "Kiss Me Kate" .  A fun musical startting Howard Keel, Kathyrn Grayson, Marge and  Gower Champion, and a singing and dancing James Whitmore, who does the classic song and dance number "Brush Up Your Shakespear"---the movie is worth watching for that little number all by itself.

This post is in honor of A-B-C Wednesday's , which incourages people to participate in the weekly celebration of letters, this coming Wednesday (10/01/08) its the letter "K", and the following week will be the letter "L" etc, etc..  (one needs of course to submit one's entries prior to each wednesday's publication.  Its a fun way to develope one's blog experience, not to mention meet some great new friends. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

Well in review of the programs we watched last night on the old Telly (Thats what they call a television set across the big pond). "The Big Bang" made me laugh several times with their witty repartee, "How I Met Your Mother" quite amusing. However I have to say the opening of the fall season show of "Two and A Half Men" didn't have the snappy dialog it has had in the past couple seasons---it might be that the kid has reached those awkward years when he is not cute and not adult either, so his lines are awkward in the scenes (I blame poor writing for this not the actor). I sat through"Worst Week"----and with luck the network will just pull this show off the air, tis truly bad. (bring back reruns of "Dennis the Menace" ).
Yesterday was Sept.22, and just happens to be the Anniversary of me and my signifcant other, The Little Prince (aka LP)---To celebrate our day, we ordered in (Chinese), and with our dinner we also totally consumed a very nice bottle of Pierre Jouet (gran brut) Champagne. (you won't find this sitting on the lower shelves of the wine dept, for this ya have to raise your eyes to the top shelf------I mention all this because by the time I had finished my Chicken Chow Mein, and consumed my half of the Champagne------I fell asleep just after the start of CSI Miami, and work up at the end-----the LP refuses to tell me what happened-----(sigh, much frustration).
Tonight, we are having the ever popular Marie Calendar BBQ chicken dinners, and I look forward to the opening show of NCIS---and the shows I mentioned in my previous posting. I will endeavor to stay the distance and report my opinions on them tomorrow----It finally dawned on me why the projected programing for Friday was so bleak----we have live intertainment in the form of the Presidential debates.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Monday

Finally after being hyped half the summer the networks are gonna start laying the new shows on us tonight. No doubt complete with lots and lots of commercial breaks. A review of my local broadcast stations offerings for tonight, and it appears I will be watching those shows on channel 2 (CBS) between 8pm and 11PM. I love the wild dialog of "The Big Bang", and "How I Met Your Mother", and also I am amused with "Two and a Half Men". This latter show is then followed by a new show titled "Worst Week" which I think is gonna be a total loser, but then we close out the evenings programing with the first episode of the new season of "CSI Miami".
I gave up on watching Hero's last year, as it got to be a quick glimpse of a particular hero, then a break for a commercial, and then another glimpse of yet another hero, commercial break----I couldn't keep track of all the sub plots of each of the dozen or so hero's in relation to the big overall plot line---not to mention the time lines----so won't waste my time on yet another season of that show. None of the other networks has anything that interests me.
TUESDAY night, again appears to be an all channel 2 (CBS) evening, with the return of "NCIS", a new show titled "The Mentalist"and the return of "Without a Trace". I will look forward to the next summer season, when I can then watch the reruns of "House" which is on opposite NCIS.
WEDNESDAY: it will be "Knight Rider", "Criminal Minds" and "CSI NY"
THURSDAY : it will be "Ugly Betty" and the two hour "Greys Anatomy"
FRIDAY : we will watch something from Netflix---as according to the tv guide their are no new shows premiering and the reruns are bleak, not even worthy of commercials in my book.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Little Entertainment If YA Please.

Gary (old dude)
I suspect many of you are somewhat burned out with the on going presidential election, the economic mess, not to mention the aftermath of hurricanes, and otherwise dismal news. Therefore I, Gary (old dude), have created this little meme to brighten up your otherwise dull dreary lives.
The standard rules apply. You copy the questions, put in your answers and then tag three (just 3) other bloggers and forward it to them. It is customary upon completing the meme to acknowledge who sent it to you, ------so having made that clear, here it is. (Having created this meme I felt I should at least have the courage of my convictions and included MY answers to the Meme's questions.)
1. Name the one movie you have watched the most times?
Well not counting the xmas chestnuts, "Its a wonderful life" or "A Christmas Carol", I guess the movie I have watch at least 7-8 times now is "Aunte Mame" starring Rosiland Russell----it never ceases to make me laugh and smile for I see so many people in real life that are portrayed in this funny movie.
2. Name your favorite actors (male and female)and in what movie you liked them best.
I had to think about this question for a bit, finding it rather hard to pick just one actor and one actress. However, ---playing the game here. I would say my Favorite Actor , would be Paul Newman, in the Movie, "The Hustler". (I'm a real sucker for underdog makes good themes). My favorite Actress is Betty Davis, in the movie ,"A Pocket Full of Miracles".
3. List your favorite 3 movies of all the movies you have seen to date.
1) "The Magnificent Seven"
2) "The Wizard of Oz"
3) "The Sting"
(Actually if I were to answer this question again tomorrow or the day after I will almost invariably no doubt come up with different sets of answers every time----so many great movies ---(sigh)
4. What movie cartoon character is your favorite?
Well for me that has to be "Wiley E. Coyote"----I grew up spending Saturday afternoons watching poor Wiley fall off cliffs, have huge boulders fall on him, and everyone of his devious plots (making full use of all the tools from Acme), all fall apart or go awry as he tried to capture the illusive Roadrunner--BEEP, BEEP!!
Guess now your all wondering just who I am gonna tag right?----Carol, Judi and Wendy.----and as Porky pig always said at the end of the cartoons--t-t-that's all folks.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost In GoogleLand

Hi dear readers, this being Saturday, and most bloggers are off dealing with their real lives, I kinda got bored and opted to investigate the newest feature of blogger.com which allows one to see how many readers are "following" ones blog. Not only see how many but Identify who they are---PHEENOMENAL!!.
Further inspection of this new feature, identified who was following my blog, and Out of gratefulness I of course added their blogs to my "blogs that I am following list". My curiosity being what it is---I determined that every blog that I had listed automatically is linked in my Google reader---and voila, by clicking on their blog title in Google reader I could review their postings , even move to their blog page and make comments. This is a fabulous---no make that a PHEENOMENAL tool. Now I can manage all my favorite blogs, as well as my other favorite sites which I have added to my Google reader, all on the same page!!
I have spent the better part of the last hour and a half totally involved in my self created Google Universe----and I highly recommend it to all my readers.

Whats Wrong With Obama?

The extremist left, (ooops they prefer to call themselves "progressives" these days) which controls the democratic party. Is in total disarray since the nomination of Gov. Sara Palin. The lefties can not understand why why their candidate , "The One" is not miles and miles ahead of the opposition. They do not understand how a woman , Gov. Sara Palin, who is against abortion, could in one speech suddenly grab so much of the feminist vote. (Arianna Huffington believes all women, at least those that went to the right schools, belong to the right organizations, must be pro-abortion---otherwise they are---??----well ignorant and unworthy of recognition and not proper feminists, and certainly not capable of being in a high government position.).
Yesterday's Huffington Post Headline told us Americans that if we were not for Obama, then we were a nation of village Idiots. The leftist liberal Democrats feel that must be the reason there candidate is not doing well at the polls.
Today, the Huffington post offers yet another plausible reason why Obama hasn't captured the American political heart-----its because deep down in our subconscious we are closet racists. Also in today's hodgepodge of articles, still another possibility for his lack of doing well , is that he is just to damn smart ,and the majority of us just are to lost in the selfish "whats in it for me?" psychology, that we can't see how we really should see things. I believe this kind of thinking is best illustrated with their VP candidate , Senator Biden explaining that it was our patriotic duty if we made more than $250,000 that we SHOULD pay more taxes, and feel good about doing it. (Why the leftist liberal democrats don't see this as social leveling I do not know?)
So the panic stricken Liberal leftist, first told us we were uneducated, then they said we had to be Village Idiots, and now its because we are racists!!!-------
Whats wrong about Obama?? I can't speak for all my Fellow Americans, but I won't vote for a man that 1) snubbed our troops in Europe, 2)Doesn't put his hand on his heart when our Countries Flag goes bye, or the National Anthem played----3) and has again and again changed his position on this and that in an effort to appeal to look good.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"A Nation of Village Idiots" Says The Huffington Post.

     The extreme leftist liberal media which directs and controls the Obama Clique of the Democratic Party , headlined their attack of the day, calling us  (US being the USA) and I quote, "A Nation of Village Idiots".  This is typical of the nature of their attempt to tear down our government, create confusion and chaos, then grandly promote THEY'RE solutions.  (always more and more control of the largess given away to those that can't or won't work for a living---if these poor souls are dependent on the govermenment handouts (aka welfare), then they are more likely not to rock the boat and continue to vote the party that feeds them.) 
     Those who dissagree with this "if your poor ask for more" mindset, -----well the Leftists are very quick to dismiss you as being, poorly educated, therefore unable to understand the proble, and most likely to stupid to be allowed to vote.-----thus in the heat of the political debate there headline is calling the Majority of us "A Nation of Village Idiots".  (so unless you were educated at one of the Ivy League schools, your one of the village idiots---probabely so stupid you actually believe one is suppose to work and earn ones living, when all smart people know all one has to do is belly up to the goverment trough and wave one's rice bowl. and be happy and do as told.  
     Well this "village idiot " is PROUD of my Country, Proud of its Military, Proud of its History, Proud that I have paid my own way in Life, earned every damn dime I was paid and managed to save.  I cost the government nothing---but I am damn angry seeing the Leftists keep shoveling out the freebies trying to make my fellow village idiots enslaved by welfare---once you sign up for welfare-----your doomed to continue to be dependent on others to give ya handouts.
     What all are the leftist liberal media saying?, check out my earlier post "For a giggle read the Huffington post"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A couple "Hot House" items At Matilija

I so enjoyed Judi's pics of HER orchid I felt I should show off mine as well. I live about 115 miles north of Judi's Palace on Shogun Mountain---(north side of Greater Los Angeles), but we have a modicum of success with Orchids here too. Both mine and Judi's orchids are commonly called "Moth or Butterfly" orchids---the blossoms last a long time. Here below is a pic of My Orchid plant, and the nice looking woman in the Pic is my lovely niece Tish, who came up from Irvine to have lunch with  me and my friend Midge Lebell.

Only The Greedy are Getting Hurt

The economic financial crisis being hullaballoo'ed in our Newspapers, is a monument to the greed of many people, who took advantage and talked a lot of people into speculating on houses they couldn't afford, with mortgages that never should have been allowed. (nothing down , interest rates below the going market, adjustable in six monthes or a year to the then prevailing interest rate, but why worry house prices are going up 20+ percent a year, so you can refinance then on the increased equity you will have and it will be fine----cept didn't happen, so these greedy people victimized those that really couldn't afford houses into mortgages they didn't even understand----my daddy always told me if it looks to good to be true---it most likely isn't---"e pluribus unum----let the buyer beware". So the entire crisis we now are hearing about, has to do with the bad mortgages, the exotic loans and equity swaps that even the experts don't really understand, are now stuck with mortages that are almost worthless, so who is getting hurt? The Lehman Brothers, and the "Investment" Banks (not to be confused with the commercial banks), and those that greedily bought it mortage backed exotic loans---in short the rich and greedy. Underneath it all the basic economy is really not bad. Once the public finally decides what property is truly valued at----we can get back to growing the economy----Here is an excellent summary of how things are right now and where things are going---its a relatively short article (its not political by the way)---I think if ya read it , it will help ease your concern about the economy in general) http://www.csmonitor.com/2008/0917/p08s01-comv.html

Here In the Leftist coast of California, where Liberals control things.

California, the land of Milk and Honey (and of course those famous contented cows), we have not been able to pass a new annual budget,(we are two monthes late), the current one some 15 BILLION in the red, due to the out of control spending by the liberal leftists, espousing their philosophy," if your poor just ask for more".   The legislature (controlled by the Demoncratic liberal leftists), was presented to the Gov. (A ,Repulican thank goodness), and he is going to veto it. as it doesn't cut spending enough-----nor is it in balance----the leftist liberal democratics will then vote and over ride his veto----and continue to increase the state taxes, fees and anything else that will bring in more money to feed their ever expanding governmental give a ways.  At Least by veto'ing it initially,  it will be made clear to all of us voters just who is making the out of whack spending decisions that are bankrupting this state.  Its rapidly reaching the point nobody in their right mind will buy California bonds----then it will be interesting indeed. ---maybe "The One" (obama) will take time out form shoveling in more cash from the Hollywood people to offer us a few billion like did when hunting votes in the great lakes area---afterall its only Money from the taxpayers.


One of my on line blogger friends is up to her eyebrows drumming up money to support the Humane Society. She and her husband have set a personal goal of raising $500 for this organization. To raise monies she is putting up for auction a beautiful customized necklace and ear rings for auction. So if you wanna do something good to help the Animals, and maybe pick up a nice piece of jewelry, check out her page. "Kalo's World" (and should ya mention my name I would appreciate it, but then if ya don't that's okay too(lol).)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama offers the Great Lakes Region 5 Billion Dollars.

Today, the liberal leftist democrats nominee for President , boldly offered , if elected , to set up a 5 Billion dollar trust fund to be used for the purposes of cleaning up the great Lakes, a noble goal to be sure. The huge amount of monies would come from increasing taxes on the Oil companies, (the same oil companies he would add more taxes on to turn around and give every man woman and child a $1000 payment tax relief check), The population of the country being in excess of 300 million, at $1000 bucks a head comes to---plus now an additional $5 billion to the great lakes area (its coincidental that Mich, Ohio, Minn are all critically undecided as to which way they will vote, so promise some money , can't hurt right Obama?) The liberal democrats are against drilling for new oil, but I just can't see how taxing the oil companies tens of billions of dollars is gonna bring the price of oil down, or make us independent of foreign oil?.
The country currently running a huge deficit, can't see how Obama is gonna cut taxes either, why does he keep saying he will? Sorry I want an experienced leader as President, and not one that will just throw dollars at the problems and create ever more government bureaucracy.

For a Good Giggle, read the Huffington Post

As most all adults in the western world now know, the Presidential election of a U.S. President is underway. This election has brought out the contrast of the two parties. The Liberal Democrats, versus the Conservative Republicans.
In Particular this time around, The Liberals are kinda split some being much more left of the main stream of the country, others only moderately left.----As we all know, its the radical left that is in control of the Liberal Democrats. These radicals will settle for nothing less that the socialization of the country, goverment in total control of everything. Their shining star is Obama, "the one" as his groupies refer to him. He is everything a good leftist liberal should be. A graduate of a good ivy league school, who has good looks, dresses well, and makes charming speeches. He spent 8 years in the Illinois senate, where he astutely was careful not to alienate anybody, conversely voting "present" over half the time, while cultivating friendships with the powers that be that run the Chicago polictical machine. They got him elected as the junior senator from Illinoise in 2004. In the national assembly he has instigated no legislation of his own, but in all fairness in the four years he has been a National senator, he has spent two years running for president. (it would be an interesting total to know just how many hundreds of millions of dollars he has spent in the last two years on this endeavor.---does anyone know?)
On the conservative Republican Team. Senator John McCain, nominated a women Govenor to be his Vice Presidential selection. Gov. Sara Palin of Alaska, a definite outsider to the Washington DC elite. (Obama selected one of the longest residents of the Washington Senate, (some three decades he has served in the senate, definitely an "insider"to business as usual) Obama justified his choice of Joe Biden in that he wanted an exeperience person to turn to should he have to make any decisions, (obama not haveing much experience of his own).
Since the nomination of Sara Palin as the repuplicans nominee for the VP slot. The radical leftist liberals have been frothing at the mouth. First they gripped that she was there to grap the dissatisfied Hillary voters, then they bitched that she didn't attend any of the proper schools (namely ivy league schools), they they complained that she was a bad mother, parading her family at the Republican Convention the night she gave her acceptance speech. (like what women would NOT want her family present to see here accept such a great nomination, but in the leftist eyes this just wasn't done by "properly educated women". Then they espoused their dissatisfaction with her views on abortion , motherhood and just about anything else ya care to mention. This frothing of the mouths of the Leftist Liberal Democrats is hilarious, if it wasn't so sad, and so narrow minded. Like lemmings they quote each other as they run off the cliff. and then hearing the other leftists saying the same thing, actually believe the whole world is saying it----anyone NOT agreeing with them are either stupid, disgusting, or telling lies, and shouldn't be allowed to vote. If you don't believe this, you only have to read the Huffington Post, a bastion of the Leftist liberals who control the Leftist liberal Democratic party. This small radical sect actually believes that their opinions represent the majority opinion of the country----The most recent public opinion polls say otherwise. read what these radicals think of those that disagree with them, and why they HATE so much. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ Read what they expect and want---and remember if you don't go to an Ivy League school, then your a stupid and not worthy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Week To Go-----

We have another week to suffer through of reruns on TV, before the new fall season shows begin to make their appearance. I say begin , in that due to the writers strike last fall, new shows didn't get written on time, and were slower to be developed. As a result the premier of new shows begins in the last week of the month and dribble into mid October.
I suspect it will be chaos trying to figure out what to watch, seeing as The TV Guide Magazine is so erratic, they list half the programming as "local programing" which of course tells ya nothing, the silly magazine doesn't even tell ya the channel numbers anymore. Hard to believe this Magazine at one time was the largest subscribed to magazine in the country.
So in the absence of any publish TV program schedules, one will have to do a lot of channel surfing, stopping at the first show that shows any interest-----and making note of the time and channel we find them on---so we can ultimately build our own TV guide schedule program. The last couple new seasons have been something of a disappointment, to many shows with out good writing (aka reality shows), what good shows have come out, are scarred by waaay to many commercial breaks, which precludes any real interest in the plot lines.--but at least one can glean enough about them to decide if they are worth watching without the commercials, and if so---one rents them from Netflix when available----. I hated "Monk" on the TV, but found it quite good once the mind numbing commercials were cut out.
Only a few more days to go----to find out, or begin to find out if they have come up with any keepers this season-----I got 21 selections from netflix in my Que-----just in case.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ever since the introduction of the all to real "Hockey Mom" to the Republican ticket, the leftist liberal media as run amok. Again and again and again, one reads or hears how disgusted they are , how sick they are about The republican team of McCain/Palin. She didn't go to the right schools, she's a bad mother, he is flaunting his military Hero image. He was only 5th from the bottom of his graduating class. ALL republicans are trash, ignorant, the scum of the earth etc, etc etc.----
This instrumented wave of mass vitriol espoused by the leftist controlled Democratic Party, (notice Obama hasn't made any attempt to control his people, even encouraging it with his own cheap lipstick remark---and then pretending to be hurt that anybody could assume that he was talking about his opponents), tells me the Liberal socialistic mutterings by the democrats is not being bought by my fellow mainstream Americans, and the leftists vitriol is the screams of reality as they watch their candidate slowly sinking in the poles. Once again the the liberal socialistic dogma , (---if your poor ask for more ), is being rejected by the majority of Americans.
The Junior Senator from Ill., (elected to the senate in 2004)has spent almost two of the four years he has held the title of Senator, running for the office of the president-----(how many millions of dollars of the Democratic coffers has that cost?) I have lost track of the number of times he has flown out here to California to have Hollywood raise more money for his cause)---- He made the grand tour of Europe,(paying the way for 300 press people to take his picture and document his popularity with the French and German people) where he was able to wave at large crowds of people that had turned out for the rock concerts that had been arranged for, but he didn't have time to visit our wounded---- protesting the war is one thing, but snubbing the wounded?? sorry that's unforgivable in my book. -----and I believe mainstream America agrees with me -----so the louder the leftist liberal media scream and rant---the more mainstream American lines up for McCain/Palin----USA!! USA!! USA!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready or Not, Here I Come

I received a rather cryptic comment on my previous post, to the effect, "You have been Tagged!!" My first immediate reaction to reading that comment was , oh my goodness my computer has somehow been infected with a virus---but I quickly ascertained that no, my computer was functioning just fine. I then went about my normal routine, checking the news of the day, then turning to my list of daily read blog sites (you see the list of them on my sidebar to the right--(warning not all of these listed blogs are "to the right")

I finally linked into MRMacrum's "Life In The Bozone"----and reading his latest post , the cryptic comment was made clear----I had been tagged with a Meme. (clap my hands and verbally yell "OOOOH YEAH!!"). Some bloggers think memes are a pain in the butt, and complain bitterly about them. Others, myself included, enjoy memes, and feel kinda warm and toasty when one of my online friends lays one on me----ya all know how little preschool kids when they like ya will hit ya?---well its kinda like that. ----So-o-o, there is only one thing one can do with a Meme----play it as it lays, and pass it on (those that follow my blog are already getting nervous as they know that one of the major attributes of any good meme is , it is mandatory to pass it on to others, so as Telly Savales might say, "Guess who loves ya baby!!?"


1. Where was I ten years ago?

Ten years ago today (Sept. 12th, 1998) I was right here where I am right now. Living in the same house, pretty much doing the same stuff today that I did then. Ten years back the address read Van Nuys, Ca. whereas today its Valley Glen, Ca. (Only the names of the town have changed, but otherwise its the same warm wonderful zip code ).

2. What was on my To Do list today?

Being a senior sort of person, I don't carry around a day planner and create and follow formal "To Do lists". My life is somewhat more under control and my mental state such that I can usually remember what needs to be done on a given day. Today being a Friday, I don't have to go to the grocery store, I don't have to do fluff n fold (did that yesterday on Thursday---and for what that's worth it went well, but I digress) I don't have to figure out what is for dinner tonight, (Its the LP's call---The LP sets the evening menus for Tues, Wed, Friday and Sunday's, whereas I get that fun chore the other nights of the week) The only think I HAVE to do is Cook the evening meal. (once the LP tells me what it is to be). Some might say I have to stay in the house and be on the alert to any medical emergency the LP might have, but I don't think of that as being Mandatory---so much as well that's just a part of being together. Too, one might say I HAVE to read all my blogger friends posts, lay down comments on each and every one, have to post something new on my own blog------but again those are not mandatory things, those things come under the heading of having hobbies, having friends, and if I do or don't on a given day, the world doesn't come crashing down---in short not mandatory.

3. What would I do if I were a billionaire?

I read this question and almost immediately in my mind flash on the song from "High Society" sung by Celeste Home and Frank Sinatra, the lyrics going, "Who wants to be a millionaire??---I Do,----with flashy flunkies everywhere?---I do!!------. As my buddy MRMacrum answered this question and I quote, "Well duh. Spend it" I know I am suppose to put out a more detailed how would I spend it kinda answer---okaaay. Well initially I would be rather totally self absorbed and selfish, buy up some huge amount of acreage, build me MY version of "Hearst's Castle", and then I would go about doing what I could to bring about world peace and elimination of poverty.

4. Five places I've lived:

Its a vicious rumor that my parents were gypsies----but it is true we did move a lot. I was born in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania (it was a tuesday if memory serves). Since then I have lived in Gary, In., Fontana, Ca., Pueblo, Co., Sault Ste, Marie, Ont. Can., Boulder, Co., Ft Riley in Junction City Ka. (a bunch of addresses while in the army--including foreign duty stations in Okinawa, and El Paso, Tx.), Reseda, Ca., Colorado Springs, Co., Woodland Hills, Ca., and since 1981 have been residing here on the same block of Matilija ave, here in Valley Glen, which used to be a part of Van Nuys, Ca.,------guess I over killed on my answer, sorry about that.

5. Bad habits:

This kind of question calls upon an individuals honesty and integrity to answer ----I guess I could plead the 5th amendment here---but then everyone would conclude I am hiding something----and actually although I am not perfect, I like to think I am, so admitting my flaws really hurts me, yet I do want to answer honestly. (sigh, whats a boy to do??) Okaaaay, I have a really bad habit of eating to fast, giving the impression that I am afraid somebody is going to steal my plate before I can eat it. Invariably this leaves me with an empty plate while others around me are only half done----it does get me to the head of the line for seconds.---it also 8 times outta 10 has me reaching for the Rolaids a bit later. I also have a bad habit of leaping to conclusions before someone talking to me finishes their remarks and begin a mental position of how I am going to respond to their remarks and while doing so fail to hear the rest of their remarks, which ultimately completely changes what I had assumed they were going to say---(you may recall the hilarious comic routine the late Gilda Radner did----expressing an argument about something she THOUGHT had been said only to hear the speaker had said something else---and once it was made clear to her---she would announce, "oooh??---nevermind". I can relate to that skit and being in that position, she must have had me in m ind when she wrote it. But enough about my flaws (my ego can't handle anymore true confessions today) .

Now of course to complete my participation in this "Tag YOUR IT" meme, is to tag five others , and alert them that they have been tagged and the bloggosphere is holding its breath to hear their answers-----and the winners are--??--- Sue, Bonnie, Rose Patti and Tish. I have linked their names to their Blog Pages so that dear readers you can explore their sites and judge for yourself the nature of these fun people.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joe Admits It!!

I was driving to my weekly rondevous with the Fluff N Fold Palace, when I first heard it on the truck radio. I guess it kinda caught me by surprise, and yet when I think about it I guess I shouldn't have been. Barack's selected running mate for Vice President, confessed in a public speech that Hillary would have been a better choice for VP.
Senator Biden, who is a professional  politician , having convinced his home state to elect him over and over and over----now less than two weeks after the Republicans finished their convention---Biden is already telling the public that Barack made a not so good decision in selecting him, when Hillary was so available. Now why would he make such a statement in Public at this juncture of the final days of the campaign?
This old dude, suspects that the wiley old Politician that Joe Biden is---is that he recognizes Barack really doesn't have the heart for politics, that he isn't going to win come November---Biden wants to survive the train wreck of the Barack express---so what is he doing? He is publically distancing himself from Barack, buttering up Hillary, and putting himself in as good a position to get re-elected to the senate, and still be a good Donk when it comes to the campaign of 2012. I think too, he is doing his best to set the stage so come the VP debate , he only gets mauled a little bit and comes out of it with his reputation not to badly ripped up.
How totally destroyed is the Obama game plan?----you got the top of the leftist Democrat ticket personally slurring the number two person of the opposing ticket----its like a little kid working himself into a total hissyfit----imbarrassing himself, and his handlers. I have to admit the total disinigration of the Obama game plan coming so fast, that I am somewhat surprised, I knew it was all smoke and mirrors, ----but I would never have guess that an educated at Haavard sort, would allow himself to be reduced to uttering slurs ----but then we all knew he does not have the experience to be president-------snubbing our wounded troops in the hospital, and grand standing with the heads of states offering a better photo opt.---He lost my vote right there. He showed the world he was for Obama, not for the USA.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama and "Foot in Mouth" disease

When it comes to reading a teleprompter and giving a written and prepared speech, Barack , the junior senator from Ill, who would be president, is excellent. However, when not given a script to read and needing to think on his feet----he has a tendency to not be so glib. Yesterday, thinking on his own---even his leftist handlers would not have approved of his remarks, me insinuated that Gov. Palin was a pig----talk about foot in mouth???
Since the selection and nomination of Gov. Palin, as Senator McCains running mate---women and independent registerred voters have been pouring over to support the Repubs nominees for President and vice president. I am sure Barack is well aware of this loss of support that he had previously felt he had. The kid from Haavard, his elite education, all the support of the leftist liberal media, a year and a half running all over the country making speeches, making himself "the one", crowning it with his grand tour of Europe, (paying for 300 members of the elistist leftist liberal press to go along with him to document how much Europe loved him. the polls here in the USA showing him to be leading by several percentage points in the race for the Presidency. It is my opinion this period of time will show this is where his Candidacy reach its High Water mark.
He spurned a visit to the American wounded, preferring instead to bath in the large crowds of foreigners applauding his appearance (they're way of thanking him for the popular rock concerts that his handlers scheduled to guarantee big crowds). (He lost MY respect and vote with that decision alone---and he still hasn't bothered to offer an apology for the insult to our wounded)
Then of course we all know about his relations with the Clinton's and how he manipulated the convention and ended up choosing the old man of the senate Joe Biden (which didn't sit to well with the Hillary people)
Then John McCain selected for his running mate a women, Gov. Sara Palin from Alaska, who electrified the whole political spectrum with here acceptance speech----between the Republicans putting a women on their ticket, one not approved of by the old guard feminists ruled by Gloria Steinem, and everyone seeing and hearing how a conservative women, managed to raise a family, combine it with a career, and now running for Vice President of the country----well the leftist liberal media has become totally unglued----women voters, independent voters , and the undecided voters are now flocking to the McCain/Palin ticket. This is not just an opinion, this is a fact----Obama and the leftist liberal media are shocked and stunned. They have managed through they're excess trashing of Gov. Palin---awakened the silent majority----.
People don't much like being told, that if they didn't go to one of the big ivy league schools that we are just trash, and to ignorant to be allowed to vote. How could a person ,educated at Haavard, be so stupid as to tell "lipstick jokes" , after Palin's speech----maybe the price of a Haavard education needs to be reviewed?

Monday, September 8, 2008


All in all, over the last couple decades, both of our major political parties have drifted from their base positions. This drift of both parties has resulted in a blurring of what they stand for, and as a result the vast majority of voters have come to believe there is no real difference between the two.------and we have seen this result in fewer and fewer of the eligible voters actually voting.
This year, 2008, has seen Senator Obama, a relatively new face on the National scene, work up a large following (his presidential campaign having begun waaay back on Feb. 1oth, 2007) and having the race pretty much all to himself til this year. Only then did he begin to get some competition for attention from others, namely Senator Clinton-----She gathered more popular votes, but Obama got the electoral votes ---and as we all know finally forced Hillary to give up, using a running argument that her obstinacy was dividing the party. (My own opinion of Obama's victory in getting the Democratic nomination for President, was that he was a fresh face, minimal experience, and he is one excellent orator---give him time to prepare a speech put him in front of a teleprompter and this guy could charm the birds outta the trees. (his followers started calling him "The One".
The republicans had a much quieter lead up to their convention, pretty much agreeing on John McCain early in the primaries, he world more excited watching the antics of Barrack and Hillary. The general public attitude was in a contest between John McCain and Barrack Obama, that Obama had the momentum and would most likely be the next president.
Barrack, who had been centering his campaign around the point that he would bring change to Washington , was getting hit hard on his lack of any real executive experience, so to shore up his standings with the public he had Joe Biden nominated as his VP. Two things resulted, the public perceived that Barrack was kinda admitting he lacked experience by adding the longest resident of the Senate in the History of the country to be his VP. and the the other thing is, by not nominating Hillary , enraging the entire left wing of his party (Gloria Steinem and such---) much ado in the media about the disenchantment of many women voters and speculation on how many might just vote for McCain .
Then McCain announced his selection of VP, Gov. Sara Palin of Alaska. The leftist, liberal media went berserk. They accused the Repubs of trying to appeal to the disenchanted Hillary supporters, they mocked Sara for being a Mayor of such a small town, they pointed out she had a pregnant unwed daughter, they ridiculed her "none ivy league" school , that she was govenor of Alaska, so what, the population of Alaska was-----hardly cosmopolitan. and oh my goodness her political opponents referred to her as a hockey mom disguised pit bull. This went on for almost four days, but then the public got to see and meet the Real Sara Palin as she gave her acceptance Speech on Aug 27th, 2008.
----------The Democrats immediately went into a defensive crouch---and like Willy Brown , a long time democratic political genious in California admitted, "We are now playing defense and we (democrats) don't do well on defense---we lose when we have to explain our programs --"

Today its announced that in the latest polls, 52 percent will vote for McCain/Palin, 46 percent Obama/Biden------Me Thinks Senator Obama is really regretting not spending time with the wounded troops on his grand European tour with 300 press people (by the way the democratic party paid for that trip)---it may well turn out that that was the High point of the Jr. Senator from Illinois run for the Presidency.
It would seem the vicious tasteless attacks of Gov. Palin, from the leftist liberal elite have woke up the silent majority------I don't think Senator Obama and his running mate will be able to satisfactorily explain their programs of change and the resulting bigger government ---what with now being so totally identified as being promoted by the leftist liberal establishment.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Passing On The Love

A few days ago my dear on line friend Missy, was most kind enough to give me an award. She presented me with her "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award. I am totally pleased that she has given me this honor, and I have placed it in the upper right corner of my page.
     The award, created by Missy comes in two colors , and so the recipient has the choice of claiming which one they prefer.  (one merely has to click on the one they like, and save to their computer and then at their liesure can place it on their blog page.

Now its my turn to pass this award on to five more worthy recipients. I see that Missy has blessed a few of our friends in common with this fine award so I am applauding her choices and doing my best not to duplicate----I wish to award the "I love Your Blog" to "Hello Birdy", Ramblin with Roger, Lost In The Bozone, Art Glehen, and last but not least Joyce.  If you havn't already clicked on their links on my page and checked out their pages, you should do so.  Each and everyone of them are winners in their own way.

Just copy the icon above of your choice and place it on your blog (if ya care to, its not mandatory), and they ya might want to give some thought as to who ya might wish to pass the "love" to----THANKS AGAIN MISSY----.

Gloria and the Donks

Today I see the Feminist Gloria Steinem has a piece out dissing the Republicans VP candidate, Gov. Sara Palin. That Gloria is not happy with Gov. Palin is of course no surprise, after all She showed up at the republican convention wearing a skirt----and Gloria ,co-founder of Ms. , THE feminist Magazine and the arbiter of just who is and who isn't a proper feminist, couldn't NOT let it be.

In her diss of Gov. Palin, Gloria went off on one of her own personal rants regarding HER concept of what Feminists are all about. and made the following conclusive statement,

"---- American women, who suffer more because of having two full-time jobs than from any other single injustice, finally have support on a national stage from male leaders who know that women can't be equal outside the home until men are equal in it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are campaigning on their belief that men should be, can be and want to be at home for their children."

I have read that statement a number of times and I have to say, not once have I ever got that impression of "Brick" or Joe.  I mean in all of the many bills Obama has introduced in the state senate of Illinoise, or in the last four years in the National Senate---not one of his bills talks to that conclusion reached by Gloria.  Now I say that , because I think it really underlines how out of touch Gloria is with todays Modern American Women---which I do believe is very much illustrated today by the example of Gov. Sara Palin.

In this forthcoming national election I think for the first time American Women are being offerred a choice, --do they want as their representative, reflected by a Ivy League educated, proper membership in the just right social organizations (just ask Gloria for the list---they will me mostly centered in the NewYork/Boston area---anything located west of there is ---well just not cosmopolitan enough)-----OR is todays women , a hockey mom, PTA member, raising a family, and holding down a job as well.?? 

That question is keeping both parties in a tizzy------and regardless of which party wins the election, I think what we are seeing is the death knell of the old line Feminist movement  and the onset of a womens movement that  is for partnership, and not the old  "us versus them" school represented by Gloria and the original founders of the feminist movement.------time will tell.  Right now  Gov. Palin is drawing monster crowds.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Reading The Opposition

I have immersed myself in reading what the Liberals have to say since Gov. Palin has hit the scene, and really try to understand they're arguments. The main arguments they seem to have are that she didn't go to a big name school, lived in a a very small town, dared to allow her family to come to the convention and watch "Mom" accept the nomination for Vice President of the entire country---on the other hand I may have that wrong---and the Liberals are angry that she (Gov. Palin) is PROUD of her family.
Then two the leftists (nee liberals) have gone on and on and on trying to convince themselves that their boy from Haavard has more experience than Gov. Palin. (and at the same time trying to convince the world that Gov. Palin doesn't have enough experience to be Vice President---the way all the comments read, sounds like half of the liberal feminists had to go lay down for a couple days as they were just "sick" over her speech, and the other half kept trying to tell themselves that the nomination of Gov. Palin to the VP candidacy, was nothing less than the repubs (thats what they call people who are republicans) starting a culture war. Deep down inside these elitists believe that if ya didn't graduate from an Ivy league school, then you can't possibly be cultured enough to run for high office. (kinda insults an awful lot of working moms I would think)-----they hear that talk, then look at Gov. Palin's actual accomplishments---proving it can be done---one doesn't have to go to the just right schools, and join just the right organizations, and marry a man with big connections, to get ahead---).
It seems in the Liberal Party (aka Democrats), they have Men and Feminists. Whereas in the Conservative Party (aka Republicans), they have Men and Women.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Watched and We were WOWed!!

Last night the Country got to meet Sarah Palin-----and HELLO!! A new star is born. For four days the leftist elitist media looked down on her, comparing her small town to being hicksville, they painted her daughter as being some dumb kid who was pregnant to spite her Mothers doing her best to teach her abstinence (like anyone know a teenager that does what his parents say without a major argument?), they vilified her beliefs, laughed at her experience and in general laughed at her------.
Well after last nights speech----nobody on the left is laughing anymore----they are absolutely terrified, this woman (Sara Palin) is the liberal leftists worst nightmare. A woman that has raised a family, just like every other married woman has. She has also has a career. She is the epitome of what most all women would love to be in spite of the political views.
Women who have been life long Pro Abortion as well as Pro Life---both agree, Sara Palin has the best chance of someday being President of the United States, and having heard her speech last night---are both in her camp, their abortion differences laid aside. The Liberal left has done more than unite the Conservative right wing of the Republican party----they have pissed off every adult female in the country with their overhanded attempts at Trashing Sara Palin. Who is going to defend the Elitist Liberal left now?
Last night, Sara Palin knocked on right out of the Ballpark---and is the epitome of the song lyric, --"I am Woman Hear ME Roar---what we got here is a living breathing Hockey Mom, independent thinker, -----the woman next door that everyone can relate to and understand---and she speaks out with good old American plain talk---not that six syllable Haavard elitist crap.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tonight at the Republican convention, Gov. Palin, will address the convention, not to mention the entire United States and I am sure most of the rest of the world.. Since the announcement by John McCain, that he has nominated her as his running mate, I have watched the leftist media, literally froth at the mouth, stunned, almost in a total panic, unable to decide how to deal with her reality. A self proclaimed "Hockey Mom", but one who has also been a Mayor of a small town, but worked her way up through the political ranks, and got herself elected Governor, as a Mayor, got things done for her town, as Governor weeded out the corruption when she found it, got property taxes lowered (not a politician that nobly speaks of doing such things ---but doing them.
The liberals don't get it---THEY THINK, she was nominated to garner the votes of the unhappy Hillary women (the donks believe that women stick together and vote for each other I guess), but NO, that's not why she was selected? She was selected because she has a track record of getting things done, regardless of which party she is dealing with, its just happens to be a fact that she is a women , a hockey mom, and a proud member of the NRA----In short she is the Liberal leftists Boogyman-----
Tonight she addresses the Republican convention as the nominee for Vice President of the Richest, most powerful, most open democracy in the history of the world---and the entire country, and the world will listen to her speech----listen to the "USA" chants ----tonight I think will be most interesting for us all----regardless of party affiliation---Damn I love the USA.