Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday Part II---"After The Panic"

When I finally finished calling everyone and assuring them I was okay, and after I deleted all the missed calls and voice mails from my cell phone (and put it on recharge)-----it occurred to me I had yet to pick up my mail for the day, so went across the street to the clubhouse and got my mail out of the box, and returned to the apartment, opened a cold beer and read my mail-----bills, flyers and one personal card ------a home made thank you card from Joyce Holland, Judi's Mother-----kinda ended my day on a really nice note------heres the great card she made and sent to me, thanking me for a small gift I had given her, while she was out here for Judi's big birthday bash.

The "0" in Hello, is a real button, and on the inside there was a nice little note, mounted on yet another slightly larger insert than the note, giving it a nice border-------just want you to know Joyce, it made my day getting it----and I hope ya don't mind my sharing it with the immediate world.    Thanks a heap (lol)


  1. What a great card. It's always nice to get something other than bills and flyers in the mail.

  2. I am so homesick for my crafts. I miss being able to make cards. Isn't it always the little things that are really the BIG things....


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