Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Is It Soup Yet?"

     This being a Presidential election year, its a real hoot watching the herd of reporters all trying to be first with a story on the political scene.  There are only a few news networks, all the others just pass on whatever they are saying---thats why nobody can take politics seriously anymore---its all just a publicity circus.  Who can bad mouth the other guy the bestest.----The rest of the world laughs itself sick over our elections.
      Take Obama for example---that guy has been running for president since he made the inaugural speech for Clinton.  "They" saw the potential in him even then.  How he was photogenic, young, a new face---better yet he was a guy that would listen to his handlers, and not give em a bunch of static. (watch him zig left and right to get the best public opinion poll for that week)
     Then there is McCain, "They" had to make a decision, but it was hard to make as they had to find out first, who he was gonna run against-- and it took forever for the Donks to decide who they wanted to run, once that was decicded then "They" opted to go with McCain, (maybe next time Huckabee), rather than a younger newer face in the crowd, that way it would allow the game to present itself as a choice, "Old" versus "New". 
     So here we go sportsfans----just remember, not fair to ask the candidates any tough questions, like, what do we do about the Social Security system going broke?  "Did we have 3000 plus of our military get killed in Iraq, and now should we just pull the rest home and pretend its a victory?  or just pull them out of Iraq and  move them to Ahganistan, and sell it as "change"?  No fair asking about energy programs, as nobody wants our beaches destroyed with offshore drilling, or refinererines in OUR backyards.  Don't ask them questions about how they might stop americans from buying less costly goods from China rather than the expensive equivalents produced by our fellow citizens.  and no questions allowed about why people were so dumb as to allow themselves to be sold the idea of buying houses they couldn't afford  and lets blame the greedy banks for that. ----anyway, you get the drift. keep the questions simple, so he candidates can lob in their 30 second sound bites for the evening news---and lets enjoy the tongue in cheek negative political ads that make it possible for the media to bring us the cheap, no name actors, reality crap they give us .
    Its the "Donks" turn-----will he blow it ---that berlin decision not to visit our troops wasn't good?? (see where the defense minister of Iraq visited our wounded??)

"A Gentlemen's Box"---circa 1865 - 1880

I imagine in anyone one individual's abode one has what one might call collectible antiques.  It occurred to me while chatting on line with Missy , that I should blog about what might be the oldest antique in our house here.  I of course consulted withe the Little Prince (LP), as he is the castle historian and keeper of all knowledge , and twas he who nominated what you see here.  "A Gentlemen's Box" all the rage back in 1865-1880 London, England.  In that era when a gentlemen travelled he would have his box readily available whereever he stopped over, be it at some friend's country house for the weekend or on safari, in darkest Africa.  In the picture you see the box.  Hand made and signed by "CRAFTON" its maker.  Enclosed in the box one finds four (4) English hand cut-crystal  bottles with matching stoppers.   I apologize for the poor pictures but have yet to learn how to do good close ups, and make better use of the flash.  The box as you can see is sitting on my dining room table, with the brocade tapestry runner---I put it there for picture taking as I thought it would show better.

In anycase its one of the antiques we got here , not counting the owner ha ha.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Bit About Me----Nine Layers

Wayne John  threw out his post "A little bit about me" and I figured if he could , then so could I---so here are MY nine layers:


  1. Name:  Gary
  2. Birth date:  April 28, 1937, a few minutes after midnight, (there is a story there, but another time)
  3. Birthplace:  Belle Vernon, Pa. (a small town on the Monongehela river about a hour from Pittsburg)
  4. Current Location:  Valley Glen, a suburb of Metropolitan Los Angeles, California.
  5. Eye Color: --Hazel  (thats a mix of blue/green which changes depending on how we feel and what colors we happen to be wearing that day.
  6. Hair Color: Use to be light brown, now its mostly grey
  7. Height: 6-2"
  8. Righty or Lefty:  Right handed, and I dress that way also, for what thats worth
  9. Zodiac Sign:  Taurus---save time, agree with me now.

  1. Your heritage: My family has lived in these United states since at least 1839, (thats BEFORE Ellis Island), but according to my father, when I had to get a passport to imigrate to Canada, we put down Welsh/German as our heritage---if thats true, it had to have been before 1839-----no records
  2. The shoes you wore today:  K-SWISS sneakers
  3. Your weakness: Gambling, I just love blackjack---also like to drink, needless to say the two don't mix, otherwise I would be a rich drunk.
  4. Your fears: Being poor and ending up on the dole
  5. Your perfect pizza:  Thin crust Combination (hold the anchovies)
  6. Goal you’d like to achieve:  I have two goals, (1) pay off my two credit cards, and (2) earn a buck with my blog.  Its gonna be a neck and neck race to see which of the above I accomplish first.


  1. Your most overused phrase on AIM: LOL, guess that would be "Wuz UP?"
  2. Your first waking thoughts:  "Do I really wanna get up or no?" (being retired I have that option)
  3. Your best physical feature:  My best?? gee I have so many, but if I have to pick one, guess it would be my relaxed confident but non-aggressive air. (I'm non-threatening--like most old dudes)
  4. What you miss the most: --guess its looking back and recognizing missed opportunites, that won't come my way again.

  1. Pepsi or Coke:  Definitely Coke  (that was when you could actually blind folded taste the difference between the two-----not like todays bland colas.
  2. McDonald’s or Burger King:  Neither, I'm an "In&Out" afficionado
  3. Single or group dates:  At 71 going out is a real treat, and I don't put restrictions on if its single or group----it could easily be the last outing---and wouldn't want to miss it.
  4. Adidas or Nike:  Not a brand junkie here---all I want is a plain white canvas sneaker
  5. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: If I am going to drink Tea, then I want real tea, neither Lipton or Nestea sells real tea-----next time ya go to the store look for Twinings (Earle Grey).
  6. Chocolate or vanilla:  If I have to choose between just these two flavors of Ice cream then its Chocolate--if it's served with Pie or Cake, then of course would want Vanilla (french vanilla preferred)

  1. Smoke?: Not since Jan 1,2008---or 27lbs ago
  2. Cuss?:  I do, but I do my best to save it for appropriate occasions, when my regular vocabulary just doesn't describe things right.
  3. Sing?:  Not very well, and only in the shower
  4. Take a shower everyday?:  Yes, I love to sing
  5. Do you think you’ve been in love?: Love comes on many levels, my answer here is YES
  6. Want to go to college: Been there done that, and not very well--its super if your only into one subject, and want to learn that subject, us seniors love specializing on things.
  7. Liked high school?:  Which one, I went to three different highschools, graduated from Pueblo,Colorado, Central High---"GO WILDCATS"
  8. Want to get married?:  Being 71, and being Gay, the question is kinda irrelevant---A man commits to his partner----he's married------if in his mind he's not committed, then there is no marriage---to have a legal document is superfulous----except for tax purposes , but that right is denied Gays.
  9. Believe in yourself:  Always, if I did something right, it was me, if I ended up on the short end of the stick--twas also me-----I take all the credit---all the bows and yes all the blame.
  10. AlwaysGet motion sickness:  Not always, but spin me around long enough I am sure I can upchuck with the best of em.
  11. Think you’re attractive: Hell yeah, ---I clean up damn good.
  12. Think you’re a health freak:  No
  13. Get along with your parent(s): Not as a teenager, but since then got along pretty damn good, unfortunately  lost my parents a number of years back (its the natural order of things)
  14. Like thunderstorms: Love a good thunder and lightning storm--if I am properly grounded of course.
  15. Play an instrument:  No.
LAYER SIX: In the past month…

  1. Drank Alcohol: Oh yeah...
  2. Smoked: No, want to yes, but  I quit 1/1/08
  3. Done a drug:  Nope, drugs are for losers
  4. Made out:  (yes---oh yeah life doesn't end at 70)
  5. Gone on a date?: No (meeting a group of friends socially doesn't constitute a date right?)
  6. Gone to the mall: Yes
  7. Eaten an entire box of Oreos:  I ate a cookie a while back, not sure if it was an oreo, but definitely not a whole box.
  8. Eaten sushi:  Eat raw fish? not yesterday, not today and not tomorrow
  9. Been on stage: Not since the 3rd grade when I played the minor role as one of six, "Ice Men" to the "Snow Maiden" in some Xmas Play, the Snow Maiden was the star and Sang "Ave Maria". I had no speaking lines----I fired my agent, and gave up show biz.
  10. Been dumped: No
  11. Gone skating: Yes, both roller skating and Ice skating---all I can say I was your basic 6'-2" lovable Klutz.
  12. Made homemade cookies:  Yes, the ever popular Chocolate Chip---they were edible, but my Grandmother would have laughed herself sick. (I don't want to talk about it anymore)
  13. Gone skinny dipping: yes
  14. Dyed your hair: Yes, was a senior in HS, bleached the long sides, which I combed back into a great Ducktail, ---the gang loved it, my father did not. (graduated from HS 1955, twas truly "Happy Days"
  15. Stolen anything:  yes, ---you surely don't expect details of that?

  1. Played a game that required removal of clothing, and if so, was it mixed company:  Yes, a number of times, and no wasn't always mixed company.
  2. Been trashed or extremely intoxicated?: Oh yeah...many times---acouple five I don't even remember.
  3. Been caught “doing something”?: Yes---but I aint gonna give ya the gory details
  4. Been called a tease?:  No
  5. Gotten beaten up?: No, what part of my being 6'2" 185# confused ya?---no actually was smart enough not to get involved in situations that might have resulted in my being beat up---.
  6. Shoplifted?: Yes, I was one light fingered kid in grade school--but as they say, could see crime didn't pay, so gave it up.
  7. Changed who you were just to fit in?: No, I always looked for the crowd I was welcomed to as I was---and I'm still looking for it.

  1. Age you hope to be married?: No plans to ever be married
  2. Numbers and Names of Children?: No children here
  3. Describe your Dream Wedding?:  (see answer to question 1 above in this section)
  4. How do you want to die?: "Want to die" is an oxymoron--but to answer the question, --very very fast.
  5. Where you want to go to college?:  been there, done THAT, (The University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado----check it out---great location, great climate----if it had a beach would be the best party school ever.
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up?:  Aw jeez, I'm 71 and still getting asked this question---okayy, would ya believe "Peter Pan"? how about "Dorian Grey"?
  7. What country would you most like to visit?: It would be a toss up between Austrailia and New Zealand----.

  1. Number of people I could trust with my life?: 2, maybe only one
  2. Number of CDs that I own?:  If you count the CD's of computer programs, I guess around 40-50
  3. Number of piercings?:  None, au naturale here
  4. Number of tattoos?: None, not into body art, I get enough attention as I am
  5. Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: My name being Gary Gilmore, have lost count years ago, then the movie came out-----course that wasn't me, just the name.
  6. Number of scars on my body?: three (none of them appendix related)
  7. Number of things in my past that I regret?:  In hindsight now know several opportunities were presented to me---and my decisions made at the time I would sorely love to have changed, but then I would have missed what I did experience in my life---not all that sure I my regrets are that deep.
Anyway thats MY Nine layers, and I hope Wayne you are not all that dissappointed in my answers..  If anybody else wants to do the nine layers be by guest.

How Often To Post?

I have no real life, so I have lots of real time in which to expound my thoughts here in my blog. As such its been my pattern to post new "thoughts", several times a day, if one looks at my archive totals you can quickly see I am "posting" on average 2 or three times a day. I can also confess than many of my postings are pretty mundane, and probably of little interest to many readers---Ha! like I have many readers----(sigh).
That is exactly why I am asking the question, can a person post to often? My thinking is if a person comes to my blog and wants to read , he will, and if he doesn't he won't---so it doesn't matter if I post frequently----but I know if I go visit a blog and there is nothing new on it---then I have no real reason to go back to it-----whats a blogger to do?

Gary (aka Old dude)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Everybody Has GPS

I'm laughing as my Niece Tish, commented on my JPL post, to the effect, she wondered why I left in the direction I had gone. SHE and her boy friend Carl had GPS in the Lincoln they were riding in.--my little Chevy compact rental did not. I am as the road goes about 22-23 miles from home, its broad daylight, its like 4:30PM in the afternoon---I am fairly good at figuring out which is west, north, south and oh yeah easterly directions.. To go home was a simple matter of reversing the directions that had got me where I was right? SO I waved goodbye to Tish and Carl and took off on my return to home base---in hindsight, this was not a bad plan , the problem was in executing it---in short the enemy was "us".
In Hindsight, while eating dinner with Tish and Carl, KNOWING they had GPS, KNOWING that they like me had to go south from where we are, which would bring me to to the correct turn off at the freeway interchange---I did the infamous macho thing (real men don't ask directions---) and boldly return to the route that I was familiar with ---except couldn't find the way to get back on the freeway going in the return direction---thank goodness it was daylight,could tell from the position of the Sun, not to mention I sure as hell don't recognize the exits from the freeway, which told me I was going in the wrong direction, I had gotten on the wrong freeway---well I finally figured it all out , I did get back to Van Nuys, and check my rental in before 6PM,and made it home. My Niece Tish I am sure is convince I now suffer from Dementia, senility and can't be left alone---relax Tish, now you understand how I feel every time you get lost coming to my place, how many times has that occurred now--four, five??? The main thing is we do manage to get together------and we both laugh at the tourists who don't know the territory----YEAHH,RIGHTTTTTT!!

We Had an Earthquake and I didn't even get a t-shirt

Just before noon today Southern California experienced a good size earthquake. The center of it was In the Chino Hills, and I guess about 8 miles underground. It was measured at 5.4 on the Richter scale, and lasted a 50-60 seconds. It was like riding a roller coaster, once past my initial panic, shut down the computer---incorrectly, but I wanted to get off line before we saw a power surge, and also I wanted to move away from the living room floor to ceiling windows next to my computer station----but then it was over, and ran in to check on the LP in the den, he was already watching some TV station and getting information, like where how big etc, etc, etc..
I did notice it was big enough to slosh water out of the pool (pretty sure pools are not noted for their white cap waves). Other than shaken nerves no damage here. Better yet friends and relatives that live much closer to the epicenter all reported they were okay, ---"shook up good" was one phrase given. For the last several hours all one gets on TV has been reports about this or that city agency being on the ball and dealing with the incident. No lives lost, no schools damaged etc-----one scientist ranting that THIS quake was not the BIG one everyone predicts we are do to have in the next 10 years, that one they estimate will run close to 9 on the Richter scale, which is a magnitude of about 500 times stronger------frankly I survived the 1994 Northridge quake (epicenter about 8 miles from here) measured at 6.9----I woke up kissing my butt good bye that morning-----(shudder). (I didn't get the T-shirt darn it). I don't want to feel what a 9.0 might be like.

JPL Tour

Well let see where did I leave off--??? ooh yeah I remember.  Well I managed to get the house more or less picked up before Maria (our Housekeeper) arrived, and we ended up having "HamNCheese" sandwhiches, ranch flavored potatoe chips, and a side of fresh cut fruit, (cantalope, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, etc..  It was swell. (one doesn't hear the world "swell" very often any more---was a biggie back in the early 30's).

     Monday, I met with My Niece Tish and her boyfriend Carl, and we did the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) public tour.  The JPL facility is huge, it covers more area that Disneyland and employes in excess of 5,000 employees.  You have no doubt heard about the robotic machines we have landed on the moon, mars, jupiter, and others that have flown by the asteroid belts, the outter planets, and seen some of the pictures sent back.  These machines were all made at JPL.  I managed to get acouple pics of some of the models of a few of the space craft that were sent out to take pics during the flyby of the Planet Venus.   I was somewhat hard pressed to get these shots as the tour group was moving along through the museum in a chaotic manner. 
 This last picture was taken from the  glass enclosed balcony overlooking the robot assembly clean room.  We were told that it takes the workers almost 30 minutes to put on their "Bunny Suites" before entering the clean room.  In the picture you can see them working on the next big robot to be sent to mars.  It is about the size of a mini cooper car.
     The tour lasted a couple hours, and was very interesting (upon the completion of the tour all of us "tourists" were given IceCream Sandwhiches, ----a nice touch I thought.  Tish, Carl and I then drove to a near bye lil Mexican Restaurant, and indulged ourselves in some quite good Tostadas, before they had to throw themselves back in the heavy rush hour traffic to drive the 65miles home.  I live only 25 minutes away, but don't laugh, believe it or not I got lost in the freeway system, and drove about 15 miles out of my way before realizing I was going in the wrong direction, and had to retrace myself to get back on the proper freeway to get home----.  But I did make it home, although it took me an hour . 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Maid is Coming---I need to clean house

The LP reminded me the Maid is coming today, so I don't have much time to post anything. I need to clean up the house so the maid won't think the two of us are total slobs. I then will make a trip to the store to figure out what to give Maria and her husband (who does all our pruning of hedges around here, along with general handyman stuff) for lunch. Most likely will go with the ever popular Ham and Cheese sandwhiches from Ralph's Deli, chips and colas or ice tea. On the otherhand why guess, I will just ask Maria and her husband what kind of sandwhich they might like and go get em. and save myself the worry. (I'm glad we had this Lil talk, I feel better already).
It is going to be just another great day here in Southern California. Clear skies, lots of sun, the comfortable whine of air conditioners running in the neighborhood. The bill for the last two months of Electric/Water/Trash removal came ----$548.00----and we haven't even gotten to to August yet, which is traditionally our hottest month. (sigh).
Tomorrow afternoon, meeting with my niece Tish and her boy friend Carl, along with my niece Melanie and her Husband Bill, and doing the tour of the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), which should be interesting. I worked for both TRW and Hughes Aircraft, and so now will get to see how one of the other Major Aerospace firms developed their ends of many of the contracts jointly worked on. I hope to be back home tomorrow by 5pm, if so maybe able to pop in a posting then. Maybe even take some pictures---I suspect however they will not allow cameras inside the place. I know neither TRW or Hughes allowed them to be brought into their buildings.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Its Been A Month Since The Law Went Into Effect

What Law you ask??----the one that says if your caught driving while using a hand held phone, you get a ticket Law.
Since July 1st when the law went into effect, the California Hwy Patrol (Chips) and local traffic police have issued something in excess of 5000 tickets. The number one excuse law breaking drivers offer is they didn't know the law had gone into effect (to not know it was going into effect July 1st, one would have had to be unconscious for the preceding 6 months, ---the state advertised it all to hell and back . Needless to say this excuse was not accepted by the ticket giving police.
The second biggest excuse was, "oooh the phone rang and I just answered it out of habit"---That excuse wasn't accepted either.
The price for the first offense is $76----the second offense is $190. You would think that people would be somewhat more responsible while driving. I had occasion to drive the freeway last Saturday between Lake Forrest (that's about five miles south of Irvine), all the way back up to Pasadena on the 5 Freeway, thats a distance of about 60-70 miles-----and I quickly spotted an awful lot of people ignoring this new law. I figure the state needs the money and may have an great new source of revenue----5,000 tickets a month, so at 76 bucks for the first offense, 190 bucks for the second--------go get em officers.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nobody Noticed

I know I post a lot more frequently than many other bloggers---but I am not going to apologize for that. We all live in the same world, have our lives to live, and deal with the demands put upon us----. I fully recognize that some have more skills for sitting down and posting a blog than others,----but in my book that's like saying some can talk to strangers and others can't---again that is neither good or bad, its just the way it is. Personally, I am more prone to throw myself under a truck than consciously and deliberately stand up in front of a crowd and make a speech. I have no problem here in the dark, nobody watching (and nobody listening, or damn few anyway) and posting again and again here in my blog. That's what is neat about blogging, we can throw our opinions out there---our thoughts, ---------are likes and are dreams.
Why, why do it, why go to the trouble??---nobody listens to YOU, nobody wants your thoughts, nobody out THERE understands------!!!?? Why, why do WE blog, why do YOU blog??---------who really knows?
Know what really drives me up a tree?? People who say they read my posts all the time but only comment on the most current one---one gets the impression they feel guilty and should say something and the current post is convenient to input a comment ---and you know what really hurts?----they mean what they say, "---I don't have time for you but I like everything you say---".
I stopped and read my input above---damn I am selfish, and I owe everyone an apology, I input and wait for you to acknowledge and I bitch if ya don't?---oh crap, guess its all true , the World DOESN'T revolve around me---their loss, it would be a better world if it did. (anyone in Montreal reading this?)

The Camel's Nose

I was perusing the various news blogs and ran across an article that talked to the problem Jerry Brown (Ex-gov of California, but still hangin in Public Employment, (currently as The States "Top" lawyer), was having in regard to the new bill being debated in the state legislature, redefining the lega sale of Prescription Marijauna. The consensus of the Article was the higher courts would NOT uphold the new bill defining the sale of legal Marijuana that "Moonbeam " is pushing for.

For those not familiar with California laws, we currently allow the growing and selling of Marijauna to those that have a medical perscription for same. From what I can understand its okay if a person limits onesself to not more than growing 99 plants, in a plot not bigger than 10 x 10 (100sq ft.)----the problem with the current bill redifines the current in effect rules and gets all very complexed--and I am not exactly clear on just what all the bother is about.

The issue raises two questions in this old dudes mind. 1) who is "FOR" this bill, and who is "Against" it? (like whose OX is getting gored with this bill?), and 2) How is it going to bring the price of Marijauna down to the consumers?----actually have a third question---is the sale of Marijana subject to all the taxes that tobacco is??
     Its all a tempest in a Teapot---the camel has his nose in the tent---we are just negotiating how much more of the camel gets in---.  Kinda suspect the drug people are against this bill---legalized drugs taxed by the state----nothing for the drug cartels??----Drugs just another product for late night TV to advertize?

Where Are The Buffalo Bills Today?

I worry about the sad state of Pop Music today. Nobody is writing good songs anymore, or damn few of em anyway. On Broadway, its mostly reprising of the old great musicals. I must say its a good sign to see that the demand for tickets to these old redone musicals is so popular, shows there is a demand for good music.
When I say good music, I am of course making reference to those instrumentals that have us tapping our feet, and those songs that we find our self humming, and doing our best to recall all the great catchy lyrics to.
Okay, okay, so what has this got to do with Buffalo Bill you ask----and the answer is, nothing with the character Buffalo Bill----but a lot to do with the barbershop quartet who called themselves ," The Buffalo Bills"----who can forget their rendition of "Lyda Rose", in the movie version of "The Music Man" ---or the poignancy of the lyrics they sang------"Where is the SIN in SINcere?----Where is the GOOD in GOODbye" I'm telling ya, they just aren't writing good songs anymore.
It use to be young people would meet, date, and they would have "Their Song", most likely some hit parade song of that point in time----probably sung by a top singer, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Doris Day, Patti Page, or big name groups like the Ink Spots, the Modernaires, The Beatles, and such. Today we don't have this quality of music, we got rap protestors, and loud guitar stuff, that you can't remember the next day, and all done my artists that make one big hit and then are never heard from again.
Its not really surprising that the radio stations today give a lot of play time to the music of the 40's, 50's, 60's and the 70's-----since then its been slowly going down hill. ---where are the "Buffalo Bills" today?


Is a hectic world we all live in these days. To many its a dawn to dark flat out rat race, leaving them no time to relax and smell the roses (hmm, who originated that expression anyway?). To many people get lost in trying to be or at least appear to be a person they aren't----the weight of the stress of maintaining that artificial persona can get very heavy.
Its not unusual that a person has a "on the job" persona, "a meet the neighbors persona", meet the in-laws Persona, and even different variations of persona's with our close friends. The problem is------there is a little bit of the real self in all the different persona's we put on---but at some point, you have to ask yourself----is it worth it, ?----wouldn't it be great to just be yourself all the time, and "damn the torpedoes---full speed ahead"---?? I suspect like most people your more or less agreeing with this concept and nodding your head---but in real life, its followed by , yeah, yeahh----NO WAIT!!!!!??. I fully understand that-----I don't have suicide tendencies either---was kinda just saying out loud----wouldn't it be great if we could?
So what has any of the above got to do with the Title of this post----"SWEEP OR SWOOP"? to be honest, not exactly sure, but---what I wanted to kinda find out, ask about is---you blog, and you read others blog----The question is, that is to say MY question is---when reading others blogs--do you just read the most recent post, and nothing prior, or do you really settle into their blog and read a number of their postings?? In short do you SWEEP DOWN suck up the most recent posting and move on to another blog---or do you SWOOP DOWN and savor a bunch of their postings at one time----you a SWEEPER or a SWOOPER??

Variety Is The Spice of Life

As a minor, I always resented the old maxims being bandied about (hey, whens the LAST time you heard the word "Bandied" used?). You know what I am saying, maxims like, "If its good for the goose its good for the gander", "A rolling stone gathers no moss", or "Spare the rod, spoil the child" (My parents REALLY believed that one---oucha mugoutcha). To me they were always utttered by people who I just classified as being---well lets just say uneducated---but getting through life by copying what their parents and grandparents had done before them. Like Hello, I had been told a zillion times how smart I was, and what a good boy I was. (least thats what my parents told others when they were unaware I was listening) So you can kinda see I had a relatively good reason to believe that I WAS smarter than most------which now that I look back explains why I got the repercussions of "Spare the rod, spoil the child"----.
Course NOW half way through my 4th decade---I am smarter---not so smart elecky---and I just love the old maxims. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", "A stitch in time, saves nine", "an ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure", "A rose by any other name is still a rose". I just wish they taught "maxims" back in early school-----would have made life a lot more understandable---and wouldn't have fallen on my face so often-----I see kids today doing the same dumb things I did---like me---ignoring the old maxims.


If your really need a good laugh , you gotta read the blog "Imagine----" specifically the post dated 7/25----I'm still laughing---read it and see why.   I have added Kenju's blog to my must read list---the Lady has a great sense of humor and a good outlook on just about everything.. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Its funny as hell, but in reality its not funny at all, but think about this kind of scenario. Its 8am, the middle of the morning rush hour. A local police station gets an unknown call in stating there is a bomb on the side of a major freeway. In to days environment, what should be done. Block the freeway , clear it of traffic----the turmoil will affect half the city, people can't get to work, many won't get paid for their absence, important work won't get done---shipping goals will be missed, checks not put in the mail, etc. Many people hearing the announcement will be fearful, and so keep their children at home----others afraid this might be the start of a major terrorist attack, will start runs on the local market to buy water and food supplies. Criminals knowing the police are totally tied up with the bomb incident will try and take advantage , many small store robberies, and home invasions ----. The added stress to the surrounding population , more heart attacks, strokes than usual, a larger more frequent roar of ambulance sirens, police cars, fire trucks trying to keep order-----and then a second unidentified call in---another bomb located on yet another busy section of the freeways on the opposite side of town----the resulting reaction bringing the city to total grid lock, ----the largest most populous city in the United States is brought to a standstill-----the terrorists have merely made two phone calls, and the city has totally freaked just listening to the news, as all the media tries to be first with the news.------I think perhaps it might be best if our media was somewhat more cautious about throwing up the news without first getting some modicum of comfirmation of facts-------in Los Angeles, we have more news helicopters in the air at any given time, than some third world countries have in their entire air force. Breaking news at 8am is repeated every hour on the hour with film added for the late afternoon and early evening broadcasts, and the expanded coverage of the exact same event again at 11pm----if one listens to the news all day, it sounds like a total wave of crime---but its only one incident. I really think the networks need to use their broadcast time and do less news reporting and maybe more in depth reporting of facts------but that's just MY opinion---people under 40 don't take advice from people older than them---we don't fit the demographic profile of those they are pitching all the advertising too---so forget what the old people think.----thinkaboutit------


I swear if we didn't have music and fun memories a person would have a truly dreary life.  TODAY, being Thursday, and as all my groupies could tell ya---that means its "FLUFF N FOLD TIME".  (yaaaaaaay).  I guess I have been doing my own laundry since I was around 18, the year I succeeded in moving away from home under the guise of my Parents thinking they were sending me away to school to get educated---at least that was how I saw that milestone event----a few monthes later, got a whole different perspective on that---but I digress).  In short over the years I have learned to become somewhat profficient at doing laundry.  To listen to all the whining women they make it sound like a thankless  burdensome, drudge---and I guess if one is prone to be negative in ones outlook, one might see it that way.  I however choose to see it as a task needing to be done regularly, more or less, so one might as well make it a pleasant task.  (that commotion you hear in the background is about a million moms, muttering uh-huh ---laundry is a pleasant task, yeahh and they got bridges to sell me).
     Okay, maybe saying it can be a pleasant task is pushing things a touch to far---but no reason the time can't be made a pleasant one---or at least one with a minimum of loud anglo saxon utterances.  Take today for example.
     I arrived at the Laundrymat and carry in my large basket of "distressed linens", along with my bag of soaps, sprays, and clothes washing chemicals and such, plus my constant companion , the current book from the Library that I am reading  (For those curious to know what the old dude reads for fun and relaxtion, this week its a  novel by James Patterson, titled, "Cradle And ALL"---just started it and so far we got two modern day "Virgin Mary" teen girls, a baffled Clergy, major outbreaks of a new polio epidemic in Los Angeles and Boston----and couple other major invironmental disasters in other parts of the world----and all this in just the first couple chapters----good book---but again I digress)---where was I--??---ooh yes, I walk into the laundramat, and efficiently go about sorting colors from the whites, and a third pile for just the sheets and pillow cases to go in the "permenent press" wash.  about this time in the back of my head, I begin to "hear" the music to fit my task. 
     I believe most all of you have seen the Movie, "Mary Poppins", starring, Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. ---anyway there I am, (fortunately nobody else in the place that early) kinda mumbling to myself , kinda grinning over it all, and humming along to the song from the movie, you know the one, where they are on the roof and all the chimmney sweeps do this wild spirited dance---can't quite pull up the title of that particular song, but in the movie it was loudly exclaimed , "ITS SOMETHING SOMETHING TIME",and off into the dance sequence they went---me the song in my head putting my stuff in the washers, and tossing in the required soaps and bleaches---"---its LAUNDRY TIME!!".   Anyway, made the task a bit brighter and doable ----course gonna go nuts now til I figure out tyhe whole song and the lyrics-----(maybe my good buddy Sue will google it and let me know--she kinda owes me for the "old dudes rule, young dudes drool" post I made late yesterday at her suggestion..)
     Once again I am now back at the Castle, all properly fluffed and folded---the empty laundry basket is once more my friend------gonna go treat myself to a cup of coffee, and contemplate what my NEXT post will be about.   Have I told ya about the time I almost became a cook in the Army?------

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Music Man Gambit"

I have to assume some majority of people reading my blog are familiar with the music from the Broadway Musical (and the Hollywood movie of the same name) "The Music Man". Basically its about a sleazy salesman (Professor Hill) selling the idea of a band , complete with uniforms and instruments, to keep the kids from going a stray----. One of the songs in this musical sums up his approach , his sales pitch to the good citizens of River City, "Theres Trouble in River City"---the lyrics of the Song---"Trouble, trouble, trouble, theres Trouble right here in River City, Trouble, thats Trouble with a "T", that rymes with "P", and that stands for POOL---and here comes the real pitch---now that he has everyones attention----"Does johnny leave the house and rebuckle his Knickers BELOW, the knee----does he hide books in the corn crib, books telling stories from Captain Willy's Wizbang (gasp), and are certain words creeping into your boys vocabulary, words like ---"Swell"---and "So's your old man!---WELL you got trouble folks, trouble right here in River City----it goes on from there, its a great lyric and a extremely well done bit in the movie done by Robert Preston.
I mention all of this as, each succeeding generation chafes under their elders, wanting to break free and do things they're way----the elders, pretty sure their younguns aint smart enough yet--fighting em tooth and nail, but -------time does march on. Oh man, if I HAD been born 50 years later -----why I could---?? aw hell who am I kidding----nothing has really changed all that much. Oh Sure today we have computers, IPods, everything is digital.
Kids today apply for a job, no experience, just some grades and a few folk willing to vouch that Johnny or Sally are really good kids---and the kids get the same answers we got, gosh we were looking for somebody that has real experience-----or I'm sorry we also have a person who is married who has the same experience and skill as you do. In short the current generation goes though the same crisis we did when we were they're age---and it is and WAS traumatic for all of us. I mention this just to caution Parents dealing with offspring who are trying to spread their wings, trying to fly---be supportive, don't laugh , don't do the ever so easy to do , "I Told ya, I told ya a hundred times, you never listen--" bit. At this point in their lives, they already KNOW ---don't humiliate them by making them admit it.-------Thats all I have to say about that (when they aren't around to see ya, THEN you can laugh and jump up and down and relish the moment----but only briefly, unless ya get the kid a job, your stuck with him living at home----forever---yeah, thats not so funny is it?

Old Dudes Rule---Young dudes drool

Its all very natural, and one sees this law of the land on many levels.  Mostly graphically demonstrated in nature.---the young bucks challenging the head of the herd---getting whipped back into line any number of times, til finally the young buck having learned more, experienced more, even as the old senior buck begins to slow down a bit-----the net result altimately is that the old buck loses, and is left out for the wolves.  One, I suppose ,  could relate that sequence in a less gruesome way----but hey being an old dude here---I aint got all that much time to waste being Mr. Nice Guy, leastwise I am not of the opinion one should play Mr. Nice guy all the time.---it incourages the Kids to think maybe its "their time"---when its not.---least not quite yet.  
     The other day, at a family gathering, I allowed that I was ignorant of how to download music to my computer, not having had any reason to do so, had never bothered to learn that simple drill.  Even as the words fell from my lips, my young buck Grand-nephew's, jaw fell open, and simultaneiously I saw his eyes flick around, and I could see that my confession of ignorance in the topic was an imbarrassment to him.  His generation grew up with computers, boom boxes, cds, cell phones, and Ipods---taking them all for granted.  I don't think it really occurred to him to think that hello--MY GENERATION INVENTED ALL THAT STUFF.
     My Grand-Neph (having just recently turned 21---which makes him half a century my junior, has no idea that I,  his Great Uncle,  have actually sat in engineering discussions with the likes of Andy Grove (President of Intel---the company that first produced a computer on chip).  That I spent 30 plus years in Aerospace Procurement working on almost all of the big programs, that got us to the moon and back, to mars, to jupiter, to clear out of the solar system.  Oh sure I get the old "gosh uncle gary it's not like it was when you were are age crap"---Like Hello I am senile and don't remember life before there Fathers and Mothers were even born?? and have keep my eyes closed ever since ??-----is it me but are kids really getting dumber with each generation??
     Actually I am darn proud of not only my Nephews and Nieces (all six of em), but equally proud of their offspring , including the grand-nephew mentioned above----like I said he was imbarrassed "for" me---well I have since last saturday corrected things and the world now knows Gary (aka Old Dude) knnows how to download music-----and all the planets and moons are in their proper orbits once again. 
     Actually come this next Monday (07/28), I will be meeting with acouple of my nieces and their significant onthers and taking the two hour public tour of JPL (Thats Jet Propulsion Labratory for you Civilians---JPL makes all those nifty things ya see crawling all over the Moon, Mars and Jupiter and sending back the PHEENOMENOL pictures).  Thats assuming this old dude can google the hwy map to get from here to there-----got til Monday to google that one---and one thing I have learned in my years, never do today what ya can procrastinate, and put off til later to do---sometimes those tasks just have a way of evaporatng  and not being required at all, and you would have just wasted the time and effort, and don't ya just hate to waste time like that?

Wednesday 07/23/08

All posts should have a title---titles are important. At least I have been told that----and I suspect its true. In today's busy world, most people can't or won't spend more than 30 seconds on any given thought---so titles have to me mind grabbing. So the Title "Wednesday 07/23/08" must have grabbed your mind, or you wouldn't be here reading this. So guess I made my point. Like how many of you aren't here and reading this----lets see a show of hands---wow!!!?? (back to the drawing board----sigh---)
I gotta ask, what kind of Title would YOU have used?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stats, I Got Em---and I'm not afraid to use em

Statistics are easy to come by. There are a whole slew of places that will for free advise you how many visitors are checking out your blog, and you too can be razzle dazzled with stats, visitors, yesterday, today , expected tomorrow, page views, where did they start, and what page did they exit from----(imagine in the background the song from "Damn Yankees" playing in the background "You Gotta Have Heart"-------Stats can be exhilarating, they can be boring they can be down right cruel---and if used properly can prove any side of any and every argument on any and every issue. (its all in the delivery---ya gotta--" Razzle Dazzle Em"---which you all know is a song from the Broadway show "Chicago".
What I am kinda talking about is---who is and who isn't reading my blog--even more important--how come more people aren't reading it?---Maybe I need a new bar to do my preaching in?---maybe I need a better business manager (wait I am my own business mgr)---MAYBE I just need better PR ?(Whats PR? , the blond asks innocently as she licks her ice cream cone----who brought her to the party anyway?)
I know "Rome wasn't built in a day"---and its only been what??---three months since we started this thing?----still it occurs to me that not that many people come to this area---and pretty damn sure the chamber of commerce ain't exactly promoting us----(damn how do I meet anybody on the Chamber of Commerce?) I'm blogging my brains out here-----and nothing?? you sure this is how Bob Hope got started? (the blond all smiles, "Whose Bob Hope?"---somebody sees the look in my eyes and removes her from my line of vision).
Seriously folks---just how DOES one get discovered these days---seems like 98% of people have camera/phones, then there are all those cameras mounted at intersections, all the ATMS----wow---just a matter of time before the Old Dude here gets the call huh----huh? what?? Johnny Carson isn't on TV anymore??----hey I don't DO "impersonations" and I expect my own dressing room----you tell em that okay??

I Have Shopped and I have Fiddled-----and its not even dark yet.

I ventured out into the world and dutifully shopped and acquired all of the various items the LP had on his list with the exception of the Fresh Fish-----I didn't like what Ralph's was offering in the way of fresh fish, ohh it was fresh stuff, it just wasn't the kind of fish I wanted-----so I put "get fresh fish " on my list of "To Do Things" for later in the week.  I should actually write it down as I will no doubt forget---and will suddenly find out about five minutes before I reach to cook it and THEN remember I had yet to buy the stupid stuff, making for one fast trip to the store-----(fortunately its only a mile away).
     Arrived back home without further incident, put the groceries away, dished up bowl of ice cream for the LP's afternnon snack (New York Cheesecake Flavor).  and then here at the computer decided to re do my blog list to the new blogger format, so I fiddled that around----and now here I am----nobody on my list has added any new blogs, no new comments on any of mine-----so guess I will call it a day and go out on the patio and see if I can finish off another book from the Library---not to mention enjoy acouple cold brews while doing it.   Got four new movies from Netflix delivered today---won't have to subject myself to the mind rot that passes for TV tonight.
     The LP has declared the menu for tonight will be Egg Salad with Crackers and Cream of Tomato soup---actually on a hot summer day, that sounds like a good menu ----works for me anyway.  I will do the Zatarain New Orleans Rice, (adding  hamburger, smoked sausage, & shrimp) Jumbolaya one pot dinner later in the week.

IT's Tuesday---Shopping For LP's groceries

Its approaching noon here at the Palace on Matililja---and I will soon roll down the old drawbridge and venture out in search of vittles that LP has set out as my goal for the day. He even held a short meeting with me to discuss the list and verify that I was clear on exactly what he wanted----(picture me sitting there my head bobbing up and down and me muttering yeah, yeah, a lot---)


(complete the list or come home on your shield)

  1. Chicken broth
  2. AAA Batteries (the VCR remote died last night---almost panicked til we remembered out to work the machine manually.)
  3. 1 pt. egg salad (from the deli section of the store, not the pre packaged stuff from the cooler)
  4. 3 cans of Cream of Tomato Soup (any brand except Campbell's or Wolfgang Puck)
  5. Fresh Fish (will hopefully get filipia (sp?)---maybe white fish----must come from the butcher, none of the prepackaged stuff)
  6. 1 Can of Hormel chili (no beans)
  7. 1 Package of frozen Tater Tots (original, not onion flavored-preferably Oreda brand)
  8. 1lb Hamburger (with the highest fat percent ----I know, I know----don't ask!)
  9. 1 Pint Potato Salad (from the Deli Section of the Store, none of the pre-packaged stuff)
  10. 1 box of frozen mini-pancakes (Krusteze or forgetaboutit)
  11. 1 Pkg precook bacon slices
  12. 1 Lemon (would you believe here in Southern California Ralph's sells Lemons at $1.00/ea?)

To the above I have added Zatarain's New Orleans style rice, more hamburger and smoked sausage and pre-cooked shrimp, gonna take a shot at Missy's Jumbaylaya recipe. I may treat myself to one of them fancy Lah-te-da whipped coffees to sip on, while cruising the isles filling my list.--------laters you all.

If There Is A Will------

Our good buddy Wayne John, last week posted his on going series of lessons on how to make good use of the New Blogger. Com blogging platform. Specifically he made note of how in the blogger's personal profile section, one could input audio clips. Putting Audio on my page sounded kinda challenging to me and , like a dog with a new bone, spent a goodly number of hours searching the net looking for not just free music, but music I thought reflected my personality well (yeahhh we ALL have this image of ourselves we HOPE those looking at us see---and almost always we are wrong, but I digress)
I finally came to the conclusion that I have a very complex personality and as such there is no one genre of music that truly represents me, no not even the German Octoberfest beer hall songs cover it----but I finally found a small free sample of music which would could be used to complete the challenge and allow me to post some audio onto my blog profile.----and I ran into a wall.
Having invested some number of hours finding and sifting through midi music---I now found I didn't know how to download it to my computer-----well I approached this dilemma with my standard under my breath muttering------(there has got to be a way, there has got to be a way-----), and the old dude started clicking buttons on the music sites, buttons on the computer here and sure enough a couple hours later----I had discovered how to download a midi music file to my computer-----should now be easy to upload it to my blog profile page right?----wrong again!!
Editing my profile I dutifully follow Wayne's clear, concise instructions and sure enough I find myself looking at the empty audio clip file box----waiting for it to be filled with the URL address of the music I wish to put in.------I need to find the URL of the music I wish to put in. I go into my computer, and open the downloaded file of music, but---well damn I get no URL address to copy and use to paste in my blog profile box.-----very frustrating, I have the music file, can even play it, but no URL. Much frustration, I go back to my original source of the music, and I come up with an URL, I copy it direct from the site----bring up my blog profile, and paste it in the box---then preview my profile page and -----find that all I have done is put in a link to a website that then requires YOU to download the file and click on play to hear it-----this is not right. I delete all the stuff from my profile audio clip area----open a beer and contacted Wayne requesting assistance in figuring out where I was screwing up. Something I should have done hours earlier.
To make a long story shorter---suffice it to say, like Pictures, Audio Clips have to be stored on a server , and once there, THEN one can obtain a URL------I'm to cheap to put out a monthly fee for this service---but for a short time I am pleased to report I do have music in my profile Audio clip-----for those that wish to hear it, you have but to click on my complete profile link on the right ---scroll down to the Audio Clip and click on it------. The good thing about all of the above is the old dude here NOW knows how to search the net for music and how to download it to his files-----but I'm to cheap to host it on servers and share my taste in music with the rest of the world. I will be deleting my audio clip from my profile in a few days-------.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Politics Like Religion are Personal

I have posted a couple frank, down to earth post relating to MY politics---its not important to me if you agree or disagree. Its only important that we agree , at least in this country, we each have the right to express our opinions.---and I am comfortable enough to believe the vast majority of you agree with that principle----. So lets all sign up to---(think about it before rushing to an answer)---lets keep our arguments (political)---be based on FACTS, not emotional rhetoric. Facts are facts---and yes facts can be interpreted differently---and that's cool, ---the KEY is ---stay with the facts-------don't take positions just because you have a gut feel---stay with what the facts define---------I will, ---fair enough?---no fair using heresay, or somebody else said---get the facts to present YOUR interpretations---thats fair enough right?-----FACTS RULE

The Sun Slowly Sinks In The West---LIFE IS GOOD

The sun slowly sinks below the horizon, and the sky grows dark----two questions compete in your mind---"Where are my shoes?"----and "What am I gonna do tomorrow?", not necessarily in that order---think about it?
I'm doing it yet again---creating a title, then letting my mind go with it and making out a post. LOL, you gotta be reading this and wondering---"Do I feel lucky??---or is this gonna be an awww shoot moment (feel free to substitute the four letter word the author had in mind).
If ya stop and think a bit---how many of our days are hanging on just that---did we wake up in a bad mood, or conversely did something happen and everyone is in "happyville", and you find yourself pawing your desk looking for the memo?
Do you find yourself hearing glib spontaneous remarks like , "Is SHE the Bee's Knees or what?"---and "Brother!!? can ya spare a dime?"-----relax, stay calm---you have been sucked into a time warp and are now back in the late 1930's.
You laugh, but hey, lets do some comparisons,---banks were closing, unemployment was prevalent----gangs were dominating most of the larger Cities.----and everyone "Knew" we were being buried in immigrants---they didn't even speak our language. Somebody named Hitler was making noise in Germany, but hey not to get worried, after all wasn't the Prime Minister of England---Chamberlain exclaiming, "Peace In Our Time"-----
Okay maybe my dates are a bit off, but , I wrote the above to illustrate, that somethings never really change, ---in England , as well as Germany, the USA, France, the mix of Government ministers and secretaries change---Presidents come and go, (all Countries have figureheads at any given time---its the mass political bureaucracy structure that REALLY makes a given country function. Not the figure head called a president, not even a single political party---its the entrenched bureaucracy that rules.---Example, a new member of say the senate gets elected ---he comes to Washington to represent that state. Any bets on who is staff is, or who "assists" in getting him "plugged in"---yes, existing bureaucracy-----.
In addition to the above, everything gets overlaid with seniority, what committees is a new green-horn allowed to join---and I don't even wanna get into the "traditional " who kisses whose ass on who is senior, or junior, or more senior or less junior on all the 8million committees the two houses of our congress have. (you wanna wonder how many civilians are employed, just to take notes and publish all the meeting minutes to the elected congressmen voted and seated on the official "committees"---how many of you are still naive enough to believe your elected congress person representing YOUR congressional district, actually READS all the bills he votes on----and doesn't know he votes whatever he is told by his "Handlers" (hey bob if ya wanna get re-elected, THIS is the way to vote------)
Meanwhile back on the Main Level, ---whose candidate is gonna get elected THIS time around?----hmm, what can "WE" Sell this time around?-------Why is it somebody gets elected, and very , very few ever want to leave and NOT get re-elected?---the poor pay, the constant travel, having to maintain two homes, one n Washington, DC.-------I think there is a lot to be said for Term Limits----we are always in search of NEW bums.
----So, as our forefathers so intelligently sent up---we find ourselves in a Presidential election year-----and we NEED NEW BUMS----let the games begin----but wait, lets enjoy the Olympics first.

ONE---TWO---THREE---FOUR, What am I Here for?

     Sometimes I scare myself, leaping in not knowing how deep the water is, or how hot or cold it might be.  Still here I am yet again starting a post and I'm not yet quite sure just what its meant to be about.  I have read two approaches to posting.  One write the post and then when you satisfied with it, give it a title ----the other is write a title and then write a post to fit it---MY problem is I start these things with one foot in each camp and even I am neer quite sure how its gonna turn out---but in my own masochistic way, kinda find it pleasurable.  In this case I believe, leastwise at this point of it all, I am writing to fit the title of this post.  The answer in so many words is---is to create a post.
     NOW some would say a post of this nature is pretty boring, not what they would consider a "quality" posting.  One runs a risk when posting frequently to one's blog of boring ones readers---I worried about that for acouple three weeks, but then decided, I don't have that many readers,and besides nobody is holding a gun to their heads to force them to read it.  How do I know this?---hey yesterday I posted two postings in regards to a family party I attended on Saturday (the day before) as of five minutes ago----exactly two family members had bothered to comment---and that was to the first posting, they didn't bother to comment on the second one----at all.
     Now that might discourage an old dude like moi----but hey, its a big world out there---so I will continue to throw stones into the pond and some day the ripples I am causing will get me responses from the otherside of the big pond, and I will just have to RIBBIT, RIBBIT louder.----RIBBIT-----RIBBIT----RIBBIT

President wannabee Obama

The Liberal who would be prez---on his first foreign trip, visiting Iraq , boldly suggesting that if HE were president he would have the troops home in 16months. I bet the Arab Terrorists, just love this guy-----all they have to do is sit back and let him Hand over the territory to them. Now today in the news we hear the Iraq president use Obama's plan to pressure the US to negotiate terms -----in short the kid senator who would be prez, has already made his first major foreign policy blunder--------yeahh can see why the anti american terrorists like this boy---wonder how much money they are contributing to his election campaign?? 3,000 plus of our boys died to bring Iraq into a democracy, and this President wannabee would hand it all back to the bad guys as fast as he could get the troops shipped home.

How Do I Explain----??

I just got up and have just completed reading the comments on my previous post titled, "I didn't get the Stupid Memo!!", and I'm laughing both at my self and also at my readers, least those that were kind enough to make comments. How do I explain the previous posting---??
I guess the easiest way is to simply say my previous post was put out with tongue-in-cheek. It was meant to be a humorous look at myself , as the old dude viewed by those around me. The old guy trying to be cool and "with it" yet fumbling around with modern technology and frequently "not getting it"----or not getting it to fast or easily, needing to fumble around and kinda familiarize myself with things----finally the light goes on and the old dude gives out a sigh, "ahhhhh so THAT'S how it works". I merely tried to make it a cute laugh at myself and used the modern phrase a person offers as an excuse, when not in step with the others---"I didn't get the memo--"
I wasn't so much ranting as just babbling and chiding myself for my own ineptness in grasping basic fundamentals , that once I do figure them out, to only find how simple they were in the first place---I tend to make things more complex than I need to, and thereby confuse myself unnecessarily.----Anyway I didn't mean to confuse YOU all in the process of telling tales about myself. Now the coffee machine has stopped gurgling, so the coffee is ready and so if you will excuse me, I GOTTA go get my caffeine fix.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"I NEVER got the stupid MEMO !!?"

I really do try to be Mr. nice guy, and not create waves or be negative. Yet gosh darn it, again and again I find myself Zigging when everyone else is Zagging------missing the curves in the road ----I hate that---when THAT happens---don't you?
Like hello, yeah I am Older, but I was educated in YOUR country, I speak your language, reasonably well ---just don't ask me to write, punctuate and spell really good.
Whatever I said, it was not racist, not sexual---wasn't meant to be sexual anyway--?? Trust me, if I said something you found offensive, it wasn't meant to be----aw crap what am I apologizing for, I havn't been read my rights, havn't be accused of a crime---yet ?? Sorry didn't mean to get paranoid------I didn't see anything in my mailbox-----I didn't get the memo----?? So unless your gonna put handcuffs on me---I'm outta here---going for a cold brewski.

Its S-o-o-o Quiet Today?

I confess , that I knows it Sunday and 98 percent of bloggers are busy with their real worlds---but still it seems to be even more quiet than normal in here the bloggersphere---maybe its just me, and I'm just suffering from Party Let-downism---. I dutifully wrote my blog earlier describing the party, putting in the pics I took----but that was hours ago----so far only two comments have been garnered----(damn I worked hard on those posts too---sigh)-----On the other hand this is good------getting ignored like this is good character building stuff---boy are my cheeks red from turning one cheek to another, getting slapped silly by life ----oooh mmmph, THAT WAS A GOOD ONE----mmmmmm hey don't stop!!! kinda getting to like it---like hello "attention" is attention, one can't be to picky right?)
I'm not the only one with problems---Dana dropped a comment on one of my recent posts, seems she has LOST one of hers---did ya submit it to FiveStarFriday, and fail to keep a copy maybe?---I looked all over for it, pretty sure you didn't leave it at MY place..??
I was complaining about my ignorance on how to download music from the Web to my young (21yo Grand-nephew) at the party yesterday---and you should have seen his jaw drop hearing how ignorant his Uncle was---the kid was truly embarrassed for me----he mumbled something about I SHOULD be able to download it as a file to my computer and then move it from there to my blog page----but I could see he was in a state of shock---unable to comprehend anyone not being able to do something he has done since he was in short pants---(and he's still in short pants---I think its mandatory for under 50 males in southern California to wear short pants). I definitely am gonna have to whip out the old computer manuals and dialog with my knowledgeable friends and fill this gap in my computer knowledge-----(sigh) I WILL learn this-----how to " rip", how to "burn"------stay tuned sports fan----will the "old dude" learn how to download and upload music??, what music will he have??-------stay tuned to, "As the Stomach Churns" for the answers to these and many other questions.

Carl's Place, Act II

This pic gives you a better view of the kitchen cabinetry and tiled counters and backsplash , oooh the old dude? That's Uncle Bob Vlasick. Uncle Bob just recently a couple months back celebrated his 80th Birthday, and he is one sharp cookie, and I can personally attest to the fact he is a world class backseat driver----(shudder).   I won't horrify you with the details of the trip back to Pasadena with  Bob, suffice it to say---he was white knuckled, and tight jawed (NOBODY tells THIS boy how to drive on the FREEWAY----.  I suspect however Uncle Bob will NOT conscously volunteer to let ME drive him anywhere----ever again.  (Just Kidding, Uncle Bob was most gracious on the return drive home---I think between the three or four glasses of wine that he had consumed,  and my having imbibed an equal number of beers----and a number of delicious sandwhiches, pastas and that big bowl of salted nuts---the trip was almost restful---like hello with the traffic, we hardly ever got over 40 miles an hour ).  For some reason the women are always hanging on him---- 
     I don't wish to neglect others that were at the party.  In attendence also was  Judi , owner of "Scrappin At Bluefield Ranch" and her husband, my Nephew Pete.    I failed to get pics of my sleek and elegant GRAND-neices Alexis and Danielle, but I did come up with one of the Camera shy guys in Alexi's life, namely Phil, here significant other, and her brother Zach.  Phil is the one sitting (he hasn't yet said when the latest firemen's calendar will be coming out-----(did I say Phil was camera shy?---uh-huh, rigttttt!).  The clown behind him is Zach, my GRAND Neph.   Anyway the party was most pleasant, and my thanks to Carl for allowing us the pleasure of dally-ing at your most wonderful abode----thanks to for the great "Bar"----you give good parties. 

-------and thats the way my saturday was spent, it was a dirty job but somebody had to have fun, and what can be more fun than spending some time with good friends and family. (not to mention when the drinks and food are so good and best of all FREE :).  (behnd the clowning boys one gets a glimpse of  the Pool and jacuzzi layout in Carl's backyard.
I also need to apologize for not getting a pic of our Party host Carl, but then perhaps his girlfriend Tish might come up with more pics---?

Saturday At Carl's Place

Hi dear readers miss me yesterday---was off to the Shindig at Carl's place in Lake Forrest. (Yes the very same Social Event that Alexis mentiones in her Blog, "Bits N Pieces". For me it was a matter of driving over to Pasadena (Home of THE Rose Parade), collecting Uncle Bob---and motoring the 62 miles South to the small elegant community of Lake Forrest. The directions given me by my niece Tish were accurate, ---although I should know by now her perception of distances is suspect----one part of the directions given was turn right onto this street, go about 4 miles (turned out to be closer to six) but we did get there, in fact we were the first to arrive.  After spending a goodly number of minutes---5-6 at least, Carl (Our Host for this soiree, which is a french word for a party held by adults for adults in broad daylight) got me a cold beer (and of course I looked at the label---My boy Carl doesn't serve cheap stuff---waaaay to go Carl!!).
     Carl is in the midst of selling his Lake Forrest home, and I must say its located in one nice upscale neighborhood, and comes with a very nice pool, jacuzzi, and is laid out quite nicely inside and out for entertaining.  I wish I had taken more pics but----(sigh) I fell victim to my standard Party hearty, smile, laugh, guzzle and mingle mode and took pics of people instead---( the Pic above is of yours truly, comfortable ensconced in an upholstered patio chair.)  The Pic you see here to the right is of My Niece Melanie, and her Husband Bill  (the background of the pic gives you some concept of the elegance of Carl's beautiful home).  The occasion for this gathering was to kinda give pause and thought , reflection of a good friend of the family. Winnifred Marsh----who we lost a few weeks back--someone that has been in all of our lives for so many years----well I like to think I can still hear her musical laugh, her warm smile which she always graced our many family gatherings with----Winnie was truly one of those solid personalites that you subconscously KNOW are good people---and you always enjoyed having around.  She will be fondly remembered.
     Tish, another of my brothers offspring (He sired a neat half dozen to be exact), created the many delectable food offerings of the day, a whole passel of different sandwhiches, tuna, cheese, egg salad put up on rolls, white bread, and whole wheat (she even sliced the crusts off and sissified them  up real nice---eating so many as I did, I got a cramp in my little pinkie holding it up as I ate---almost poke myself in the eye acouple times as well.  Along with the great sandwhiches, there were offering of pasta salads, fresh fruits, and of course there were about five different kinds of dips to go with the bowls of chips scattered around the place----I found a dish of dark salted peanuts which I found myself unable to stop sampling----never did find out what kind they were----but they were great---while they lasted.  The Party was reasonable well attended by the family, two nephs and one niece were not in attendance, ---The niece,  (Gabrielle) living in Phoenix (or maybe in the summer time its Flagstaff??), being out of state, was unable to make it.  The two absent Nephs, Edward and Eric----I believe were out of the country---languishing down Mexico way, unwilling to cancel a long planned weekend .  The Trio of beautiful women you see above, are from left to right, My neice Tish (the family Caterer of late), My Niece by Marriage Jennifer,(her husband the missing Neph Eric), and My Niece Melanie (you no doubt recognize her from the earlier pic above---I don't believe she left that glass out of her hand the whole time I was there (just joshing ya Mel)  (and No she DID NOT marry Bill for his Wine Cellar). (again you get a glimpse of the cabinetry and tile of the kitchen area of Carls home.).

  (------to be continued on Next post "Carl's Place Act II" )

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogging is a Disease

I mean like hello---I sit there night after night, my eyeballs glued to the TV, and I see/hear the commercials about this or that new found disease that the Drug makers now have a cure for---"this week they seem to be pushing the "The Restless Leg Syndrome"----. No explanations of where this disease originated---but damn they got a cure for it!!!---Pheeenomenal!!
Listening to the side effects one might experience ( that's the pharmaceutical people washing their hands of any resposibilities of what effects YOU might have---telling ya to talk to your doctor, and----- what do ya mean HE didn't suggest this drug?------
Somehow my need to blog incessantly has to be a disease, and I watch the commercials faithfully waiting for a cure----I got four (4) posts already racked up ahead of this one , with no responses----and I KNOW that most of them will get none---yet I HAVE to post em---thats signs of addiction aint it?----I'm ADDICTED to blogging---its all Judi's fault---SHE introduced me to it---she never told me it was addictive, she made it sound all fun and games------.
Its OKAY Judi--- I like to think ya just didn't know---------flashing on the movie "singing in the rain"---the bit about ----"GOTTA DANCE---GOTTA DANCE" ,done by Gene Kelly, with Cyd Charisse---cept substitute the words---"Gotta Blog, gotta blog!!". (you HAVE seen the movie "Singing In The Rain" havn't ya?)
Its no real problem explaining why most of my posts go unread-----most people just don't have the time to read em-------but still-----GOTTA BLOG!!!-----have a nice evening ya awl!!

The Game Goes on---only the names are changed to protect the innocent

I hear kids today complaint, how they are so mal-treated, how cheated they are from when "WE" older persons lived---LOL---they just don't realize what inflation does---trust me boys and girls its the same game---we just played it at YOUR age with different numbers.---our numbers looked more like this (picture me in my black leather jacket with all the zippers like the Fonz---those WERE happy days.---.

---what depresses me is---I actually REMEMBER THIS era---(sigh)

Off My Routine---out of control

Damn Family, they insist on having parties and get together for the damn-dest reasons---its like some magnetic force---we haven't met as family for x long and the world will end if we don't meet. I got this love/hate relationship with my people, is this natural? Actually I KNOW it is natural---being family, close family anyway I kinda know where the skeletons are buried, least wise the ones I help bury----but that's not the point. Family are those ya trust with your BACK,---we can bad mouth each other all day long, but gawd forbid an outsider to baad mouth any member of the family Unit---those people have a way of ceasing to exist (speaking metaphorically here officer---).
The problem with family is----They are close----CONNECTED BY BLOOD. As such one can't blow em off as easy as brushing off a fly, one has to "acknowledge" them, ---and go through the fundamentals of recognition---the politeness etc. Its a real pain in the rear at times. Still---there are those times---one has to circle the wagons and ooh yeah , gawd bless family!!!
My point however with this post is---sometimes Family can be to cloying, to clinging, smothering---an individual (albeit a full blooded member of the clan)---just wants to be left alone. No, not cutoff from family, ---just not bugged with or by family---just saying---if I don't answer your email, or your IM---doesn't mean I hate your guts and its WAR!! A lot of family splits and resulting feuds start on just these kind of disconnects.
I guess I am rambling now, as I have forgotten what the point was I was trying to make----ahh, damn???---am I STILL in the family or did I screw THAT up too?---I need another beer.

Nothing Is Forever

----some people object to change, others just flat are ignorant as to why things do change, but change they do.

What did YOU do for a Living Daddy?

The link above is an article alerting us to some interesting economic trends----one might ask our Presidential Candidates what their views are on this topic? Will they appeal to their backers by saying ban foreign goods, lets make it in the USA ---(CAN American workers produce the product at a viable cost?)-----will they espouse instead a FAIR balance of trade, and insist that foreign countries not block American goods unfairly, and let their markets decide how much American goods they want---like how come there IS such an imbalance of trade , everyone sells to the USA, but nobody buys our products?? are America's products not as good quality wise, or possibly, they are just over priced??----how many of us have looked and decided much as we would like to---we just can't afford to buy USA built products? What are OUR presidential candidates positions on this?---better yet, what are OUR congressional candidates positions on this?--------what is YOUR position on this topic----what are YOU doing about it?