Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Living Room At Matilija

Before I begin dismantling the place, figured I should take some pics to share with ya, the following pics are taken giving you a lil tour starting with the sight you see upon entering my front door--(don't forget to click on the make bigger thingy)
then if you step forward about 12 feet and look to your right, you see across the room to the opposite corner, and see this view.
now, this next shot is taken from the corner of the room to your right (from the above pic), which is the view from the kitchen entrance to the living room. (my blogging center in the far corner)
this next pic is taken looking from the above corner towards the doorway to the kitchen, and looks like this.
-----and finally I took a pic looking from the poolside windows looking across the room---shows the entrance way where this tour began and please note the packing boxes in the entrance way------(my back hurts already and havn't even started) (lol)
-------its hard saying good bye to this old home.


  1. It is always hard to say good bye to any house you move from. But it also very exciting to move on to a new adventure. I am excited for you.

  2. What great memories you'll have. Thanks for the tour...the house is beautiful as I know your next one will be.

  3. You have a lovely home Gary, I can see why it is so hard to leave it. I'm sure whatever abode you move to will be just as beautiful.
    Keep your chin up...I'll try to do the same.

  4. Gary, you have a beautiful home filled with so many wonderful memories.

    Choosing what to keep, sale and give away is hard I'm sure.

    Take good care,

  5. Bless your Heart, i know you are going through a rough time. Hang in there and remember that you will have your memories and your blog.
    Hope everything works out.

  6. ---day by day, its about all I can do at this point. anybody got any experience with estate sales, how they work, pros and cons??

  7. Estate sales? no, mortgages yes. If you need any help with the mortgage aspects, I can help you make sure you're not getting screwed.

    Hang in there old man, the best is yet to come! We're all here for ya!

  8. Are you leaving because it's too big? That living room is so huge with so much seating. Did you entertain often? And your itty bitty computer area where you've spent so many hours. Darlin', when you choose a new place, make your computer area as welcome and as comforting as the rest of the place. While the internet can be a hiding place where people lose site of the real world, it can also be a comfort knowing you have friends at your fingertips.

    Take us with you as you go, connected by camera and blog.


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