Sunday, May 3, 2009


WHOOOOEEE!!!----WELL, the month of April ended with a flurry of events.  First I held off posting to award my 500th post in Honor of Judi's Birthday Bash. (and her being my blog sponsor and all).  Then there was the New Honda Owner's Party given by the Local Honda Dealer , and then there was the Birthday Dinner I was taken to Here in Temecula, and oooh then I got to report I shattered a great driving record by getting my first ticket in 35 years (an improper U-turn). -------anyhooo, twas enough to keep me from blogging for a time----but now endeavoring to get back into the swing of it all-----so this is the start of my second year of Blogging , which I have titled Blog 1------

I last posted a few pics of Judi's birthday bash (and what a bash it was)----but I failed to mention while at the party got to talking with a friend of Pete and Judi's, Tim Mattox.   I first met Tim about a week earlier, when He and his wife, along with Pete and Judi came over to Temecula, had a few drinks here at the Old Dudes place, (champagne was the drink of the evening here), and then we went to Lucille's Smokehouse grand hopening----for dinner and live Music  (JD Priest), who had already been hired to play at Judi's party, but I digress-----so now later at Judi's Party, talking to Tim, he learns that my birthday is the Day after Judi's and HE insists I have to have a sprit guide (Judi refers to them as gnomes), and truth be told I did want one.

So next thing I know I am hustled into the Kabota (a golf cart for four), and we run over to Tim's place, and I spent the better part of 30 minutes perusing about 50-60 gnomes, in that Tim insisted I could have any one I wanted------well finally one gnome kinda leaped out at me, and well so with Gnome in hand, we rode back to the party.

Judi just posted a pic of one of the gnomes she has that Tim created, and should you spend much time shopping in and around the Fallbrook area, you will see Tim's gnomes sitting in many of the establishments of that fair town.  I am proud to have one -------THANKS TIM.

(DO TO SOME UNKNOWN PERSON MESSING WITH MY CAMERA----MY CAMERA PICS ARE NOW TO BIG TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE BLOGGER.COM SYSTEM----when I ge a chance will read the camera manual, and reset it---and THEN will do a follow up blog and post the pic)

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  1. I have no idea what happened to your camera. It said the picture is too big? It could just be google.


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