Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GOOD NEWS, and bad news!!

In the on-going play out of closing escrow on my house sale, am now in the throws of implementing the legally required (by the city and state) repairs and modifications of my house.  That is to say putting in low flush toilets, smoke detectors, and all the needed repairs dictated by the city inspectors and the termite people.  The good news is the cost of doing the above is within my previously estimated cost of selling, in fact its substantially lower than my budgeted estimate. (OH JOY!!)-----now for the bad news----Bonnie, was most kind as to give me a blogging award, which I duly want to proudly display on my blog.  I went to add it to my layout and----(sob), when I go to my layout page, all I get is a view of my current layout, but no add page element button appears?? I am at a loss to figure out how to resolve this problem, anybody have any ideas??--------some hours later, the old dude did a complete defrag ---and the problem went away, see award on my left column (I got a friend----yahhhh!)


  1. I am not sure I can help. You will need someone with more experience than me. How about Wayne John???

  2. ---it occurred to when dealing with my war with the trojans and worms, which I won ---that it wouldn't hurt to do a complete defrag--which I did, and VOILA!---WE now successfully added my new award---thanks again Bonnie.

  3. You are so welcome and so deserving of this award. And we all know you have more than one friend. I honestly am honored that you consider me a friend. Good luck with all your repairs, I don't envy you at all.


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