Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well we got our boxes all unpacked and all the stuff stashed in various closets, drawers and nitches, of course trying to lay hands on any one thing sometimes puts me into what must appear a catonic state, while the old mind regurgitates the last few days activities to come up with the memory of last seeing the particular object of interest..  As I right this my mind is working on where did I put my digital camera, and also where did I put the charger for it.  I know I promised pictures of the new digs here, but first must find these two items----I have a pretty good idea where the camera is---but drawing a blank on the charger---may actually have to start opening drawers and cabinets and then ultimately I will find both.  I am also looking for the user manual for my HD TV, to brush up on how to make connections to a DVD player, and then I will have to match that up with connecting to the Verizon FIOS system that drives my TV, as well as my broadband computer connection, and my land phone. (Think "old dog"----"new tricks"----time will tell!!)
     Speaking of DVD players, seems my old combo DVD/VCR player has decided to give up the ghost, which having made that discovery last evening, means I have to buy a new one.  Now as the world must know Circuit City has gone belly up, which is to bad as they have had a store not two blocks from me, so my next choice is to find a Best Buy outlet.  Not knowing the town well yet, but fairly certain there must be a best buy store around somewhere, I consulted my Temecula yellow pages phone book, and Voila, yes there is a Best Buy on Temecula Parkway, right here in Temecula.  (old dude jumps up and down with joy).
     So, arising at the leasurely hour of 7:30am, old dude does his morning rituals (I won't bore you with the details), put on clean clothes, and leaps out into Temecula, his first goal, add to my knowledge of good breakfast spots.  Mimi's Cafe we have already found, and enjoy, but wanting variety, the search goes on.  I went to Pauls Place, but, alas and alac it came across as a not so nice hole in the wall, and the prices were totally out of line with the decor. (Hey can't win em all right?).  After driving down this and that byway, my need for coffee won out over my desire to fine a good breakfast spot and I pulled into a Denny's---the place was packed, the food was----like any and all other Denny's forgettable., but having sated my need for coffee, I eagerly went in search of my main objective of the day----The Best Buy store on Temecula Parkway----the waitress at Denny's balance a number of plates passing me in a quick aside steered me down the street in a southernly direction, mumbling you can't miss it.   (Righttttt!!)
     Well I did finally come to Temecula parkway, I had been on that street before, but I had only known it as HWY 79 South (its the road you take to go to the casino you see).  So now feeling I must be getting close to Best Buy, I drove east on Temecula Parkway-----and quickly discovered another good half dozen plaza like malls-----but no sign of a Best Buy-----I also noticed abvout this time that the old truck was almost down to sniffing fumes and a gasoline outlet was of a much higher prioity, and as fate would have it, I just happened to know a gas station  also located near my Winco groceria----so I abandoned the search for Best buy, and went for the gas and groceries.  While checking out my groceries the nice clerk in answer to my question informed me I was within a block of the best buy , when I had headed back homeward.  Its now going on 5pm, and I just may venture forth in the next few minutes and make another run at Best Buy------anyway that pretty much gives you the highlights of todays actions.  OOOH just remembered I put a load of sheets in the washer, hmmm maybe I should go put them in the drier now----(lol)
5:23PM---FLASH UPDATE:  The Camera AND its companion Charger as well as the necessary download cord have been located and the Camera is being charged-------Pics soon guys, be patient with me.


  1. It sounds like you had a very busy day. Not fond of Denny's myself...seems they only know how to deep fry food....ugh, but they do make a pretty good cup of coffee.
    I suspect that within a few weeks you will have the lay of the land down pat. I envy you being so close to San Deigo, I love it there!
    I'm going to have a 3 hour layover in San Deigo in june...wanna do lunch? lol

  2. See if My way helps: I put all pertinent information, including receipts, etc., UNDER the TV, DVD player, etc. If the TV is too heavy, put it all in a ziploc bag and tape it to the back of the TV. Whenever a particular thing breaks, (even the printer or the computer) I know that the information I need is in a plastic bag, BELOW the thing. TaaDaa

    As for chargers, I put each charger into a ziploc bag with the name of the appliance ie CAMERA, CELL PHONE, SWIFFER VACUUM STIK. and put them all in the junk drawer.

    And please remember, I can't write you if I don't have your new email address.

  3. I am glad you are safe. It sounded like quite an adventure.

  4. Hi Gary,
    Glad things are going well for you,look forward to seeing your new place when I come out this summer.

  5. Joyce, looking forward to having you visit, you can get rid of the young'ns and we can run off to the casino, or take a tour of the wineries----(heh,heh heh)

  6. Or, how about the wineries and then the casino? No, better reverse that. I get too eager to part with my money after a few drinks.


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