Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday in Granola Land

Its Tuesday here in Granola land , (we call it granola land as it is made up of fruits, nuts, and a whole bunch of flakes) Today my house is scheduled for an open house for realtors, so I plan on taking off, and go out in the world and investigate the feasibility of acquiring one of them new portable phones, (believe they are called cell phones?). This idea was planted in my head while I was perusing the area of temecula last sunday, and was not reachable by phone, and then driving through the wide open spaces, without any signs of civilization wondering what would I do if the car broke down out there??-----so, today we will remedy that situation.------then hopefully when I return my realtor will tell me I got a zillion offers to buy my house at my asking price-----yeahhhh, dream on old dude.!!----anyway I think I hear people coming up the driveway so laters ya all!!


  1. Well hopefully you get a buyer and a reasonable price for your house. If I was in charge of our cell phones, I would have gone with the Jitterbug. No extras, just a phone, voice mail, etc. No gadgets to screw up or turn on by accidentally punching the wrong button. The numbers are easy to read, the screen is easy to read and I understand the plans are simple without confusing contract crap.

    Actually I just asked my wife about them(she's our cell phone guru) and she told me for me as much as I use a cell phone, the Jitterbug might be a good idea.

    I'm gonna sign off here and check them out right away.

  2. Hey Gary ... I hope you get a good offer on your house. I agree having a cell phone is a must these days.

  3. No one envies what you are getting ready for. Get that cell phone and always be far away when the realtor shows it so you don't have to listen to the rude remarks.

  4. Good luck with the open house. I hope you get a GAZILLION offers at your price or more (yeah right, lol) Good luck with your cellphone search. I have a BoostMobile that I pay as I go(either putting $$ on from my bank account or buying a card at Walmart). I don't use mine all that often, but have found life is much easier with one. And it is like a security blanket when you are off by yourself in the middle of nowhere. You just need to make sure that the middle of nowhere has reception.

  5. I am looking forward to looking with you on Sunday!!

  6. Gary, I have one of those tracphones. I buy the yearly card for about $100 and that runs less than $10 a month. I don't really USE it, but it's there if I need it. . . . (or it's home on the kitchen table).

    Anyway, be sure and carry a phone book in your car because if you DO have car trouble, you'll need a phone number to call.


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