Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinner At Fillippe's

Friday evening, Pete and Judi, came rolling down from Shogo Mtn, along with Joyce, to come visit me in Temecula, and to take me out for Dinner in Honor of my Birthday earlier in the week, (the day after Judi's Birthday). We met at my place, where we sat for awhile, imbibing on Champagne, chips and dips----. I also had the pleasure of receiving some nice birthday gifts, a Fantastic wind chime ( it now hangs on my Patio, and has a most delightful sound to it, and I also received a great bottle of Fusion, (one takes the cap off the scented oil, and inserts, thin wood sticks, that soak up the oil and diffuse it into the room----the scent is a soft subtle one that I find quite light and clean, not a heavy dominating odor.-----then with gifts opened, the champagne properly disposed of, we were off to find a suitable place to dine. We had more or less decided to eat Chinese, in that I had made mention that I had never been to PF Changs---a popular newly opened establishment, supposedly just a couple three blocks from my abode. (actually it is quite close to where I live, but finding it in the Mall complex took the better part of 30 minutes), but we finally located the place in the Promenade Mall Complex, and it was packed, we arrived at 8PM, and were told it would be a 4 hour wait!!! Needless to say we opted to go with Plan "B"---cept turns out we didn't have a plan B----more driving around looking at any number of good restaurants, but unable to decide---I suggested Italian, and had been informed some number of weeks earlier that in Temecula, THE ITALIAN restaurant was "Fillippe's", and I knew where it was. So that's where we went.
Pete was somewhat upset at first, as he had wanted to take me out for Dinner at a Fancy place, and the first impression he got of "Fillippe's" was of a typical Pizza place---and I admit its NOT all that fancy, ---BUT!! the food was excellent, the service good, and the prices very reasonable, and it WAS my choice, and it WAS my birthday dinner afterall.
The menu was perused, choices made, --- I went with the Spaghetti and Meatball plate. When it was served I could only gawk at it-----well we had to take a pic of it, (Joyce, Judi's Mother took the pic)------the meatball alone was enough for a dinner in and of itself----no way could I eat all of that dinner----nor could Pete eat all of his Eggplant Parmesan----doggy bags to the rescue.

------Hey Thanks guys for helping me make my 72nd a memorable day.


  1. Oh my gosh, now I'm hungry for spagetti and meatballs or I guess I should say meatball. What a great birthday celebration.

  2. Great pix. You are NOT 72! Wow.

    If you're ever in San Diego's Little Italy, they have a Filippi's there too. Temecula is getting much more restaurant variety. Honestly you probably had a better meal where you ended up than PF Changs though the new mall scene is really fun (but crowded.)

  3. What a great idea...spagetti and MEATLOAF!
    Glad you had an enjoyable birthday with family.

  4. it had to be the largest meatball I have ever seen and yes it was great fun as always when you are with great people

  5. Yes the meatball was a meat loaf. I have never seen a meatball that large. The food was very good. I had a great time.


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