Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well the fat is in the fire now for sure. I scheduled the big move for the tenth, that's like hello only four days from now----and I still have so much to pack up , clothes, books, all my electronics (computer, printer, display, VCR, and of course all the office documentation, misc phones, odd pieces of brick-a-brack, ---then there is the pantry with all the canned goods,(sigh). I also only have four boxes left to pack everything up---but have rented a car, and plan on driving down early Saturday, and will take about six packed boxes, then once there, will unpack them , and bring them all back for refills Sunday night. That should just about do it. Then the professionals can wrap up the big stuff, the paintings, the sculptures. Tomorrow, Friday they are scheduled to deliver a big dumpster to park at the curb, and in that I will dump all the extraneous left over stuff, that I didn't want, couldn't sell or give away. Anyway sports fans I will officially be living in Margaritaville Tuesday evening. That will give me two days to tidy up the empty rooms, sweep out the garage, and go to the escrow closing on the 13th. Anyway---here are the first pics of my new abode----will have to take new pics once the furniture is in and the empty cartons disposed of:
The complex Clubhouse:
Clubhouse Pool Area
My Living room and Patio
Master Bedroom
2nd Bedroom (my Den/TV room)
Guest Bath


  1. Looks like you're all set to go. I see you have a nice little deck/patio area. Are you on the bottom floor? I always enjoyed my little deck, I was on the 3rd floor. I would sit out there for hours watching the traffic and people go by....better than TV sometimes!lol Best of luck with the move.

  2. You are almost there. I can't wait too see the place. Maybe Saturday I can meet you? Good Luck with the rest of the move!

  3. And so you are about to transition from the transition and into the rest of the story. Good luck and hang in there. Almost there can be the toughest time to deal with.

  4. Saturday sounds about right Judi, maybe we can meet and have lunch, will call ya when I get there-----

  5. Gary, I wish you a lot of courage and energy for your move. Your new home seems very smart and delightful.
    Bon courage ! :o)

  6. It looks like a nice place. Is it handy to shopping, etc.?

  7. Oh the Fluff and Fold...I will miss the F&F stories, and the dope bar right across the street.

    Looks like a nice little place you found there Gary. Wishing you a safe and easy move!

  8. It's going to take you a long time to adjust to the smaller rooms. (small for YOU. Just right for ME) and your guest bath is twice the size of my ONE bath.

    You are going to fit right in sweetums. The pool AND NO POOL MAN TO PAY! will be of great benefit. I imagine your blogging is going to be sporadic once you get used to the good life.

  9. Just stopped by the check in...see if you were up and running again...I do miss your daily wits and wisdoms. Happy Valentines Day Gary!
    Since I have no significant other, I thought of
    Hope all is is well and you're getting settled in. Hurry back!!


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