Sunday, March 1, 2009

In The Way Of Introduction

This is the clubhouse of the Solana Ridge Apartment complex.  MY unit happens to be right across the street from it, and thus this is the view I get each time I go out of my place.  The clubhouse itself houses, the lounge, the computer/fax office area, the workout gym, and the big kitchen area for those having gatherings poolside and intertaining larger groups of people.-------moving right along-----
this picture was taken but a few minutes ago, and is a view from my Patio, looking southwest, Temecula is surrounded by mountains ---on the other side of the mountains seen here is San Diego-------continueing right along-----
This is yet another shot taken from my patio, now looking Northwest, the street in front is of course Margarita Rd.  The large white building on the left is what I've been told is Abbot Labratories Corporate office building.  They are by far the largest employer in the Town.-------which brings us to the last pic of this post---
I couldn't part with "Indira", who resided in my dining room of the old place, and now occupies a place on my patio ----it at the moment appears rather bleak, but soon I will have some plants and foliage going on the patio and it will be quite lovely----at least thats the game plan.
     I will be making another post a bit later today with more pics of the inside----stay tuned sportsfans---film at 11-------(lol)


  1. It's nice and I dare say we can find worse indeed !

  2. sweetums, it's thursday night and I'm barely aware of my surroundings but I knew I had to get here and see how you're doing. Tell me more and keep taking photos.

    *by the way, I noticed a tape measure and a magnifying glass in your huge take your measuring very seriously* lol


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