Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Sunday In Temecula

I awaken Sunday, to find clear blue skies, and after my morning stint in the shower, threw on my clean levis, a fresh t-shirt (I wear a clean shirt everyday regardless, thats the way I roll), and decided to go out for breakfast to "Papa Pauls", a small out of the way coffee/pizzaria, where I dined on an order of toast, two eggs scrambled and coffee-----and yes good people I made damn sure I had my cell phone with me).

Finishing my breakfast, I then remembered I needed to purchase an HDMI cable to connect up my blue ray disc player to my digital TV, so when the electronic guru arrived next thursday to integrate my DVR with my verizon FIOS system, I would have the right cables to use. So up the road Blue and I trotted, got the cable, and then decided to stop in and browse Pier One, to see if they had any neat stuff I might be able to use in fleshing out my decor here at the apartment, an hour and something later decided they didn't----then I moved on to Lowes Hardware/buiilding supplies and dallied in their plant dept, and picked up a few pots, a couple stands and a couple plants to go on my patio. At this point I decided I had totally smashed this weeks budget, and pulled my horns iun and came home.

Spent acouple hours reviewing my stock portfolio, doing some research on companies I might invest in, and then decided to clean the apartment, you know the old take out the trash, do some dusting, yadda, yadda yadda----kinda got carried away, scoured the bathes, and moved into doing laundry. All in all was a rather laid back but productive day. A good day to have after the nightmare I managed to create the day before.(life is good once more)

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