Monday, May 11, 2009

A Sunday In Poway

Poway, for those not living in Southern California, is a bright little City East-Northeast from San Diego, and as it happens is where my Nephew Eric and his lovely wife Jennifer live.  The occasion for my visit to their home, (I live all of 40 minutes away), was primarily to acknowledge my Niece Tish"s birthday, (which actually is today 5/11, but what with everybody working on Mondays, well everybody but us old dudes anyway, the party was held on Sunday)  Also, another reason was that now that I live so much closer, I can readily accept invites to "come on down", and finally of course, after all those years when good old Uncle Gary brought the beer to the parties-----now its time for payback----free beer for good old Uncle Gary.

So down the big concrete highway Pony and I gallopped, dressed in our finest (newly acquired native Temeculan costume---see previous post "Going Native---its not easy" published 5/9/09)", on yet another damn nice day here in Southern California (think "the hills are alive----").

Arriving at 11am, as I had been told to do-----I was the first to arrive (to hell with arriving fashionably late, when free beer is to be had). (afterall had I not just crossed 40 miles of semi desertto get there?)--- quickly enough I found myself , with libation in hand, meandering around the big backyard and perusing my Nephew's large pation,  pool, and landscapings, while he finished up getting ready for grilling and otherwise general hosting duties.  Shortly enough I made myself comfortable on a padded chaise lounger, basking in the warm balmy sun, cold beer in hand---life was good.

Tish, my niece, arrived a few minutes after I did, and a few minutes after that others arrived, and we spent the day with good repartee, and a whole lot of good food.  Grilled hamburgers, guacamole, chips, baked beans, potatoe salad, beer and wine.  I scored acouple nice potted plants to bring back to add to my naked Patio (yaaaa!), and to make a laong story short----I finally was able to pull myself away from the contented basis and head back home eight hours after I had first arrived.

It was something of a surprise to awaken this morning and in the process of getting out of bed, determined that perhaps I spent a bit more time in the sun than I thought----the old dude got his pale legs and feet a nice dose of sunburn---nothing all that painful, although I admit to some minor discomfort from it---but whats kinda funny is, the zebra stripes across my feet from wearing sandals.  Needless to say, will avoid the sun for acouple of days.

I took some pics, and I was suppose to have had my pic taken with my camera of me in my native Temeculan outfit -----but when downloading from my camera at home, alas and alac no pic of me wearing shorts.   Worse yet is,  those pics I did take for some perverted reason blogger will not accept----and I can only assume this is a blogger problem, as have loaded pictures taken with my camera to my blog many times , but not now---most frustrating.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in spite of the sunburn. 8 hours of visiting. It's nice being closer to family, isn't it.

  2. I am glad you had a good time. Too bad the rest of us weren't invited.


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