Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adapting to cold coffee----

Packing up ones years of living, is not all that much different than opening a time capsule----boxes from the garage, whats in em, opening them and finding stuff from back in one's childhood, or early college days etc, etc, and of course opening up another flood of agonizing decisioning,--- keep, sell, throw away, donate to charity etc, etc??----its amazing how much time it takes to make these kind of decisions. I try to stay diligent---keeping my focus on lets get this packed, or thrown away and pour myself a cup of coffee, open another closet, or box, and some time later, recall I have a cup of coffee going, and of course now its cold----and I am getting to like it cold----that's scary, and I wonder how many other of my old patterns are fading away and being replaced with new ones?----afraid one of these mornings will wake up in the twilight zone.
At last count I now have 18 boxes packed up and I do believe I am beginning to see the light and the end of the tunnel as far as boxing up stuff----me thinks maybe another six boxes should do it-----then it is a matter of disposing of all the trash throwaway pile, (will have to call a junk hauler for that). I then can begin to give the house a vacuuming and dusting so the new people when they come in won't think I am a total slob. (oops almost forgot, need to clean the stove ovens as well as the refrigerator----and I will need a big box to pack up all the can goods from the pantry-----well enough procrastination, I got to get back to work----(sigh)


  1. The decisions are certainly more time-consuming than any other part of packing. For me, the best part of moving is the chance to massively de-clutter. Actually, since I hate moving, that's pretty much the only part of moving that I like.

    Looking forward, though, moving in is a lot more enjoyable than moving out, since things look better day by day instead of the opposite.

    Also, don't wake up in the Twilight Zone, try for Temecula instead. It's much nicer.

  2. I am glad you are making progress and finding the time to blog.

  3. Don't worry, your troops will arrive today and work their magic on your moving ordeal. You are blessed to have good family.

  4. Sounds like you are working through it. It will be over soon and life will resume, maybe different, but who doesn;t like a change?

    Hang in there............

  5. Oh Sweetums. That's why I still live in the same house I was born in. The process of moving has me paralyzed. There are things here from mom and dad; me and first husband, me and second husband and a boat load in the garage, shed and basement. ME MOVE? When my daughter thinks I"m ready for the nursing home, SHE'LL have the energy, believe me.


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