Sunday, August 31, 2008

BlogDay2008 (aug.31st)

Being relatively new to the world of blogging I am only now just finding out that today, August 31st, is designated "BlogDay 2008". I would not have known this except one of my good blogger pals Roger Green posted HIS "BlogDay" contribution. In that I want to be a good bloggosphere citizen I of course wish to complete my duty and honor "BlogDay 2008".

If you also are not familiar with "BlogDay", its only important that you know that one day a year , each and every blogger takes it upon themselves to remember when they were first getting started with their blog----and with that thought in mind, go out and discover 5 new blogs to recommend to the bloggersphere , in short kinda a pay back ritual, to help new bloggers get started, and also to meet new blog pals.

Its something of a chore to go out and find new interesting blogs, and it means mabye we have t0 shake up our daily routine a bit---but its only one day a year (and of course now knowing Aug 31 is "BlogDay", I can kinda plan ahead to come up with five new blogs to recommend.







I suppose I should maybe explain each of the above blogs and why I selected them. However I feel it is sufficient enough for me to say---I found each of them appealing to one or another of my interestes and moods. I think I will let you the readers check them out and decide for yourself. HAPPY BLOGGING EVERYBODY.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"The Old Dude versus The Dreaded Supermarket Gambit"

One of my fans admonished me saying I was the only one who could make doing the laundry sound like fun.-----so today I am going to see if I can put a positive spin on doing the required acquisition of eatables----I may be over reaching, and I need to be careful----I'm running the risk of having my "Ralph's Senior Card" deleted from the machine-----creating an instant "street person". However I am reasonable confident Ralph's will not see me as a serious threat to their strangle hold on the San Fernando Valley.
Okay, today is Saturday, no big deal, that happens about the same time every week, pretty consistently. Now on Saturdays, as a hangover from back in the old days when I worked the 40 hour nine to five thing, this is the day I do my weekly grocery shopping, drop off cleaning at the dry cleaners, do the gardening and those chores one normally, when working a 40 hour week are two tired to take on when arriving home. Out of habit I have continued to bunch my chores into the Saturday time frame---now being retired, if they don't get done, there is always NEXT Saturday right? ---but I digress---this post is about the grocery acquisitioning task.
The first thing one absolutely must do, is prepare a list of those things needed to be bought. To enter the modern supermarket without a list----is sheer doom. The big mega markets we shop at today all have hired professional psychologists to advise them of what color packages to use, what eye level it should sit on the shelf--(ever wonder why the candies are down there staring the Lil kids eyeball to eyeball?)----the scents of fresh baked bread wafting through the store, the placement of what appears last minute of pots of fresh flowers and greenery---and notice too, no matter what time of day you visit the fresh produce section, somebody is there misting down the greens or polishing the apples and oranges keeping it looking oh so appetizing. Oh no, one MUST have a list of what he came in to buy---and not allow him/herself to be sidetracked into impulsive purchases---that's a quick trip to debt-ville . (how does a mom explain to her child he doesn't really need lunch money for school, her having over spent at the grocery market on impulse buys, and they can eat when they get home.)
So this old dude makes up his list of eatables and food materials that he will need for the coming week, planning my meals to be served for myself and the LP, verifying with multiple trips from the den to the kitchen to the pantry to determine if I have this or that already or need to buy more----I even take into my military precision planning to make use of what coupons apply to my final list. NOTE: Old Dude Grocery Shopping Law #1-- One NEVER allows a coupon to determine if an item is to be purchased. (one does NOT save a dollar buying something one doesn't need for five dollars just to make use of a dollar discount---all you have done is spend four dollars ya didn't and shouldn't have---hey its okay kids you can eat when ya get home).
Finally my list of foodstuffs completed, its time to go to -------THE STORE. I have carefully dressed in a so-so pair of Levi's, dirty white sneakers and a solid color (blue ) T-shirt. This outfit deliberately chosen to assist me in blending in with the many other rats running in the maze. (you laugh at me calling myself and my fellow shoppers as "Rats in a Maze"---have you stopped and analyzed the layout of your supermarket---its deliberately laid out, foods put in specific locations to almost guarantee any one person must travel up and down all the isles to get what is on their list---presenting to these "rats" scurrying through the maze--a zillion possible impulse whim purchases---its diabolical I tell ya.)
It would be much simpler if one didn't have so many variations on a theme presented to us for almost every item we wish to buy. Tomatoes?---one has to decide between about 15 varieties, sizes and color. Similarly, you wish to buy soup----40 feet of shelving 6 1/2 feet high, of all the various brands and flavors of soups--- (by the way believe it or don't but Ralph's did NOT have Cream of Asparagus soup in stock last week---I know cause I spent the better part of 30 minutes going through all the brands looking for it.) The same with just about everything else one might want, butter, potatoes, milk, ---the packaged sliced meats is a world in itself. It makes grocery shopping almost hell having to make decisions. Its not unusual to learn that some marriages have come apart just on the basis of the wrong brands of foods being purchased. I can almost understand THAT---here at home the LP watches cooking shows all day, then makes up HIS grocery list----and sends me to the store. (between his coming up with some weird brands and his lousy spelling, I have come close to a nervous breakdown trying to complete his shopping for him. (I believe I have told you before about the P B Cookie dough incident in one of my older posts, but it illustrates the problem---long story short, I found the cookie dough section of Ralph's, but it took me some time to translate the "P B" into Palm Beach cookie dough, but I finally did---by then my ice cream had melted and I had to get a fresh package).
Aside from all the above terrors of shopping, all in all a trip through our modern supermarkets is quite an experience, foods from all over the world are on display for purchase, ginger roots, juamarabbi's,(Mexican potatos), and dozens of things that our multicultural population here in Los Angeles requires for their eating habits. The store is air conditioned, one can even purchase a roll and coffee to munch on while rolling through the miles of isles-----but like I said, without a list-----(shudder)---they do take all the major credit cards however.


Friday, August 29, 2008

VEEERRRY Interesting!!

What a surprise, McCain selecting the Governor of Alaska as his running mate. I think this will make the next couple months of the election period most interesting. I like I suspect most all Americans outside of Alaska, have no knowledge of Ms. Palin. I did catch her introduction speech given in Ohio with McCain at her side---and I have to say she did come across as solid, knowledgeable, and personable. Over the next few weeks we know doubt will be subjected to a zillion articles and broadcasts with her as the topic , and become familiar with her political and personal characteristics.
It has already been pointed out that she is 3years YOUNGER than "Brick",which brings into question how much international experience does she have----wouldn't it be wild if she now flies to Europe, and specifically meets with the wounded there??
Yes the next two months are gonna be real interesting politically.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Anybody Watching Gustav??

New Orleans near died from Katrina, the city existing below sea level and all---now billions of dollar spent to recover from Katrina, here we have the threat of "Gustav"---I have to ask myself, why? why do we humans spit in the face of Mother Nature---trust me its not nice to fool "Mother Nature"---
Yes its a marvel of modern science and technology that allows us to engineer and put in place an area below sea level and make use of it for habitation. Okay we have done it, and there it is----.----Now here comes "Gustav" and if its not "Gustav" then it invariably will be yet another storm---I hate sounding negative but hello??---logic tells us , its only a matter of time..---this year, next year---maybe he year after------?? Frankly I kinda admire our fickle finger off fate to Mother Nature---bring it on, we are here today and we will be here tomorrow---well some of us anyway.

The Party goes on

Guess its "Bricks" night tonight----we have had to listen to what three nights of a continuous stream of Donk's telling us they can't afford this or that, that our health system doesn't cover every body, that our union teachers are swamped with ever larger classes, and poor pay, that American business can't compete with foreign business, that are banks are bad, our housing is inadequate, and ---well gee they have an endless list of what is negative about america. Makes ya wonder why they haven't moved ?? The Donk's philosophy basically is, your entitled, and if your not better off then its the governments fault, not YOURS.
I agree the country isn't perfect, yes it could be made better----who is president however is irrelevant. All the good or bad about the country can be laid at the feet of the National Congress. It is they who pass the laws , raise or lower taxes---and otherwise create the situation we currently find ourselves living with. It is those we send to congress that determine the welfare of the country, not the damn figurehead president.
I am also damn tired of listening to one party proclaim the country is nothing but one problem after another , this from people if they stop to think will find out they are living a better lifestyle than their parents had. (wow, how did that happen?). Similarly I am tired of the other party telling me everything is hunky dory----. I wanna hear from both candidates not so much what they are for---but some plans on just how to achieve that---neither party is putting out any details---just platitudes-----I feel your pain---"screw you"---.
In the next two months runup to election---come on people, don't settle for platitudes, ask for JUST HOW you plan on dealing with that problem Sir?"----then vote.

Thursday's adventure At the F&F Palace.

Dear Sports fans, today being THAT day again, we drove ourselves to the Fluff N Fold emporium. The morning sun already up, and one could see its just going to yet another great day here in Southern California. all sun, no rain-----anyway. NO problem unloading the old Laundry basket and my Soaps and magic potions.

I had the emporium all to myself, which is a good thing for in couple hours the place will be filled with mamacitas, and their many sticky fingered, screaming offspring. (Do you know for a fact your Nanny taking care of YOUR children doesn't also sneak out and do laundry for others to supplement her income----do your children suddenly start using works like SoapFlakes, bleach, ---and action words like Rinse cycle, ----or tumble dry?)

I had to make use of the change machine, to acquire sufficient quarters for the washers and driers, but with only a modicum of negativity I fed in my seven dollars to change into quarters. (sufficient for for washer loads, and the time of the three driers to be used to dry, the sheets, the whites and the coloreds-----the whites went in , the sheets went in but then we hit a snag with the coloreds. I had loaded the machine, even put in the soapflakes, but halfway through putting the quarters in I realized the coin box was not counting properly----so like the professional laundry person I have trained myself to be---I swore mildly, and quickly removed all the clothes to another washer, added fresh soap flakes and got the machine working (albeit I am now 5-6 minutes off schedule).

The laundry now working, I exit the Fluff N Fold Palace and walk a half block to a small coffee/donut shop---I am probabely he only white person in the store---the rest being a nice cross section of the United nations,----but I am a regular customer, the chinese clerk spots me gives me a nod and a wide grin, says nothing just goes about pouring the large coffee I always order, I hand him the money, we nod, and I leave, and make my way back to the F&F.

Now I run into the establishment owner arrive to work his emporium---"OLA!" I greet him, he grins and returns my greeting. I explain his machine isn't counting coins correctly and tell he owes me ---he nods, returns my invested quarters, and goes about his day, I adjorn to get in a few good pages of my latest book. (this week we are reading "Polar Shift", by Clive Cussler. a wonderful escapist novel, having to deal with mad scientists and the good guys racing against time to win the day and make it safe for democracy and the American way. (I was given the book by Carl, my niece's Tish Boy Friend, on my visit a few weeks back at a family get together he hosted (Carls Place).

Probably to late to make this a short story, but ----I finished the laundry, fluffed and Folded and made it back to the Palace here on Matililija without further incident.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello?? anybody here?----I'm Back??

Howdy Sportsfans,
I'm back from the big H. and pleased to inform ya I got great bone density going for me. I wish to inform Bear Naked, who asked what a bone intensity test entails , that its a very pleasant test. One merely lays back on the table holds still while an overhead maching slides back and forth humming and beeping for about 10 minutes (I damn near felll asleep I was so comfortable), and that was it. I was in and out of the hospital I didn't even have to pay anything for parking.---The old dude will sleep good tonight. (probably dreaming about those high kicking bears on her blog)---and I wish to thank all that had me in their thoughts and expressed best wishes my way---youse guys must have some real pull, cuz it sure went well. MUCHO GRACIAS (AS THEY SAY IN THE OLD COUNTRY).

---The Hillary Has Spoken

Yesterday Hillary had her moment in the sun at the Donk's Party. After all the hoopla and hype building us all up on our toes for it, IT, not unlike the poorly run , "wait for the text" game , turned out to be a non event also.
This non-event kinda further underlines that the "Brickster" has peaked to early and is now sinking in the polls. Since February 1oth, 2007, the American Public has been bombarded almost on a daily basis, a steady diet of how "Brick" was THE MAN----one who would bring "Change", and bring fresh air into the government.
Now here we are some 18 long months later---and what do we really know about "Brick"? He fired his Minister of some 20 years, (seems the minister made the mistake of getting bigger headlines than Brick!), he out libbed Hillary to get a lock on the convention delegates but then once that was done began to reposition himself publicly----yes he would still get the troops out of Iraq---but instead of bringing them home, he would reposition them in Afghanistan.
He made the grand tour of Europe, complete with rock n roll concerts to guarantee big crowds, and actually had the chutzpah to explain to the American public the reason he couldn't visit the wounded troops in Germany, was that it would be seen as being staged for politics-----yet shaking hands with the movers and shakers of France and Germany wasn't?? (you think the powers of France and Germany) were gonna miss a little PR with the American President wannabee----he must have truly amused them.
The Europe Road show----was the high water mark of the "Brickster's" campaign so it seems as the polls now show he has gone from the lead to second choice of the American Public. The Donk's candidate for President, the man who would bring us Change---his first decision, pick a VP, and who does he go to?----he picks Joe Biden. The one Washington DC resident who has been a DC insider longer than anyone else in the history of the American Government. (Hows THAT for change?) Some of the Donks had been firmly convinced that he would Pick Hillary as his Veep choice----but then again, She might get more press that he did---and well we saw what happened with his Minister of some 20 years.
Tonight at the Donk's gala in Denver, we will get to hear Speeches from Bill Clinton, The President that made "Intern" a national lampoon. and from Joe Biden, the man who won the "Wait for the text" game "Brick" had played with the press. It will be Joe's assignment to play the "attack dog" role and lambaste McClain. Whereas its Bills job to smooth over the rift between the old democrats and the youngun's, so his speech will praise Hillary, praise
Brick, and just be all nice and toasty. On the other hand-----maybe he will praise Hillary, and let the delegates make of that what they will.----but then again, the whole "Brickster" show is really getting kinda a tired look to it---its been on the road a year and a half now. I myself will be watching the first Season of "Monk", the writing is better and so is the acting.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Moment IN Time

As the sun slowly sinks in the west (yet again), it occurs to me come the dawn that tomorrow will be the 27th of the Month.----and no way I can pretend I am surprised, have seen it coming for weeks--tomorrow I get to go to the Medical Hospital (A major hospital which will go unnamed) and get a "Bone Density" test. Why a bone density test you all ask---well, (sigh) dealing here with this humongously enlarged Postrate---and the doctor having done a number of biopsies has found no real evidence of cancer, but-------and having discussed the pros and cons at some length with him---have agreed that I should go about about "shrinking " the monster, so that eventually, SHOULD surgery be required it will be a viable option----so I have begun taking the necessary drugs to "shrink" the big guy down----yes Virginia this has to do with chemotherapy and I now am at risk of not having sufficient calcium in my body over the duration of the treatment (we are talking 6-18 monthes, one pill a day).
However to monitor things its necessary to establish a bone density level---so thus the need for tomorrows test. Its no big deal---besides I have to leave the house anyway if for no other reason than to complete the grocery shopping I failed to do early today----(not to mention refurbish my beer supply ),which I noticed a moment ago , as I took the last cold brewski in captivity for myself, that we are now totally out of. (I really DO have to find better planning skills). Have no fear sportfans, my appointment tomorrow is late in the afternoon, and I plan on making another post in the morning---and if I get back from the bone testing grounds early enough an afternoon posting as well? (lol)

Super Market Time

Some people have a pathological fear of Supermarkets. These people will drive miles out of their way to obtain groceries from roadside stands, or small niche market stores. They almost always take as much advantage of their friends and neighbors as they can---using the old, "oh if your going to the supermarket today, gee, gosh could you pick up a couple items for me" routine. I feel kinda sorry for those people---supermarkets being such a main social center of modern lives as they are---to have a fear of them----that's not living , that's merely existing.
I myself have no fear of the Supermarkets---I go in KNOWING in advance that in all probability I am going to come out with my blood pressure raging, my wallet screaming "rape", my mind in total turmoil, not having found this or that and now having to substitute and totally revamp my weeks meal planning that I had spend a good 15-20 minutes working on in preparation to going to the store. Like HELLO, going to the supermarket is probably the highlight of my week. and its air conditioned too.
Today, is Tuesday, this is the day I do the LP's grocery list. I received the list and my detailed instructions last evening, and I am pleased to report I am quite confident I Will be able to acquire all of the items, the only sticky part will be as I get checked out---and ask for $200 in cash----this slows the clerks down as almost always they have to call the assistant mgr, who has to go to the back room to get the extra cash (I have noticed over time however if I shop late in the after noon, more often than not the clerk will have sufficient cash in their drawer to handle my request).----but again even in my worst case scenario, I get the cash and the trip will be a successful one.---I will plan on hitting the market about 2-2:30pm---after the lunch rush, but before the 4pm "oh my gawd he will be home from work in an hour and I don't have anything to cook for dinner", rush.----and I need to review the list with my collection of usable coupons---its gonna be a good day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Want MY Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune Time

Its bad enough there is diddly on the tv programming, they now gotta add to the garbage, and put in an hour of (sob!) the "Donk's party in Denver----and to make room for it they had to ursurp the two best shows on the schedule, "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune". "WE" are most definitely not amused! I have no interest in the "Brick and Joe (text me) Biden comedy show----its been going now for over a year and a half------and so far he hasn't said anything, but then he IS a politician isn't he---hmmph, I wouldn't buy a used car from him either. First ya fire your Minister for upstaging ya, then ya blantantly snub our wounded troops, and now your first "presidential " decision is to offer the Vice Presidency to one of the entrenched "DC" elite. (Hows THAT for Change folks?)----and then as a final blow to the people you block out their favorite game shows and insist they gotta listen to you---------ya think?? (if ya hurry ya might still be able to sign of with the Madonna World Tour, she could use a good clown act to warm up the crowds for her act)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coupons are for the Mentally Suspect

First off I'm a guy, so what could I possible know about couponing---thats strictly the province of the other Gender. Well I admit I am not an expert by any means but I do observe while standing in the lines waiting for this or that Coupon Queen to resolve their negotiations with the Checkers. I mean talk about reality intertainment-----like the drama expressed should make Couponing a category all to itself---they could call the award handed out a "Cupie Doll".
Anyway again and again I hear the plaintive (usually over emoted) cry of , "ohh I thought it was for any size box, I can't afford the big container, can't you let it go just this one time--the checker shakes her head negatively and gives the customer a heartfelt look of condolence, the customer then moves on to phase two, well if I don't buy the two boxes of cookies then I could afford to buy the larger box and the coupon would then be good right, okay lets do that" I wait while the poor box boy takes the now rejected cookies and gets the larger box of product to make teh coupon work, while the checker goes about deleting the charges for the cookies previous rung up and enters the cost of the now accepted larger product box.---I begin to suspect maybe my checkout line will proceed to make some progress----WRONG---THE INSANE LADY HAS A FIST FULL OF COUPONS, -----my life kinda flashes in front of my eyes, and like a mouse held by the stare of a snake, I watch mesmerized---as the customer and the checker go through the waht I now know is a perfected routine for each---each testing the other to see if they can make them make a mistake, or stumble first---this coupon calls for two of something, not just one, this couple is expired by three days, but the women had bought some of that product several days before but didn't have the coupon with her and well you know----uh-huh,--- nuh-huh---nice try, didn't fly----in my mind I have now taken sides with the checker I am really almost holding my breath as the two work through the pile of coupons, the checkers fingers flying on the cash register, subtracting, adding adjusting---my whole world narrowing down to just these two----now audibly muttering yahoo or boo depending how things went in the back and forth drama----but then finally all the coupons had been worked through---I was like a drunk waking up from an all night bender. My head throbbed, I was kind of disoriented, for a second or two I wasn;t sure where I was or even what day it was----but then reality kicked fully in and I waited to move up in the line---but no wait---the Mad Womens credit card was no good, perhaps a check, what ID did she have??,--- but the mgr of the store knew here husband and-----.
I am very careful only now to get in line clearly marked "no coupons"--------

From PHEENomenal to awwww jeez

Tonight we say good bye to the Olympics for another two years, and I for one have to say I really believe all in all the host Nation China, (politics aside), put on a most wonderful games, and the worlds finest athletes did themselves proud. Now beginning tomorrow we go from the ooh wow and golly of the Olympics, to the oh hell, aw www jeez of of the American Circus of Political conventions.
Here in California, we for all practical purposes are shutting the state assembly down, while all the happy donk delegates fly off to Denver to party. Never mind the state is two months late putting a budget together, and is facing a 15 Billion dollar deficit----but please don't call me biased, as the following week all the smiling Pachyderms fly off to their convention, and the assembly will be unable to function for yet another week.
The Governor, who has during his term been outspoken about NOT raising taxes, this time around is suggesting we need to add a 1% raise in the state sales tax, to raise enough revenues to make the sale of an additional 9 1/2 billion dollars of State bonds marketable----wonder what happens if the outside world gets wise and stops buying the California "paper"----????----awwwww jeez!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sometimes a guy just wants to jump in the air, click his heels together and yell "eureka"---I just had one of those moments.  I have been attempting to instruct my niece Tish on how to create a "Blog List" and add it to her blog page.  One needs to understand my niece is not a technophobe, so much as she has little experience in computer programs and easily overwhelmed with click here, copy, click there paste and etc etc and such.
     It also is important that you understand MY verbal instructions leave alot to be desired as well.  In anycase it was a 35 minute phonecall, a lot of no, no, ---I don't understand, wait, OOOH, hmmm, oops I meant to tell ya to ----but finally, success ----Tish is now building her blog list---there will be no stopping her now-----just hope I havn't created a monster (lol)-----ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Once Again Its Friday----don't blame me.

Sports fans,
Once again its Friday and I know the vast bulk of ya are now facing two unstructured days referred to as weekends. (that is to say those that are adult singles are(
No three martini business lunches, no dressing in suits and fun uniforms----48 continuous hours of dealing with----(sob)---your real life. The drudge of taking clothes to  the cleaners, and doing laundry--aaaaaagh!!--- grocery shopping---doing the outside chores such as cutting the grass, sweeping the walks, (can't let the neighbors get ahead of ya on yard appearances)----ya want to go to the movie, but hey tight budget this week, movie or food??----Oh yeah you didn't finish that report the boss wanted, that's gonna make Monday at work a bitch---something we can worry about all weekend unable now to do anything about---.
Maybe you wanna spend some time down at the local pub, maybe meet some new chicks/guys (fill in the blank to what stirs ya)----nah, promised the folks I would visit on Sunday, sure don't want to look hung over, and aw jeeze mom is gonna be all over ya , wondering who I am dating , or not dating---(remember that loser she lined ya up with the last time they had you over for dinner a couple weeks back--yuck)
Oh man why does everyone thing being single is so great--------its one problem after another.----but wait------least I don't have in laws to deal with----I'll drink to that!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Remember back when--??

No this is not a invite to go back and rehash fond memories of your first ice cream cone or day at the beach.----no, ---asking, do you remember back when we had the public debate about free TV versus Pay TV? Look who I am asking?----there are so few of us left. Forget I asked.
Back a number of years ago, the cable companies wanted a bigger slice of the pie and fought to have laws passed that allowed them an ever bigger slice of the TV Pie. Back then , not unlike now, those who could not get a broadcast TV signal due to mtns, being in the way of the TV Towers, or perhaps in a remote area where the signal just flat was to weak to deliver a picture, could at a price (a monthly fee) get cable and get the same tv programming as the rest of the world.---and life was good. The Cable companies wanted more---how about people in big cities where the signal was blocked by tall buildings----then it was how about those that just didn't want to attach a ugly attennae on the roof, shouldn't they be allowed to pay for cable if they wanted??---SO-O-O, the Free VS PAY TV wars broke out-----Long story short---Free TV lost.
The people in the know looking ahead saw that what was needed was a source of new material to feed the jaws of Television broadcasting. "Free TV, quickly signed up all the current actors, comedians, clowns and musicians---and we entered what is called the golden age of TV.
In the Golden age we had great shows ---drama, a whole library of great movies, and an army of young writers and technicians---and we had shows like "The Twilight Zone", "The US Steel hour", "The Ed Sullivan hour"---"I Love Lucy". How great was it?---it was so great that the TV Guide Magazine was the biggest seller, even outdoing "Reader's Digest"!!---but that was then.
Today?? Today TV Guide Magazine is not even in the top ten magazines---the big annual TV award show for best programs the Emmemys---sponsored by ??---yeah you guessed it, one of the Cable companies---if ya want good TV---you gotta pay for it---anyday now I expect the "Donks" (aka the Liberals) to start picketing for we need "free TV"---to late everybody climbed on board the cable wagon---(whose pulling the wagon----oh, ooh yeah, the monthly subscribers)


Off to the right of this page you see in the upper right corner the latest buzz widget, listing a few of the latest news nugget/links---here's what I need help with----the "Buzz" widget is fun and informative, but maybe its just waaay to cute, know what I mean? So-o-o---who gives it a thumbs up, and who gives it a thumbs down?---I need YOU my readers to tell me---like hello, this page is for YOU--(lol)---(more or less). Today is Thursday, and I know most of ya fall asleep blogging wise on weekends, what with having real lives and all---so will let this question hang til ---lets say Tues 8/26-----and you readers rule------.

"ITS A BIRD!!----ITS A PLANE!!---NO, NOOOO, ITS just me "

I read someplace that the SEO Spiders like catchy post titles---but hey what does this old dude know---I mean like---what the hell is an SEO, and spiders have never really been high up on my list of fun things. Okayyy yeah, so the title of this blog is a total lie, and has nothing to do with birds or planes---not even sure it has anything to do with me either---oooh my gawd!!! what we got here is an "orphan" post, looking for adoption. (you don't see to many of those around---and they sure don't get the kinda "press" they should get---considering how many bloggers are staring at their pages in quiet desperation on what to post next).
I was up at some predawn moment and before I was really awake, found myself back home, having already completed the weekly "Fluff n Fold" operation without any incident. Have read the local rag of a newspaper---same bat station, same bat channel as the radio and TV use---boring.---so here I am blinking hopefully at the screen waiting for the wild thrill of inspiration to run up my spine-----as the little engine said, ---"I think I can,----I think I can"----who am I kidding, what the boy really needs is a cold beer-----THEN we can get serious---(lol)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


WOW, here it is people----POST No. 300------enjoy.

Here in California where we are overly in love with anything that smacks of a healthier life style, I read an interesting article in my Local newspaper, "The Daily News". The topic was titled, "Boxed vino can reduce wine's footprint". I am not a snob by any means---well maybe I am but I will deny it in public.---but hello, nobody that's anybody drinks Wine sold in boxes. At least that has been my understanding since back in College where I first developed my sense of sophistication. (Why is the LP sitting over there laughing himself sick at me??)
The article went on to explain that the vast bulk of American wine production is here on the West coast, whereas the bulk of the wind drinkers are East of the Mississippi. To meet the demand a lot of wine bottles are trucked to the east coast. The carbon-dioxide emissions created trucking the wine across country is calculated to be 5.2 POUNDS per 750 milliliter bottle. (That's a lot of soot people). Whereas if the Wine was packaged in boxes, (the newspaper story mentions 3 liter boxes in the study, that's an equivalent of (4 ) 750ml bottles) the carbon-dioxide emissions) would be about 2.6 pounds .
In summary if 97 percent of all the wine made to be consumed within a year, were shipped in those 3 liter boxes, it would eliminate about 2 MILLION TONS of greenhouse gas emissions per year, or the equivalent of retiring 400,000 cars from the road.
I guess its a fact that the United States has now surpassed Italy in our total consumption of wine, and is closing in on France. (Talking total volume, not per person consumption, we are waaaay behind on that statistic). I neglected to mention that the article did make reference to the fact that Italy's Agriculture Ministry has recently announced that some wines that receive the government's quality assurance label may now be shipped in boxes.
It would seem that this trend to go to boxes is ultimately going to be the "green" thing to do, but I kinda have to ask myself----we already have with the problem of what to do with the zillions of plastic bags----has anyone thought about the tons of empty wine boxes we will have??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Joyce is Coming!"

This is worthy of posting. A vibrant fellow senior citizen is coming to Southern California on the ever popular visiting offspring /vacationing gambit. Okay that in and of itself is not earth-shattering news.---like hello, all families have generational family visits.
I don't quite know how to describe the event---its not just an east coast versus west coast thing---it's not a "mom-always-liked-you-best" struggle either---(well maybe?---hmmm nah!!), guess in the bigger scope of things all of the above is off the scale---"JOYCE" is coming here---HERE!!-----I am awed, and yet in my awe I realize the Sun still comes up in the East---but how can that be? TOMORROW, TOMORROW , Tomorrow is only a day a way!!)

(enjoy your visit to Shogun Mtn Joyce---glad to have ya out here)

"Do Ya Feel Lucky Punk?"

Like any other civilized metropolis---we have our murders, our drive bye shootings, the raided drug deals gone bad, film at eleven stuff, and of course the ever popular slow chase scenarios--you know the ones they interrupt the dumb reality shows with and we get to watch some poor snook drive for hours this way and that with the helicopters overhead keeping track, and the local police taking turns following as they move from one community to another---anyway, here is something to ponder that is WAAY real.
Our fair (but hopelessly financially broke city) has instituted a new fine----this one should strike fear in your wallet, sure did mine anyway---The famous "California rolling stop for right turns)------will now cost you $381.00 if caught by a cop or the ever prolificating intersection camera's.
Seems our City leaders, desperate to raise more revenues to pay for those costly salaries of our City Council members, have decided the invention of intersection cameras and resulting photos, shows that the city can earn waaaaay more bucks nailing slow rolling stop turns than they could of those that blantantly run redlights.
Like hello, what stupid pedistrian is gonna step off the curb and not look to his left first?

Its Supermarket Day

Once again the sun comes up in the East---its nice to know you can count on some things. Its Tuesday, and today is when we do the LP's grocery shopping---I think having spent the better part of yesterday listening to be moan, groan, scream with frustration snarl at everything and otherwise throw a day long hissy fit over the anti-virus fiasco, he opted to make today's shopping an easy one---his list consisting of "purchase any four days worth of TV dinners you like, and a book of stamps". When he gave me his list, and I read it---didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Actually that's not true, when he first gave me the list and I saw how simple it was I wanted to jump up and down with glee, but that was last night, now that I have slept on it so to speak, I find his list kinda insulting, like he was treating me like a simple child----like he didn't trust my shopping skills, and it makes me kinda angry. It occurs to me I should buy four days worth of frozen crispy fried chicken dinners (he can;t eat crisp foods as he has no teeth to chew with) would serve him right for being so insulting----but wait, now I AM BEING A SPOILED CHILD, and overly sensitive ----I think his gesture of allowing me to buy four days of food of my choice is HIS way of sympathizing with my all day long computer fiasco, and he trusts me to buy those foods that not only that I like but that he also likes and can eat. well damn thats why I call him
"The Little Prince"----what a great guy he is, a real true blue pal.-----I'll make that four days of MEATLOAF dinners, its the least I can do.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Maybe tomorrow, my apologies

Today we were kicked in the head with our anti-virus program telling me it was about to die, and not having DSL, spent about 5 hours trying to download and renew things, to no avail. I have no gone out bought the damn program at the local store, and installed it, but---(aaaaaarg!! it wants to update itself, and is taking its own sweet time (again the no dsl slap in the face, I'm beginning to enjoy the pain, hmmm?), anyway til the program is fully updated, hopefully before Tuesday---can I suggest to my avid readers to click on the word "ART" in my list of labels on my side bar, and peruse the various posts demonstrating the Art OF Matilija, my home here in So. Calif. Tomorrow will post something new----til then Ciao for now.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"HELLO, Paris Hilton Calling, will you accept the Charges?"

This is funny, as first off, I can't imagine Paris even giving a thought to reversing charges---that would be---??---well its so-o anti-Paris Hilton?? Like it wobbles the mind---it would be so not like her. Frankly I think she is one smart lady, or she is smart enough to let her handlers work for her benefit.
Madonna started this kinda promotion, ---it all comes under the title, "I don't care what THEY are saying---just as long as they are talking about me school?". What in advertising we label as ---"as word of mouth advertising"---what is sometimes mentioned in "Hollywood-ese"---"what have ya done Lately to get your name in the news"?.
What appalls me is---how those that would run for the highest office in the land , turn themselves over to "handlers" to "promote" them. (and NO sportsfans I am not talking one or the other candidate for President of our Country here)---I have my likings, my preferences, just as YOU do---I am merely saying --please, PLEASE look past the hyper news presented by the big 7 news presenters, get the facts about each candidate---and VOTE----your vote DOES count.----unless you live in Florida or Michagan in which case according to the Liberals, (aka democrats) they only count 1/2---(what did ya do to get punished like that?)

"Real Or Memorex"?

Kids today won't remember that commercial on TV----I think today's equivalent might be more like , "Is is Real or is it Spam?". I say this because those of us who are comfortable on the Internet know, your only as famous as the last five minutes---anything older being ancient history, your five minutes of fame is over, move on---Next?.
I am one of those people who use News gator, one of the better news gatherers around, yet even so----you send ten thousand "bots" out to gather whats new-----you get what ya get. Those who deal with the computer know---garbage in, garbage out---you gotta ask the right question---use the RIGHT key words---otherwise you just playing with yourself.
This being an election year, every reporter, every INDIVIDUAL with a blog has input on the plus or minuses of the campaign.---rumors run amok, photo journalists are in a total frenzy, looking for that "killer photo", extremists on both left and right, taking every utterance by the candidates and loudly exclaiming this means only this or that.
Only here in the USA, where running for president is a four year long effort, building to a climax that no other nation achieves----does it take on a real "Its Entertainment" level. Unfortunately----we have over the years grown accostumed to this almost annual circus, so that now we rate the candidates on he best 30 second sound bites---we all know Presidents don't do anything except appear at other heads of states funerals, and at international meetings that have already been neatly negotiated to show each and every head of state in a good light. Yet here in the United States, we treat the election of a new president as if it was the comming of the Messiah.
Well not to deflate the television ratings we older people know , its the "Donks" turn to be president----and the whole campagne is just flash and bang and we all pretend its real. (so few actually vote that those in control have no problem staying in control) (like communist russia reporting 98 percent voted, and 96.4 re-elected Stalin---surprise, surprise)
You gotta ask yourself----whose in charge---forget labels like Democrat, or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, blow past that---do your homework, who ARE these guys, and more important---WHO IS PROMOTING them, not the political parties, but behind that???

I Googled Myself

I imagine, as I re read the Title of this post, that a good number of eyebrows shot up, well sorry people, nothing that titillating happened. What I did was I ran my blog Url through the Google Page ranker and learned, that I have now reached the grand page rank level of 2----but you have to remember I have only been blogging for a bit less than four months.
So I only rank as 2 out a possible 10-----I see any number of commercials on the net regarding how to double or triple ones page rank in less than 5 minutes----and seems these people will list you blog in over 100 plus directories---and only charge YOU $29.95 for doing it. All the directories you yourself could list your blog on for free.---yes it would take you some time to do 100. Now ask yourself a question, if everyone could have a high Google page rank for a mere $29.95------why aren't there tens of thousands highly ranked? In short , there is no really easy way of getting a high rank, one has to do it the old fashion way----work hard at it.
It is my opinion the best way to gain a higher page rank, and greater readership is to just go out on the web read others blogs, leave a comment and a link back to your blog-----sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose---If you come across a really good blog in your estimation, add it to your page under a blog roll listing----and the owner of that blog, might be considerate enough to do the same for you with your blog on his page.-----and that boys and girls is what makes the world go around. (hey check out the really great art on Helene's blog)

It's A Neato Day

Its Sunday, the sun is shining, its gonna be warm but not unbearable hot---the kind of day our chamber of commerce would have you believe they were all like here in southern California. I have no chores that must be done to day, the larder is stocked with food, more importantly the beer supply is plentiful-----Netflix appears to have resolved their shipping snafu, and yesterday I received all my current movies----. It is going to be just one of those Neato days, where a guy can just drift along with whatever moves him at the time----One of those days where one can go out and plunk oneself down into a padded lounger, and maybe read, while sipping a cold drink (or in my case a cold brewski)----just listen to the birds chirping, and allow himself the luxury of a nap.-----(zzzzzzzzzz mmmmmm) N-E-A-T-O!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

IT's Saturday, the Place is Empty----(to many bloggers have lives)

I'm an older dude, pretty much in control of my life---but like most people, sometimes life pummels me pretty good around the head and shoulders---whats the expression, ohh yeah, no pain no gain??--There are probabely other expressions but I digress.

I blog , I post more frequently than most---its like writing in my diary---only I'm aware that there are a few adventurous souls that read over my shoulder---so what I Post here is not exactly a total secret, nor is it meant to be---actually I am kinda laughing as I am also flashing on the lyric of a pop song some years back, the chorus going ---"you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd---" who sang that--??---guessing Roger Miller? No doubt somebody will google it and call me out on that---so don't bet the name of your first born on what I guess.

Here's the question---does YOUR opinion count for anything---about anything??  The answer with most sane people, is ---your fucking right it counts!!---and I say, hoisting my beer in your direction, you fucking right it does.

     So here I am on a saturday, pretty much all alone, (just listening to the echos is kinda spooky in here)--and its gonna be this way til Monday when the kids come back and are at work and are bored-----.  Nobody will pay any attention to my new "button"---I'm one of those old people you smile at, try not to inconvience, and otherwise ignore-----.  Yeah, well don't come crying to ME about having a hangnail, and not gettng any sympathy----will talk to ya when ya get back----don't give me another thought.

I don't Wanna, But I'm Gonna---

Don't ya hate it when life pushes ya around? Forcing ya to rearrange your schedule , and do things when ya don't really want to. I know its called poor planning, or maybe failure to plan ahead----but why does it always come back and be MY fault??

I know, everyone is now wondering what off the wall bump in the road has this old guy babbling near hysterically? In a nutshell----THERES NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE I WANT TO EAT FOR DINNER, SO I GOTTA GO TO THE STORE!!------(and we are out of beer too (sigh)). I have known this now for the last couple hours and have been procrastinating---but there is only one beer left in the fridge---which means I can't procrastinate much longer or things will truly get ugly.

For the record, in that I am the primary person filling a caregiving role here---there ARE plenty of groceries in the house---starving is not on the immediate horizon. The problem is, I don't yearn for either chicken, hamburger, or Pork chops------further aside from knowing what I don't hunger for---I'm drawing a blank at what I DO WANT?-----not knowing the answer to that is why I am procrastinating going to the store.

To go to a supermarket, without a list, hungry, but not sure just what for------one needs to have a "Gold Card"----(just the deli section alone would bankrupt me)----but the beer is going down fast-----nothing is coming to mind--------???? Tuna?---nah---Pizza?---nah, Spaghetti maybe??---nah, -----SHAZAM!!
     I got it, Filet of beef, cut in bite size pieces, seared over a hight heat to seal in the juices, then simmerred in a nice beef gravy, bolstered with a good hearty red wine til tender and the spices have all played nice with each other.  Served on extra-wide egg noodles---with baby brussel sprouts, along with an avocado half, filled with bean sprouts and Ken's Country French Dressing-------mmmmmmmmmm.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Sun Sets On Friday---the bloggo sphere population dies by 90%

The sun slowly sinks in the west, and the boys and girls who get a giggle out of blogging , drop off the line and got about their realities---they still have allusions that if they do the right thing at the right time---the music gets louder, the sun a bit brighter, and voila they have arrived at "Nivana"-------. Meanwhile back in "Reality"---there is a waaay big drop off of blogging comments and posting, while others do their best to pursue the illusion of "real lives".
"Real Lives" is right up there with other artificial terms like "middle class"---or "Average". Why do people think that come the weekend anything has changed?? They still are the same, the sun Still comes up in the east, sets in the west----don't they KNOW they are in control of their own lives? The answer of course is---they don't know themselves, and are totally lost and confused trying to consciously appear as they think others---family and friends---and yeah Society want them to appear.
At some point, some earlier than others, conclude life is for them, and screw what everyone else wants from them----THAT'S, when an individual becomes an adult and begins to lead their own lives.
Anyway I digress come weekends, way to many of the confused stop posting, as weekends are where they do their best to relate to real life---but , (sigh) most will waste their time trying to be what others and society want, not what THEY want----and the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west and the dance goes on--------IS IT SOUP YET?

I'm Old and I'm Worried

I have to look around me and I am not sure I like what I see---not at all sure just what it all means. I know how vague that remark is, so let me put it into context.
The times they are a changing----yeah, yeah, I know "Peter, Paul N Mary" did the song. I'm 71 now, and still have 3 outta 4 of my wisdom teeth (that no doubt will be me a lot of letters from the Dental academy--sigh). Has anyone besides me noticed the big deterioration of public manners in the last----say twenty years??. No doubt this has been going on one long time, but me being a bachelor---no college degree, but otherwise a total Rake---it has come to even MY attention. The intelligence of the kids today is even lower than mine---which was lower than my predecessors----what does this mean??
Like hello? two and two IS still four---ain't it? So how come the kids today clerking in the stores can't count change back properly. I know some of ya are laughing at my being persnickety about counting change back properly, but hello, it slows me down when I have to count my change to make sure the clerk has given me the right change. I distinctly remember that by the time I reached the 6Th grade, dumb as I was---I COULD count change back to customers.
What worries me, what scares me is---the managers of these clerks can't do it either?? ALL OF THEM , count on the "smart" cash register to tell them how much change to give the customer. They have NO idea how to do the math to figure it out on their own---they are not even capable of doing it. Now ask yourself this question---what happens when the power fails and the "smart" machines don't tell the clones what to do--------------??
Who do we blame for this blatant lack of teaching ---the teachers Unions, or the Teachers themselves, who no doubt are out busy picketing for their political candidate or the candidate the Union leaders told them to be for.---- I guess it IS possible the current crop of kids are stupid, but somehow I think its lack of good teaching.

What Do You Mean MY Credit Card Has Expired?

I sat down at my puter this early morning, feeling good. I had slept well the night before, now had poured myself a nice hot fresh cup of coffee, and had begun my run through my incoming email. First up was from my good pals at Netflix--casually telling me my credit card, which they automatically bill , would expire at the end of this month!!? In my mind I thought, how silly of them---credit cards never expire, they are always renewed, and renewed----so it had to be some stupid clerical error in the system right? I of course checked my card, and damn if they (Netflix) wasn't right my card expires this month----yet here it is the 15th and I have no new replacement??? PANIC!!, BUT WAIT, I have other cards, one can merely tell them to bill one of the other cards ----then at my leisure I can go fight with the other card issuer and demand justice and the American Way.
I took a reassuring gulp of my coffee, fished out yet another credit card, and automatically checked It's expiration---damn it too expired this month---a more hurried check verified that my third card also expired this month----oooh my gawd I'm having a personal "Twilight Zone" moment-----or maybe the Pod People have got me----I no longer exist in the real world, and am only now learning of this----HELLO?? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME??
With my stomach tight (verging on nauseous), I place a call to my bank----and with fear in my voice, ask why I have not been renewed? The voice at the other end Identified herself as "Diane", and she explained that yes my cards all expired, but at the END of the Month, and that new cards are mailed during the last two weeks of the month, and that I should have new fresh cards any day now-----I thanked her profusely---and hung up. Once again everything is my friend---til it bites me---my coffee is now cold, its gonna be one of THOSE days.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here In America (thats the USA here for purposes of discussion)

Here we are currently being entertained by the spectacle of the Olympics, kinda rooting for the HOME team, but being open minded ---admitting the best athelete won ---and we won't get into the best out of three arguments okay?
Next on our public agenda is the exposure the press gives us of our political conventions, which as become something of a joke---all of us knowing its all behind the scenes, and what WE are presented are what the powers that be wish us to see.---the handlers of Obama, and the handlers of McCain---the puppet masters will orchestrate the conventions to present their latest nominee for President---and after much (some say waaay to much dilly-dallying) , each party will present us their "howdy doody" puppet to start the "official " election for president.
Once past the presentation of politcial conventions and this time around's candidates (have ya noticed neither party wants to draw attention to whose running for congress where the REAL power lays?)---we will be subjugated to a veritable blitz of paid for commercials tauting this or that candidate---LOL---the old my bacon is better than your bacon argument.
Beat the drums, pretend the election is important, its only important that the people think they made a choice---and lets get back to the 25% majority that runs the country, ---most people not bothering to vote,saying---my vote doesn't count , so why should I inconvenience myself to vote-------(say good night USA, glad I knew ye when---)

Nothing is Forever---

Back in 1949---(not many of us can say that--heh, heh, heh) the board Game "Clue" was the big Xmas seller. Names Like Miss Scarlet, Prof. Plum, Col. Mustard became popular verbal icons. I can't imagine very many adults today in the western world anyway, that haven't played the board game "Clue".
Well Nothing lasts forever, even the Pyramids of Egypt are slowly eroding away, even me "old dude" is starting to show some wear and tear----(only his barber knows for sure). Well the popular board game has come under the "renovate/update" gun. Say Goodbye to Miss Scarlet, Prof. Plum etc, etc, etc---(sigh).
IF your fear is you might date yourself, then its imperative that you go out and buy the current version of the game.----see the new "Mansion, with its spa, (say good bye to the ballroom), and check out the new "weapons"-------.(LOL) only the names have been changed to protect the innocent---heh, heh, heh---

Only In Granolaville (aka California)

You all know or recall Cindy Sheehan, the Lady that camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch protesting the war in Iraq?? Amongst her long list of antiwar protestations, and demands to bring the troops home, she even called the President a bigger terrorist than Osama ben Laden. Well, -----guess what? she's back in the news, this time as a political candidate running in the 8Th district here in Granolaville (aka California).
So, this is no big surprise that she has moved her base of operations from outside her encampment of the Bush Ranch , moved here, and is now qualified to run for the office of representative of the 8Th district. Like HELLO---granolaville is famous for its fruits, nuts and flakes------only here we actually let them run for elective office. What IS surprising and makes it totally a fun entertainment is the 8Th district is currently held by (drum roll please-----) no other than the "Liberal's" Liberal---Nancy Pelosi, currently the Speaker of the House!!
So, what do we have going here???------the nations top most anti-bush protestor, Cindy Sheehan, campaigning against the top Liberal in the Country, Nancy Pelosi. Kinda explains why Nancy wasn't about to keep all the representatives back in washington to vote on an energy program, SHE needed to get back to California (surprising everyone, that she remembered how to get here from Washington, DC), and deal with her re-election in her home district.
So here in the biggest "Blue State" of them all----there appears to be signs of discontent, but while it lasts, ---it appears we got ourselves a good old fashion "Cat fight"!---hey you laugh, but bet ya next fall HBO or one of the cable outfits will be pushing to put on the series as a new show. Might be the next big "West Wing"??

Going For A New Record At FLUFF N FOLDING

Today being Thursday , which around here is better known as "FLUFF N FOLD" day, I got to doing some math and today was the 133rd consecutive successful completion of doing the weekly laundry. Next week will set a new modern record of consecutive laundry completions. Better yet, each subsequent "Fluff N Fold" day sets a new record. I think to celebrate next week when I establish a new record, I will go all out, maybe order a pizza for delivery and get the LP and I a bottle of Korbel, extra dry Champagne-----LIFE IS GOOD

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Once Upon A Time------

All good fairy tales start this way---and the title was enough to grab your attention---now the hard part keeping ya reading right? This is not a fairy story---wait, I'm suppose to start things out with a joke right? ---okaaay here's the joke, pay attention.===

two gay guys are walking down the street one night, then up ahead of them a couple (man and wife) come out of the bar and they are arguing and it gets a bit physical---the one gay guy turns to the other and remarks, "SEE?? I TOLD you those mixed marriages never work"

Okay calm down now, and lets get serious------ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR CURRENT JOB?----

Don't ya hate these late night TV "motivational speakers" programs.----hey better than some of those "reality" programs they throw at us.


I heard on the truck radio as I was returning from the hospital yesterday, that it was a fact. National consumption of Gasoline has fallen by 800,000 barrels/day. and no new drilling required, and no new refineriers needing to be built----WAAAAY TO GO USA!!!. I still see a lot of empty spaces on the city buses, come on people, lets leave the old gas mobile in the garage and take advantage of the many available metropolitan buses, subways, & trains . Sure its a shock and at first seems awkward and dumb----but hey, come the end of the month and the old checking account ain't screaming for mercy anymore??---the money saved might easily cover the cost of a new plasma TV maybe-----hell bet you all can come up with a nice long list of what "Santa" can now afford at those savings??
I'm in my 70's, yet I can still walk a few blocks to get a qt of milk, or (in my case more likely) a 12 pack of beer. The exercise is good for me, and it also allows me to kinda see my neighborhood like one can't when driving.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to compute that if one HAS to drive to the Library to return books, it would be a good time to also to stop and get some shopping done, in that one has to drive right past certain stores to get to the library, and thereby save making separate trips. None of the above really threatens one's life style---come on people lets chopped another 800,000 barrels off the old oil bill---maybe then "They" might start listening to us??

Esther Williams

Here's some interesting history a lot of you may not be aware of. In 1940, before she became a famous Hollywood Movie Star, Esther Williams, was a champion women's swimmer, winning both National titles in Freestyle as well as the Breast stroke. She would have been on the Women's Olympic Swim Team for the USA-----but as we all know the 1940 Olympic games were cancelled due to WW II.
She did however get to serve her country joining the ranks of keeping our GI'S moral up, her picture hung in many a GI's locker----and she was one of the many major movie stars of the forties and fifties.
I thought maybe with the 2008 Olympics in progress, and the women's team doing as well as they are----that you all might enjoy this little piece of History.

Prime Time New Shows

I wait with a modicum of impatience for the NEW Fall TV schedule to get underway. I will watched the new shows as they present their premier episodes and then based on my reactions to seeing the first show will decide if the show is worth watching on a regular basis. Last season I liked the show that premiered then, "Eli Stone", about the Lawyer who had visions of George Michael's, I found the premise somewhat far fetched, but the well written scripts and good directing and acting make the program quite entertaining, and I look forward to its return,---even with all the commercial breaks every five minutes..
Its not a new show, but another one that I have grown to like, mainly for the sheer idiocy of it, and again the great writing of dialog and that's "The Big Bang Theory". I also look forward to the return of "NCIS" and "Brothers and Sisters".
One new show that is already being hyped to death, and whose title escapes me, has a guy running around in a big green plastic diaper-----I am pretty sure THAT show won't be on my must see list---and its being hyped so heavy I can only assume its a weak show. If it were any good it wouldn't have to be hyped so heavy. The new fall schedule will at least offer us all some modicum of entertainment and allow us to ignore the tedium of the presidential race, which has been going on, and on and on------

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Is it me ?---aw hell it probably IS me---(sigh)---trying to grow my readership, my assumption is most people want to do grow and reach out and all that jazz---whats the very apropos expression from from WW I---"how ya gonna keep em down on the farm once they have seen Parree?" What percentage do ya think is perfectly content to stay just in the confines of immediate family and a few close friends---and have NO curiosity as to what might otherwise be?---Yet there are those people who are totally content to live that way---yeah, there really are?
I come across these people, and when I meet then or learn there place in things, they're outlook, I never know if I applaud their ability to ignore the rest of the world, or to be more honest to applaud their "ABILITY" to keep their focus on they're world.??
My problem, initially was learning what "MY" program was, as compared with what my parents wanted me to have , what my friends wanted me to have, and what society as a whole wanted----. Its called growing up, we all learn, we KNOW what we like, what we hate, what we can control, and what we can't---the sun comes up in the East, sets in the West, no matter what we do as individuals---the only question we have to ask ourselves when we go to bed at night---did we improve our life, worsen it---or maybe---stay tuned sportfans----tomorrow is another day.??----(what?---hmm??---maybe there ARE bigger ponds---Ribbit, Ribbit!!)

Why do YOU ever Say HELLO to strangers?

I am doing my best here to "grow" by blog readership, why you ask??---and the answer is somewhere between , why not??,--- cause I can??, and I just happen to be congenial by nature. Actually what this post title is geared towards ---is how do YOU go about first meeting strangers. You the wall flower type, and wait til somebody DARES to talk to ya?, or the Aggressor type that practically growls "HELLO", daring the other person to make an issue out of it?? Most , myself included are somewhere in between, depending on who, when and where we are at the time
Focusing on the one particular action---YOU initiating the first step, saying hello----?? Whats your opening line?? Mine usually runs along the theme of , "Ah HI, my names Gary, I was invited by the host/hostess (fill in the blank), but I really don't know very many here, what brings you here?"
Anyway lame as the above is, it beats just clutching a drink and having a frozen smile on your face as you hug the wall-----how do YOU deal with the situation? (I'm flashing on the line from the Broadway play "A Streetcar Named Desire", where the female leads remarks, "---I have always been dependent upon the kindness of friends.!")-----so whats YOUR opening line with total strangers??

Just a Typical Tuesday (what a relief)

Man , just got back to the castle here, been out and about. I had to run up to the hospital and see my Doctor for a checkup (he insists on seeing me every six months whether I need to be seen or not---hmo's use their docs for shills.) We suffered through the stripping and wearing of a hospital gown. The doctor read my history back to me, as if I was a child and had forgotten, on the other hand maybe it fascinated him with its blandness. Long story short, (ya, yaaa, I know to long now already), he couldn't find anything to get excited over, but I did allow him to talk me into taking the vacination shot for "Shingles", and another for "Pneumonia", I keep telling him these vacinations aren't working, I never get Pneumonia, never get the flue etc---he kinda just glares at me and grunts (the man has no sense of humor---I suspect he is afraid I will outlive him, just for spite). I am scheduled to return on the 'morrow" to submit to blood testing, to verify I am not enemic, got acceptable chlorestol and am otherwise sane.
Having done the Hospital checkup routine, I now had to do the shopping for the LP's groceries required this week. I went to our local Ralphs, where I am now familiar with the new layout---and was in and out with only one "Isle double back", and it was deliberate, I "added" to his list to get "Crystal Geyser" water---we were out, but he didn't know it or he would have put it on his list (my bad, I forget to tell him earlier---but oh man does he go ballistic when he assumes there is somethng in the pantry and there isn't cause I failed to tell him it was the last unit when we used it------(sigh) The LP has a steel trap mind---for example he knows what is stored in the garage, from 18years back, knows it is IN the garage, and WHERE in the garage it is---so far he hasn't hit me for letting the pantry run out---but oohh do I get severly tongue lashed if I fail to alert him we are out of something. ---on the other hand he pats me on the head and I earn an "attaboy", if I can report we have that in stock---but you all know how tghat works , get just one "awe shit, and that costs ya 10 "attaboys"-----I can't remember the last time I had a surplus of "attaboys"---(sigh). (For those not familiar with things---The LP weights about 90#, is on oxygen 24/7, has a steel trap mind, and I am his arms, legs and gopher---and I love it.
So I mad it back to the "Castle" with a good medical report (yaaaay), got all the groceries, and now the sun is slowing sinking in the west. Ohh we also got a new movie in the mail from Netflix---so we won't have to pretend to be content with the reality crap .--its just another typical Tuesday----and thats good.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I first want to thank all those than emailed, me or added appropriate sympathetic comments in regards to the destruction and rebuild of my blog page. As we Speak, Wayne John is going through his own hell, in that his server has gone haywire---which makes my little incident look like a stubbing one's toe. Lets all hope Wayne rejoins the living soon.

In any case what I wanted mostly to say here was. The lesson I learned is----before ya get to frisky experimenting with your blog sites---make a copy of what ya got before ya start modifying anything. Once ya have that copy safely tucked away elsewhere on your computer, you can play with your blog page all ya want---and if ya screw it up, you just replace it with that copy you made before ya started and no worse for the trouble.

How does one make a copy of ones entire template?---well blogger makes it easy enough.

1) click on the big B in the upper right of your Blog page. (this will take you to your dashboard)

2) On the dashboard screen click on the LAYOUT Tab.

3) Now click on EDIT HTML

The screen you now are looking at, at the top suggests you save a copy of your template before you modify any code. DO SO with the button they provide. (only takes seconds), and if your not sure you can remember, write down the location your saving the file to). Now your free to roam about your template at will. Note too, should ya screw it all up, this is the same screen you want to come to so that you can upload that copy you saved earlier to put things back to the way they were.

I have made use of Blogger Talk's button generator to create a button to remind myself of this basic act of survival----

Monday Monday

Dear King of the Bloggers:
I am posting to you today to ask for advice. I have a good close friend and relative who is albeit a novice at blogging, and as such she has not posted very much and posts infrequently. I want to tell her she needs to post more often and on a regular schedule---even if their posts are short and frivolous. So your highness, do you have any advice on how to tell my close friend and relative this without offending them and hurting their feelings?

Signed , "old dude"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On A Scale of 1 to 5---five being the best-----

Here in the "States", where 30 second soundbites rule---(anything longer than that leads to boredom or confusion) most everything is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most favorable rating. The use of this rating scale being a prevalent as it is, makes for very brief but meaningful verbal exchanges---and encourages everyone to be minimalist in their answer. "How was your day dear?" (not needing to be said ---"On a scale of ---"), one hear's maybe a grunt and, "I rate it as a 2.5, and how was yours?", "not bad I would rate it 3. 8"-----"Whats for dinner?", "I made meatloaf, is that okay?", another guttural grunt, a shoulder shrug, "give it a 3",---------anyway you can see how totally useful the scale is and how its applied---those that "twitter" just think its a total "5".----with a bit more practice we can cut out all face to face communications and just exist in our small comfortable cubicles (aka wombs) and live a fairly decent comfortable, non-threatened life---(will somebody shut the door so the light goes out---sorry that was a hang up I developed when first born and they put me in an incubator.


What can I say I killed myself and have now pretty much got myself back to pretty much where I was. I have made a few changes, the most noticeable one being my color theme. I decided my previous colors were all very nice and comfy, but maybe just a bit to rural. I KNOW I am an old person, but in my head I'm 40 years younger---which I sometimes have to consciously remember, or run the risk of being and "old fool". (you ain't in your twenties anymore ya old fool!!----). I have revised the GJG, to read "Gary ("old dude") on my comments but I may forget for awhile and still redundantly sign my comments "Gary (aka old dude), til I get out of the habit. The arrangement of things are my right side bar may be in a different sequence, anyway the "old Dude" is back-----taa-daaaaaa!! (LOL)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics Opening Show

I imagine just about the whole world watched the opening of the Olympics in China. I have to say I was properly impressed with the show, and how it was all played out. The fireworks sure were impressive, but then the Chinese invented them. I was impressed to that the 91,000 people in the stadium were polite and applauded each and every team as it marched in---no booing or hissing or negative demonstrations ---I can't quite see that happening here in this country, were we are prone to be quite vocal about our feelings. The point of this being THIS is the OLYMPICS, which is above politics, its for and by the athletes, lets do our best to keep that in mind as the games continue, and not allow politics to reflect on the athletes.--So having said that---what do you all think of my blog site now---have spent since noon yesterday trying to recover from my personal melt down (my screw up of html program playing, followed by "ooops!, followed my a loud anguished "AWWWW---- S**T"!! So we are still in the throes of putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again----.

Help Wanted

I want to replicate my list of blog friends, some I have been able to do from picking up on old comments, going to profiles listed, and then to the blogs referenced, but not everybody lists their blogs, or they have changed them and not updated their profiles, or (sob) have blocked their profiles from being viewed. S-O-O-O gonna need some help from ya if I am to get ya back on my blogger list on my site-----course if ya DON'T want to be linked or associated to my page----well guess ya can just ignore this plea for help. This being a weekend, am aware that I most likely won't get much of a response til the first of the week, but anyway wanted to let ya all know I aint to proud to accept help.

Day 1 of the New Era

It will take some time, to get the Phoenix's nest properly feathered . As you can see I have got a nice new button/pic posted on the right , well thats me---"PROUD OLD DUDE BLOGGER". I personally want to say thanks to Sue, author of the Blog "Sue's Stuff", who upon hearing of my "accident" was quick to make this available to me. Thanks Sue, it looks just SWELL. Like we say back in the old country---"Thank ye, thank ye kindlly."

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

--As that American said stepping down onto the moon that very first time---"One small step for Man, ONE Giant Step for "THE OLD DUDE"!! Aw heck he didn't say THAT, we all KNOW what Neil Armstrong said on that occasion---but damn it sure applies here, as I slowly go about rebuilding my site. Today we got the FIRST of our buttons back---oh sure go ahead and laugh, an old guy muttering about his buttons---you kids just don't get it---hell bet none of ya got any important lapel pins to put on your suits either---aw jeez, look who I am arguing with---kids who don't even own suits----. NO matter, I am happy to get the first of my buttons back, and yes there will be more in due time---now you young'uns go away and jerk around with your IPODS or whatever it is you do between meals.

Bruised, Bothered and Bewildered---but otherwise in the game

I guess from all this rebuild of our site, the one lesson I have learned is---make a copy first, then try changing it-----I have now spent the better part of three hours trying to replicate my list of my blogger friends---and the only way I know how to do that is to go back and review comments on earlier posts, click on their icons, which takes me to the profiles, which in turn reference their blogs, which I can then go to , copy the URLs, and re insert them in a new blog roll . The work goes slowly-----I have lost all my buttons, so who knows what is happening with my technorati, sitemeter, bloggertalk, and google accounts??
How did this all happen you ask?---the long story , short version is---I wanted to learn how to do some HTML code changing. add a Technorati widget to my site----Not knowing just what I was doing, I created a dummy blog with which to experiment, and learn how, then with my learned knowledge apply it here to this blog----well I got to working with this blog, the new dummy blog, the technorati page, and was flipping around between them all, and decided it wasn't working so would just delete it all---which I did---unfortunately happened to be in THIS blogs HTML at the time, thinking I was in the dummy blog----so you can classify it as just a stupid error---an accident that shouldn't have happened----anyway it will be days before I can get Humpty Dumpty back to some resemblence of its former self-----