Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Cleaned To Well

Saturday had been something of a nightmare of my own creation (a fancy word for "Stupidity"), but Sunday had turned out to be both productive as well as relaxing---I slept much better Sunday night.

Then Monday arrived, and as I munched on home made muffins (compliments of my Niece Tish), and a big mug of coffee, watched my stocks as the Market went up, and by the time the market had closed I had made a couple bucks. Awhile later Judi called me on my land line, and we chit-chatted for a bit, and I then went out on the Patio kicked off my sandals and begin reading "The Third Option", an adventure/mystery novel by Vince Flynn, and soaking up the late afternoon sun, (good book, cold beer----life was good)

After about an hour or so, decided, I would scoot out for an early dinner at one of the local eateries, so changed from my shorts to long pants and sneakers, and began the search for the cell phone (Don't Leave Home Without it), wasn't on the kitchen counter, with my car keys, wasn't in the bedroom where I usually put my wallet and loose change, wasn't in the Media room ------well finally decided I must have left it in the car from my Sunday outing the day before---but no it wasn't there----but then the light came on---it had to be in the pocket of my cargo pants that I had worn earlier on Sunday----and as I made my way to the bedroom and the laundry hamper the GONG went off in my head--------I'D WASHED ALL THE LAUNDRY!!

-------With a cold stomach I slowly lifted the top of the washer lid and looked in----(have ya ever seen a drowned Cell Phone----??) and there it was laying at the bottom of the washer, deader than a nail------(sigh). Damn, the poor thing was only 3 1/2 months old----and I killed it----what can I say---"Stupid Strikes Again!! I put a note in my planner for tomorrow (Get new cell phone ) That's the easy part, the hard part is calling up all my relatives and explaining why I need them to give me their cell phone numbers again----the humiliation of it all. (sigh)


  1. Ha! Great story. Your phone still might be covered for replacement if you just tell them it won't work. I think they have a warranty period. I'll email you our phone numbers. Did you feel the earthquake? We didn't feel the first one but did the one last night - just slightly though. Trev said the first one was really bad and lasted a long time. That is surprising because we are only 15 miles apart.

  2. If you have Verizon they have back up assistance where they keep a log of all your numbers for you for just such an instance. They can be transfered to your new phone in an instant!

    You might want to check into that!

  3. Gary, Oh My, uou are living dangerously ! Concerning your saturday panic, without doubt it was a nervous time for your family. But don't you think we are all too much addicted to the cell phone ? I understand it's useful particularly when one is living alone but I don't like it. For myself I have no it and I'm feeling well thank you. I hate to phone... that's why...

  4. I have most everyone's cell phones. ANd house lines. I can get you what I have if you want. Just e-mail me if you need them.

  5. Happens to the best of us. I've never washed my cell phone though. I don't think I'd tell the phone company that's what happened. Nice that everyone is ready to give you phone numbers again....that part will be easy.

  6. I'm so sorry this happened Gary.

    I think there is a way they can tell if the phone has been in water ... when Mike's fell in the lake before they could tell in some way.

    I hope you get it replaced soon.

  7. If you drop your cell phone in water, immediately put it inside a large bag of uncooked rice and leave it for 24 hours. It's too late fo this phone but it might save your next one. Also, I'm not sure if this formula would word for a phone coming out of the washing machine.


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