Monday, December 22, 2008

Living inside the Box

-----Normally I get upset with people who can't think outside the box, and yet today it occurs to me that I am now pretty much living in a box---some would call it a house, but----nah, this might technically qualify as a house, but ---its no longer a home. I have been reduced to living in a box. Just waiting for that person that wants this box, meets my price and this boy flies down the freeway----.(lol)
Actually still have a lot to sort through and pack up---what am I suppose to do with 29 champagne flutes---can't remember the last time we used all of em, its been awhile, still there they all are, nicely washed and shiny, and that's not counting the fancy ones I also have.
Then there is the garage----what the hell is in the garage?? talk about a time capsule, I know there is this huge bag of pine cones, that were to be used in making a pine cone Christmas tree, which never got done, assorted wicker baskets which can be used to make Easter Baskets, and then too there are a few pieces of luggage, couple cabinets with drawers all filled with assorted ribbons and wrapping papers, about a dozen wrought iron candle holders of various heights and widths, and I have no idea whats up in the rafters----like I said, twill be like opening a time capsule.
Well I got three boxes packed today----my back says enough already!!---So its late afternoon,k and here I am blogging and enjoying a cold beer, and listening to Christmas music on the old HI-FI stereo. (life is good).


  1. Uncle Gary,
    I have some nice small boxes for your special items. So after Christmas I'll come up and help you pack some more boxes. Looking forward on seeing you.


  2. Speaking of the ole Hi-Fi....A lady came into the store today with here teenage daughter.
    She noticed the display of old 45's and LP's that was by the front door. I heard her ask her mother..."You have to tell me what a 45 is for?" I laughed as her mother explained. I then told her she could amaze her friends with her knowledge when they ask what LP stood for...LONG PLAYING.
    Enjoy the beer and music deserve it!

  3. You might consider what I did with a storage unit I had--I let some young friends clean it out for me, in return they got to keep all the STUFF. It was the same kind of thing, lots of wine glasses, chafing dishes, things for big entertaining that I am done with, and they are just beginning.

  4. I think you should have a garage sale. It sounds like there are lots of good things that you could sell. See you on Thursday. The Gil Olympics never gets rained out. It just moves inside.

  5. Excellent. Getting on with it and looking down the road also instead of just looking back. Having been through the same process recently in my own house, I can definitely relate to your "time capsule" spaces. My whole house is a time capsule.

  6. Twenty-nine champagne flutes? Wow. Y'know, it would scare me to have to go through my house and sort through the many thousand items in my own time capsules. Like His Crummitude, I can definitely relate.

    Anyway, it sounds like you have the right approach: pack a few boxes, then sit back and enjoy a beverage or two.

    And you may really want to consider Judi's idea of a garage sale. Or several garage sales.

  7. At least the time capsule isn't buried in the back yard where you'd have to shovel it out!

    Enjoy that beer Gary, and have one for me too.

  8. Kathi D:-----you had to mention chafing dishes didn't ya (sob), got this sideboard in the dining room full of crystal goblets, liqueor glasses, wine glasses, etc, etc, etc.

  9. I don't envy you at all. When the time comes that I have to move, I'm just gonna let my kids have at it. Be easier on me as they are not as sentimentally attached to things like I am. Plus I'll get out of all the hard work (see, there is a method to my madness).


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