Wednesday, November 30, 2011

QUIRKS (not to be confused with quarks)

     If you pay any attention at all, you no doubt have seen some pretty odd behavior habits of people around ya.   I think each of us no doubt has habits that we never even think about.
     I was out for my morning eggs, toast and coffee at my regular haunt here int good old Temecula, and got to watching the people around me, in particular was watching how they stirred their coffee (or Tea).  I soon enough learned not all people stir their coffee the same way.
     Basically their are those that stir their coffee clockwise, another bunch counter clockwise.  You would think that would be pretty much everyone, but wait----I found some who agitated their drinks with a back and forth motion, others doing figure eights with their spoons.   I even saw one young man slapping his coffee with a spoon not unlike a lil kid playing in a puddle of water, but then he had that dazed look in his eye and I was fairly certain he was coming off a binge of some kind and still not back to earth.
     Then not satisfied to just observe all the variations of coffee stirring, I got to noticing the types of people stirring in a particular manner----but thats a whole different blog for a later time.  lol

What goes around-----comes around

Don't get over-heated, but I have been thinking about getting back into blog posting---its been acouple years since I last blogged---finding it a bit scary.  However me thinks I can remember how to go about it.    
    what do you think?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Twas A Terrible Job---

Some number of hours ago I posted a bit about my current trial and tribulation, well this is the sequel-----I had to go to three different stores to acquire a box, of some equitable size to accommodate the gift.  Believe it or not I found what I needed at Fed Ex Kinko's.   Then of course I just HAD to have wrapping paper, and plain brown wouldn't cut it, so off to other stores, where I found wrappings that pleased my sensibilites , and a third store for a card to go with the gift.   Then of course I dashed home to DO the wrapping.

I most definitely miss the lil Princes talents in the sphere of gift wrapping-----this is the first year I have had to wrap gifts in over a decade, and unfortunately the end result definitely shows my lack of skill in that arena..  However I finally got the job done , and I don't know the name of the saint that invented scotch tape, but BLESS YOU, whoever you are.  It was a terrible job, but somebody had to do it!!  Just remember Alexi, years  from now when you look back and talk of this occasion------and you will----be kind.

Now all I have to do is decide what to wear-----hmmm, maybe I should do laundry now that I think about it? ((sigh, it just never stops does it?)

Trials and oh yeah tribulations too

I hate it when things are out of whack, off balanced, spinning out of control.-----can make a guy nauseous. So, whats bugging the old dude you might ask? Well as most of you all know, tomorrow is Alexi and Phil's engagement gala. (Gala, meaning a frantic gathering held in the afternoon, as compared to a Blast, which is of course a frantic gathering held in the evenings), but I digress-----my problem, which isn't really a problem so much as just a trial---hmmm, maybe its a tribulation, or some combination of those two things together, ----is I have acquired a nice little gift for the occasion, but the proprietorship from which I got the gift did not have a suitable box in which to put it----so I brought the bag home, and now its Friday and I have yet to find a suitable container in which to insert the gift, and whats really bugging me is once I DO find the right box------I will have to wrap it in some festive manner for the occasion, and oh yeah, guess a card would be a nice touch too. So will leave off blogging (I no longer have sufficient time to procrastinate resolving the above conflict)------and throw myself out into the world in search of appropriate solutions. TTFN (THATS TAA-TAA FOR NOW)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guess Its Been Awhle huh?

Sunday last, I waggled myself an invite to dinner up at Pete & Judi's. I say I waggled the invite in that I called to check in and see how things were going, and during the course of the chit chat alluded to how I was doing nothing, and everything was pretty much same-o, same-o, and of course Judi being the big hearted soul she is suggested , if I were of a mind to, that I should come over for dinner, which I of course accepted. I of course was aware that "The Joyce" was in town visiting, and accepting the dinner invite allowed me the pleasure of visiting and saying howdy.
Dinner was More than adequate, and I put a small dent in my Nephew's beer supply, he still is able to act normal and smiles----the full impact of his daughter Alexi's wedding in July has yet to sink in.
After arriving and the first wave of up dating chit-chat, Pete and Judi took us over to their neighbors, who are naturalists, and big on animal rescue-----their forte is Raccoons, at the time of our visit they were housing no less than 40 odd of the little buggers, nursing them back to health and ultimately to be released back into the wilds. Ken has gone to much expense and labor and has built a small zoo like complex to house them, and he and his wife keep the place immaculate. His wife had previously worked at one of the large groceries, and now she visits them a couple days a week and they give here all the produce that can no longer be sold, but that is still good, and the little raccoons are fed quite well, melons, banana's, grapes, celery, hot dogs, and I sort of envied them as we watched them eating. I didn,t have my camera with me, but perhaps Judi can supply some pics of the raccoon house in the future.
Prior to making my exit for home later, I invited Joyce , Pete and Judi to dinner Wednesday night, at the local Indian Casino, Pachanga-----which should prove to be a fun evening. I am looking forward to it.
Next Saturday, Oct. 3rd, is Pete and Judi's engagement party for their Daughter Alexi and her husband to be Phil----a small intimate gathering of around 80 people. THAT should prove to be entertaining.
Guess that's all I have to blog on for now----"The Joyce", kinda lectured me how selfish I have been by not blogging so guess I will have to endeavor to amend my ways and input with more frequency.