Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sunday----up early, breakast at Mimi's, the a quick run through the Winco Grocery establishment to gather up a few of the basic necessities, beer pretzels, ketchen trash bags.  Home, decide what would be appropriate to wear to  lunch donw by the sea sside, (Tan cargo pants with dark brown trim on the pocket flaps, black Tea Shirt, with the word "Honda" over the heart area, and a nice multi colored grahpic design on the back, and of course ones new dark sunglasses., what socks and all white tennies..  Then Blue and I make the run down the big concrete hwy to Carlsbad (just north of San Diego on the Ocean).  Being the first to arrive, reserved space for 6-8 others, on the Patio, and ordered myself a Margarita, (blended not on the rocks), and waited for the others to arrive, which they did over the next 30 minutes., turns out some couldn't make it, so it ended up being a party of  five, -----another margarita, then lunch, ( tostadas,  enchiiladas, ),

It was fun sitting around in the ocean air, with bright conversation, good food, and definitely enjoyed the Margaritas-------Returned to the Hacienda by three , and opted to take a quick nap----and recharge, as I am off to Pete and Judi's in the early evening , and going to enjoy watching the sun set from the top of Shogo Mtn, and the group of us sitting around the fire pit-----hmmm wonder  if I can remember any good ghost stories?? LOL--------depending what time the party breaks up at Pete's may stop at the casino and take a run at a certain quarter machine -----but then mayne not-------time will tell.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moving right along-----

Like they say, time passes quickly if your having fun----my last post was Wednesday, now its Saturday, ----where does the time go? Now lets see what did I do Thursday and Friday, hmmm?? OOH, on Thursday had the Technician in to hook up my blue ray player to my Fios system, and to swap out the original Fios set-top box, with a DVR, so now my system covers most everything, phone, fast internet, cable, as well as Blu-ray disc playing, and Digital video recording and playback-------still pondering whether to add surround sound---kinda like the technician told me, "---don't care how much wiring ya put in , its not gonna float in the air."

Friday, was one of those laid back days, never even left the apartment, spent some time reviewing the market doing some buying and selling, answered my email, watched a couple late night shows I had recorded off the TV, read most of my latest book, "The Last Precinct", by Patricia Cornwell., and then in the evening dove into watching a couple Blu-ray movies back to back, "Mama Mia", and "The Rookie".

Now today, am I mite busier. Was out of the apartment and having breakfast at Papa Paul's at 8am, the stopped and got my Monthly hair cut , and then came back here the apartment, to catch up on my blog reading and attempting here to do a posting. Later today need to go out and get ole blue washed and filled up, buy some groceries and potables for the coming week, and get back in time to clean up for the Wine tasting Party being held at 3Pm here at the Solana Ridge Complex Clubhouse.------after THAT, my social calendar is open to whatever comes to mind----maybe the casino?? ---I'm feeling lucky!! (LOL)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Cleaned To Well

Saturday had been something of a nightmare of my own creation (a fancy word for "Stupidity"), but Sunday had turned out to be both productive as well as relaxing---I slept much better Sunday night.

Then Monday arrived, and as I munched on home made muffins (compliments of my Niece Tish), and a big mug of coffee, watched my stocks as the Market went up, and by the time the market had closed I had made a couple bucks. Awhile later Judi called me on my land line, and we chit-chatted for a bit, and I then went out on the Patio kicked off my sandals and begin reading "The Third Option", an adventure/mystery novel by Vince Flynn, and soaking up the late afternoon sun, (good book, cold beer----life was good)

After about an hour or so, decided, I would scoot out for an early dinner at one of the local eateries, so changed from my shorts to long pants and sneakers, and began the search for the cell phone (Don't Leave Home Without it), wasn't on the kitchen counter, with my car keys, wasn't in the bedroom where I usually put my wallet and loose change, wasn't in the Media room ------well finally decided I must have left it in the car from my Sunday outing the day before---but no it wasn't there----but then the light came on---it had to be in the pocket of my cargo pants that I had worn earlier on Sunday----and as I made my way to the bedroom and the laundry hamper the GONG went off in my head--------I'D WASHED ALL THE LAUNDRY!!

-------With a cold stomach I slowly lifted the top of the washer lid and looked in----(have ya ever seen a drowned Cell Phone----??) and there it was laying at the bottom of the washer, deader than a nail------(sigh). Damn, the poor thing was only 3 1/2 months old----and I killed it----what can I say---"Stupid Strikes Again!! I put a note in my planner for tomorrow (Get new cell phone ) That's the easy part, the hard part is calling up all my relatives and explaining why I need them to give me their cell phone numbers again----the humiliation of it all. (sigh)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Sunday In Temecula

I awaken Sunday, to find clear blue skies, and after my morning stint in the shower, threw on my clean levis, a fresh t-shirt (I wear a clean shirt everyday regardless, thats the way I roll), and decided to go out for breakfast to "Papa Pauls", a small out of the way coffee/pizzaria, where I dined on an order of toast, two eggs scrambled and coffee-----and yes good people I made damn sure I had my cell phone with me).

Finishing my breakfast, I then remembered I needed to purchase an HDMI cable to connect up my blue ray disc player to my digital TV, so when the electronic guru arrived next thursday to integrate my DVR with my verizon FIOS system, I would have the right cables to use. So up the road Blue and I trotted, got the cable, and then decided to stop in and browse Pier One, to see if they had any neat stuff I might be able to use in fleshing out my decor here at the apartment, an hour and something later decided they didn't----then I moved on to Lowes Hardware/buiilding supplies and dallied in their plant dept, and picked up a few pots, a couple stands and a couple plants to go on my patio. At this point I decided I had totally smashed this weeks budget, and pulled my horns iun and came home.

Spent acouple hours reviewing my stock portfolio, doing some research on companies I might invest in, and then decided to clean the apartment, you know the old take out the trash, do some dusting, yadda, yadda yadda----kinda got carried away, scoured the bathes, and moved into doing laundry. All in all was a rather laid back but productive day. A good day to have after the nightmare I managed to create the day before.(life is good once more)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday Part II---"After The Panic"

When I finally finished calling everyone and assuring them I was okay, and after I deleted all the missed calls and voice mails from my cell phone (and put it on recharge)-----it occurred to me I had yet to pick up my mail for the day, so went across the street to the clubhouse and got my mail out of the box, and returned to the apartment, opened a cold beer and read my mail-----bills, flyers and one personal card ------a home made thank you card from Joyce Holland, Judi's Mother-----kinda ended my day on a really nice note------heres the great card she made and sent to me, thanking me for a small gift I had given her, while she was out here for Judi's big birthday bash.

The "0" in Hello, is a real button, and on the inside there was a nice little note, mounted on yet another slightly larger insert than the note, giving it a nice border-------just want you to know Joyce, it made my day getting it----and I hope ya don't mind my sharing it with the immediate world.    Thanks a heap (lol)


Saturday last, I and Blue galloped up the big conrete road to attend the Political tax protest being held at Tom's farm just south of Corona, Ca. (about 20 miles North of Temecula). The game plan was to meet others from the family also attending, but coming from Irvine, and Corona, and once there we would find each other using our cell phones----that was the plan. I alerted them I would be arrivng there at 3pm, an hour before the big rally was to start. Here's a pic of the crowd that had already assembled when I arrived at 3pm.

It was about then I discovered to my chagrin, that I had left my cell phone at home, In that I had arrived a good 30 minutes before any of the others said they would be there I did the next best thing.  I posted myself near the main entrance to the Protest arena, and scanned the hordes of people coming in, looking for my people-----long story short never saw them, found out later they had come in via a side entrance and wormed their way down in front of the crowd ------some two hours later, a bit faint from the heat, (it was about 100 F, and mad at myself for forgetting my phone, decided to go home and sulk----stopping on the way to pick up a 12 pack of cold beer, arrived home by 6pm-----Picked up the Cell phone on the counter where I had left it and discovered I had about a zillion calls.-------and  listening to all my voice mails, quickly determined that----my entire family was in a full scale panic------UNCLE GARY WAS MISSING!!!  Calls were made to the Highway patrol, hospitals , Tish , my niece even drove all the way down from Corona to see if maybe I had had a stroke and was laying helpless on the floor of my apartment, but then arriving here, saw my car was gone, and nobody was answering the door.------long story short---(I know to late), I called everyone assured them I was just fine, had merely forgot my cell p;hone-----and apologized to one and all for causing them so much worry.-------and once I worked through my own anger for having casued such a mess, I finally had to admit ----kinda nice knowing my people care enough to get that concerned on my behalf-----my family------GOTTA LOVE EM!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


just read one hilarious posting, and wanted to share it with you, ---the man has one serious sense of humor.

Doing It With Flair!!

Life here in Temecula is just PHEEnomenal, and I am still in the midst of getting settled in, and mingling with the natives. Decided it was not enough to adopt Temeculan dress codes (and yes Judi, took your advice, now have two (count em) pairs of shorts to select from), decided to complete the transition and add sun glasses. (the sun does shine bright here in Temecula), and so here's a pic of me in my new optics's----"JOE COOL" (check out the new t-shirt )

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

-----Tuesday On The Patio

Nothing monumental or earth-shattering to report, we, here in Temec, (that's short for Temecula), are enjoying yet another beautiful day, blue skies, white puffy clouds, a balmy breeze, and just great for sitting on one's Patio----reading a book, or just blissfully taking in the scenery.
SCENERY?? did I just mention scenery?---of course I did, because that's the reason for this posting. Here below you have a couple of pics taken just a short few minutes ago, which I thought perhaps you might enjoy----
I mean like ----HELLO, I enjoyed (lol)----They are views taken from my patio, one is looking off towards the mountains, with the Jacaranda bursting into its lacy green leaves, and the other is of the Magnolia tree just off my patio, with an early bloom.
I guess maybe I am seeing it for the first time today, in that earlier today I returned to the eye clinic and picked up my new eye glasses, including a pair of prescription sun glasses. Anyway----life is good here in Temec.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Poway Party Pics

This is my Nephew Eric's lovely wife Jennifer, and the pic gives you some idea of the scope and beauty of their backyard and the pool.

and here is a pic of both Eric, (my Nephew), his wife Jennifer and my Niece Tish, whose birthday is actually today, and was the reason for the get together.

I neglected to make mention of the scrumptious desserts that were put out, talking strawberry shortcake, lemon curd cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and to die for Cream Puffs.

I guess if you want a pic of the new Temeculan, in his colorful costume, you will have to check with Jennifer and Eric, they might have got THAT pic with their camera's

A Sunday In Poway

Poway, for those not living in Southern California, is a bright little City East-Northeast from San Diego, and as it happens is where my Nephew Eric and his lovely wife Jennifer live.  The occasion for my visit to their home, (I live all of 40 minutes away), was primarily to acknowledge my Niece Tish"s birthday, (which actually is today 5/11, but what with everybody working on Mondays, well everybody but us old dudes anyway, the party was held on Sunday)  Also, another reason was that now that I live so much closer, I can readily accept invites to "come on down", and finally of course, after all those years when good old Uncle Gary brought the beer to the parties-----now its time for payback----free beer for good old Uncle Gary.

So down the big concrete highway Pony and I gallopped, dressed in our finest (newly acquired native Temeculan costume---see previous post "Going Native---its not easy" published 5/9/09)", on yet another damn nice day here in Southern California (think "the hills are alive----").

Arriving at 11am, as I had been told to do-----I was the first to arrive (to hell with arriving fashionably late, when free beer is to be had). (afterall had I not just crossed 40 miles of semi desertto get there?)--- quickly enough I found myself , with libation in hand, meandering around the big backyard and perusing my Nephew's large pation,  pool, and landscapings, while he finished up getting ready for grilling and otherwise general hosting duties.  Shortly enough I made myself comfortable on a padded chaise lounger, basking in the warm balmy sun, cold beer in hand---life was good.

Tish, my niece, arrived a few minutes after I did, and a few minutes after that others arrived, and we spent the day with good repartee, and a whole lot of good food.  Grilled hamburgers, guacamole, chips, baked beans, potatoe salad, beer and wine.  I scored acouple nice potted plants to bring back to add to my naked Patio (yaaaa!), and to make a laong story short----I finally was able to pull myself away from the contented basis and head back home eight hours after I had first arrived.

It was something of a surprise to awaken this morning and in the process of getting out of bed, determined that perhaps I spent a bit more time in the sun than I thought----the old dude got his pale legs and feet a nice dose of sunburn---nothing all that painful, although I admit to some minor discomfort from it---but whats kinda funny is, the zebra stripes across my feet from wearing sandals.  Needless to say, will avoid the sun for acouple of days.

I took some pics, and I was suppose to have had my pic taken with my camera of me in my native Temeculan outfit -----but when downloading from my camera at home, alas and alac no pic of me wearing shorts.   Worse yet is,  those pics I did take for some perverted reason blogger will not accept----and I can only assume this is a blogger problem, as have loaded pictures taken with my camera to my blog many times , but not now---most frustrating.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The problem with being socially popular, is it gets ya lots of invites, which in turn creates problems, like what to wear?  You would think this would not be a big problem for an old dude.  like a clean shirt, and pants, and one is off to the races.  Not so fast-----I'm not a vain man, but I do want to make favorable impressions, and if not able to do that, then definitely want to give the impression that I do have more than one shirt and pair of pants, which I of course do have, so the problem is what did I last appear wearing---and this time select something different. (I am reasonable sure I can do this---now lets see, oooh yeah I wore that outfit to Judi's party, and I wore that shirt to the shindig in Irvine, and I wore those things at my birthday dinner-----so what to wear tomorrow when I go down to my nephew Eric's for the afternoon gala, in honor of my Niece Tish's birthday----??------and the old closet says---?? ---well damn, right off can see I am gonna have to do some laundry----like right now (sigh!)

OKIE DOAKIE!!----got the old washer loaded and in work-----have decided to present myself as a bonifide Temeculan native, (You DID read my saturday posting right?)---so have changed clothes, put the shorts and needed clothes in the wash, along with the rest of the dirty clothes (and yes I will have to do a second load, as I DO seperate the colored from the whites)  Should be something of a moment when I appear in short pants, and sandals---will put up a post about that on Monday----will title it, "A Sunday In Poway"---and I may even allow pictures to be taken to mark the occassion.  (Stay tuned good readers)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going Native---its not easy

Well as I settle into my new life style here in BEAUTIFUL Temecula, I find myself endeavoring to appear like I belong here----working on getting that outdoorsy look, but thats gonna take some time----(one doesn't acquire that famous california tan overnight---and one can TELL if its a dye job.  However one can dress like a native, which is what I am now focused on.

Here as we approach summer, it would appear shorts, Pullover shirts, or T-shirts (with some kind of a commercial presentation on them are the best), and sandals-----------thats easy enough, I got the proper shirts  (with commercial logo's) and as of yesterday in a wild fit of "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead spirit",  acquired a pair of cargo shorts, and I spent the rest of the day rambling around the apartment, in and out on the pation in my new outfit----I even got up enough nerve to walk across the street and pick up my mail, but gotta admit I didn't linger to long in the process.  Okay so I got a tan face and tan arms, and these pale white beached whale colored legs----at least give me points for trying people.

TODAY, having discovered nobody actually gawked, and sneered or laugh at my appearance, decided to go full out ----dressed in my khacki cargo shorts, (not counting yesterday, havn't worn shorts for forty some years), a dark blue Izod pullover shirt, advertising  the "Patterson Paint and Body Repair Shop", and my newly acquired sandals, I went out for breakfast at "Papa Johns" and mingled with the real natives of Temecula-----I was much relieved to find nobody paid me much mind, I took that as a sign that I was accepted as a  native.  I have to admit this is going to be a comfortable outfit to wear as it does get Hot here in Temecula in the summers (90F yesterday).

As I ambled back to old blue in preparation to the ride home however, I am fairly sure I saw acouple tourists driving bye and from the looks I got from them, can pretty much hear one telling the other, "Oh look Fred, there's one of the natives wearing those cute costumes they wear here!!"    (lol)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Tuesday In Irvine

My niece Tish was kind enough to invite me over to her place in Irvine for a get together lunch. She asked me what I might like and I suggested Tuna Salad Sandwiches, and Ice Tea. However upon arrival, it being such a nice day, we ended up going out for lunch and a very nice Mexican restaurant named Javiarres (sp?), and in that Pete and Judi's office is in Irvine, we impulsively called them and asked if they could get away and join us for lunch---turns out they could, and so the four of us ended up at Javiarres. Pete and Judi of course had to get back to the office, but again it being such a beautiful day, Tish and I went on down the coast to Laguna, and treated ourselves to a nice cold libation sitting on the Patio of a restaurant, taking in the sight and smell of the ocean----twas a nice moment spent.

Having dallied from Lunch, rather than throw myself into the Rush hour traffic to drive back to Temecula, Tish suggested we rent a movie and on the way back to her place, we picked up a copy of "The strange Case of Benjamin Button", starring Brad Pitt. Its a long movie 145 minutes, but we both enjoyed it immensely---very good characterization, good writing and photography----the makeup artist should have got an academy award, making Brad Pitt appear as not only a teenager, but an old man in his 80's. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you make an effort to do so.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My "SpiritGuide" ---the missing pic from acouple three postings back

Here is the pic of the "Spirit Guide" (or as Judi calls them--Gnome), that was created by Tim Mattox, and given to me as a birthday gift.-----the sign on it tells the story----William Tell, (Billie), the early years, as he perfected his skills. (in lieu of an apple, here we have an avocado)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Due to some malfunction of, or possibly this blogger, was unable to insert the pic above in my post about my Birthday dinner evening, given me by Pete, Judi and Joyce, anyway here's the pic, Joyce, Judi, and yours truly---oooh and that's "old blue" in the background. The pic was taken just before we headed out on the town for my Birthday Dinner (see preceding post for the details of that event)

Dinner At Fillippe's

Friday evening, Pete and Judi, came rolling down from Shogo Mtn, along with Joyce, to come visit me in Temecula, and to take me out for Dinner in Honor of my Birthday earlier in the week, (the day after Judi's Birthday). We met at my place, where we sat for awhile, imbibing on Champagne, chips and dips----. I also had the pleasure of receiving some nice birthday gifts, a Fantastic wind chime ( it now hangs on my Patio, and has a most delightful sound to it, and I also received a great bottle of Fusion, (one takes the cap off the scented oil, and inserts, thin wood sticks, that soak up the oil and diffuse it into the room----the scent is a soft subtle one that I find quite light and clean, not a heavy dominating odor.-----then with gifts opened, the champagne properly disposed of, we were off to find a suitable place to dine. We had more or less decided to eat Chinese, in that I had made mention that I had never been to PF Changs---a popular newly opened establishment, supposedly just a couple three blocks from my abode. (actually it is quite close to where I live, but finding it in the Mall complex took the better part of 30 minutes), but we finally located the place in the Promenade Mall Complex, and it was packed, we arrived at 8PM, and were told it would be a 4 hour wait!!! Needless to say we opted to go with Plan "B"---cept turns out we didn't have a plan B----more driving around looking at any number of good restaurants, but unable to decide---I suggested Italian, and had been informed some number of weeks earlier that in Temecula, THE ITALIAN restaurant was "Fillippe's", and I knew where it was. So that's where we went.
Pete was somewhat upset at first, as he had wanted to take me out for Dinner at a Fancy place, and the first impression he got of "Fillippe's" was of a typical Pizza place---and I admit its NOT all that fancy, ---BUT!! the food was excellent, the service good, and the prices very reasonable, and it WAS my choice, and it WAS my birthday dinner afterall.
The menu was perused, choices made, --- I went with the Spaghetti and Meatball plate. When it was served I could only gawk at it-----well we had to take a pic of it, (Joyce, Judi's Mother took the pic)------the meatball alone was enough for a dinner in and of itself----no way could I eat all of that dinner----nor could Pete eat all of his Eggplant Parmesan----doggy bags to the rescue.

------Hey Thanks guys for helping me make my 72nd a memorable day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Honda Owner's Dinner

I was surprised to receive an invitation by the Local Honda Dealer, (DCH Honda of Temecula), to a "New Honda Owners Dinner, which was held on April 29th, and checking with my social calendar, was pleased to find I had no other obligations for that evening, and so of course accepted the invite. (old single guys will never turn down a free dinner---and getting out of the chore of cooking at home, and having to do the clean up afterwards).

The dinner was held on the floor of the showroom, and was attended by some 30 of us new Honda owners. The food was served buffet style, and was quite good. The Manager of the local Honda Dealer, welcomed us there, and proceeded to give us some interesting insights to the various features of our new Honda's, example, like how on hot days, the car having been sitting in the sun, one can open all the windows using the electronic key buttons , without having to get into the car, letting it cool down a bit first.----he explained too, about the low tire pressure alert system, and also warned us not to lose our keys as the replacement costs would run about $140 bucks---its not just a key, its programmed with our individual alarm codes----and things of that nature. It was good information to know about.

In addition to the dinner itself, there were door prizes and I made out like a bandit---(who was that masked man Ma?---) I won several nice prizes, a great black Honda T-shirt, a chrome license plate holder that just says HONDA on it , and a Honda baseball hat, which I gave to my Nephew Pete, who wears hats , whereas I don't.-------anyway that was a fun evening.


WHOOOOEEE!!!----WELL, the month of April ended with a flurry of events.  First I held off posting to award my 500th post in Honor of Judi's Birthday Bash. (and her being my blog sponsor and all).  Then there was the New Honda Owner's Party given by the Local Honda Dealer , and then there was the Birthday Dinner I was taken to Here in Temecula, and oooh then I got to report I shattered a great driving record by getting my first ticket in 35 years (an improper U-turn). -------anyhooo, twas enough to keep me from blogging for a time----but now endeavoring to get back into the swing of it all-----so this is the start of my second year of Blogging , which I have titled Blog 1------

I last posted a few pics of Judi's birthday bash (and what a bash it was)----but I failed to mention while at the party got to talking with a friend of Pete and Judi's, Tim Mattox.   I first met Tim about a week earlier, when He and his wife, along with Pete and Judi came over to Temecula, had a few drinks here at the Old Dudes place, (champagne was the drink of the evening here), and then we went to Lucille's Smokehouse grand hopening----for dinner and live Music  (JD Priest), who had already been hired to play at Judi's party, but I digress-----so now later at Judi's Party, talking to Tim, he learns that my birthday is the Day after Judi's and HE insists I have to have a sprit guide (Judi refers to them as gnomes), and truth be told I did want one.

So next thing I know I am hustled into the Kabota (a golf cart for four), and we run over to Tim's place, and I spent the better part of 30 minutes perusing about 50-60 gnomes, in that Tim insisted I could have any one I wanted------well finally one gnome kinda leaped out at me, and well so with Gnome in hand, we rode back to the party.

Judi just posted a pic of one of the gnomes she has that Tim created, and should you spend much time shopping in and around the Fallbrook area, you will see Tim's gnomes sitting in many of the establishments of that fair town.  I am proud to have one -------THANKS TIM.

(DO TO SOME UNKNOWN PERSON MESSING WITH MY CAMERA----MY CAMERA PICS ARE NOW TO BIG TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE BLOGGER.COM SYSTEM----when I ge a chance will read the camera manual, and reset it---and THEN will do a follow up blog and post the pic)