Monday, January 26, 2009

Blue Monday, a case of nervousness

In the ongoing saga of my move, today the workers arrived to do the necessary termite repairs, also the couple spots of dry rot, install the city mandated low-flush equipments, and as I write this, I have four workers crawling all over and under my domocile, hammering, sawing and so its hard to think, what with blinking the tears out of my eyes at the mess-----I am of the understanding when its all said and done I won't even know they have been here--except for the low flush crapper installation.  (did I spell crapper right Dana?)------later this week they will tent my house to complete the termite proofing. 
     One bright happy spot today however, is the situation regarding what was I to do with all my patio furniture------well family to the rescue---my nephews are taking my patio furniture off my hands, (thanks guys).  so bit by bit, the move is coming together, and hopefuly around the weekend of 2/6/09, I will move into my new place------(sigh)


  1. This is the eternal move...I'm empathetic.

  2. It is at least half way over!! LOL It will all work out. Looking forward to having you over later this week. See you soon!

  3. Yes. You spelled crapper right, but why did you as ME?? And as for the low-flow-flush....don't put anything bigger than half a twinkie in there.....I'm just sayin'

    Workers and repairmen always make me SO nervous when they're hammering and plumbing around my house, but look at it this way, if they ruin anything, it's not yours now.

    I feel bad for you sweetums. With all my joking, I still know you're hurting.

    And now you have to go to Judi's and live the good life before going to an APARTMENT and the FLUFF AND FOLD. harsh reality!

  4. Glad things are moving along so well Gary.

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Good luck with everything. Seems like everything is finally falling into place. Glad the patio furniture found a good home.


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