Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Wasted day

Today, saturday Jan 17, 2009, I have totally wasted.  I have accomplished nothing, unless one counts working one's self into a mental contonic state has any significance.  I really believe I have managed to work myself into a double approach/avoidance trap.  The closer I get to making a firm decision regarding either renting an apartment, or buying a small home---the more I find reason not to, and so today I sit here at my desk quivering, unable to make a decision------another day off the escrow clock, and unable to make the necessary decision to line up a place to move to.  I've had people telling me to relax, it will all work out, and I suppose it will, although I can't see the solution.
     Thursday and Friday the mandatory house inpsections by the city , county and State were performed, and although I have not received the formal reports, from the termite inspector I have gleaned some information that will be in HIS report.-------all fixable at some unknown cost, and so I will proceed down that road, as it needs to be done regardless.------but mainly flashing in my head is the escrow deadline and picturing myself and my stuff out in the street, homeless, with a glazed look on my face------and aw hell, a good nights sleep and this catonic moment will pass. (least wise I sure hope so---the clock is ticking)


  1. Gary ... it will all work out. I can only imagine the difficult decision you have to make. Wherever you decide to live ... make sure you LOVE it!

  2. Gary, my heart goes out to you. Change is always hard, even if the end result is positive. One of my favorite sayings is, "When God closes a door, He always opens a window -- but sometimes it's hell in the hallway." So true!

    Anyway, I'm thinking about you and wishing only good things for you...

  3. I got the answer Gary!!!
    Get two pieces of paper, a pen and a hat or it?
    Ok.. now write down RENT on one piece and BUY on another. Put BOTH pieces of paper in said hat/jar. Swish em around a bit. peeking...pull one piece of paper out. Whatever it says.. you DO!! Simple as that.
    Of course is you don't like the answer there's always best two out of three..right?


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