Monday, April 27, 2009

"Burning Down The Mtn" Happy Birthday Judi

Well here it is people, my 500th post, and I am honored to make this post dedicated to my Blog sponsor, Judi----and help commemorate her 50th year, and her Great Birthday Party. (you might want to click on the pics to make em bigger as you go)

As you all have read on Judi's blog, something over 55 people RSVP'ed, and then there were a few others who also decided to come, at one point I counted over 60 people, (not including the band) in attendance. The weather was clear and sunny, but with the wind twas a touch on the cool side, but it sure didn't cool down the party none.

The party was held at Pete and Judi's beautiful home on top of Shogo Mtn, and if one looks past the activities in the pics, you can get an idea of the views available from their house. Here's a pic taken early in the Party, the band has arrived and is setting up-----

This is the front of Judi's home, notice the wide cross-hatching inlaid stone of their front deck----faboulous! (one is looking north in the pic)

---and here we have the Host of the party getting into the swing of things, and oooh there's Judi, with a long time friend from back in school days (I was introduced but have forgotten all the names, met to many last night)

In the above pic, as you can see the band has started to play, and here we have my lovely niece Tish, (Pete's Sister), being twirled around the floor by Big Dave Shelton, (Tish Pete, and my other nieces and nephews all grew up with Dave, and his younger brother Roger)
Food was served in the big open garage, and I neglected to get the information on who catered the party, but I can tell you the food was most tasty, and I considered myself lucky to leave the party with a plate to take home (Thanks Judi).

Looking West, we have those that were not dancing,but enjoying the food and drink and the portable fire pit on the other end of the front of the house., and then finally, in closing,  I just had to include a pic of Me and my Nephew Eric's wife Jennifer, who was wishing me a happy birthday (which is the day after Judi's).
I finally faded fromn the party some four hours of partying, and am pleased to report tha old blue got the old dude home in one piece.  I will let Judi give you all the neat details of the party------especially her surprise to find JOYCE (her mom) there for the party.  I am hoping to get together with Joyce and Judi and Pete, later and perhaps check out the casino action down they're way.    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDI!!  (AND I MEAN IT TOO)


  1. Happy Birthday Judi. Happy Early Birthday Gary AND......drum roll please.....CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th post. Judi should feel honored to know you reserved the occasion for her.

  2. Happy Birthday as I commenting on your day!
    Happy 500th Post!
    Enjoy my mom, cause I want her back soon! LOL

  3. What a great party ... Happy Birthday Judi!

    Happy 500th post Gary!

  4. What a great way to celebrate your 500th post! Happy Birthday, Judi!. Happy Birthday, Gary!

  5. I am so glad you could share this special day with me. It was a fun time. Happy Birthday Uncle Gary!! And congrats on the 500th post. I am honored to have been the one to get your started in the blog world. May you have many more blog posts. I will see you soon!

  6. Happy Birthday Gary ... kick your heels up, have a cold one and celebrate!

  7. Loved the picture of you and Jennifer but for me I looked very determined. I was probably worried about the dancing, since I hadn't danced in a long time.

  8. Happy Birthday Gary!! and congrats on your 500th post...I'm looking forward to the next 500!


  10. Gary...I'm really missing your daily posts! Hope all is well with you, it's been almost a week.


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