Sunday, December 14, 2008

Downsizing---(aka off loading)

Well its starting people, reality is taking form. Moving from a house to most likely an apartment, and making the decisions as to what I wish to retain, versus what has to go--(sob). My Niece Melanie and her husband stopped by and I was able to talk her into taking a few things. She was kind enough to send me pictures of the things I off loaded on her, as they are now in her home. I thought I would share them with you.

This first pic is a painting done by an artist in Hawaii, (Oil on canvas) depicting the Queen of Hawaii's Lady in waiting. and is now hanging in Melanies lovely home.

Here is a pic of a fun little Vase she found to her liking (lol)

----and finally the pair of free standing Bronze Cranes which stand about 5' tall, and are now standing on her patio with a view of the San Bernardino valley, and the mountains beyond.

Today, one of my other nieces , Tish, is coming over, to assist me in packing up the 16 tons of bric-a-brac I have in the place, and no doubt we will go out for lunch or dinner, so it should be one nice day.


  1. Those cranes are magnificent! and they seem to like their new surroundings just fine.

  2. The cranes are, indeed, magnificent and you and your niece both have wonderful taste. I can't really express MY taste, since those cranes that I loved would look totally rediculous sitting at MY house. I am sad, because you are sad at having to move.

    After my daughter and son-in-law stayed here for a month (sorry. It was just three days), tonight I said "You HAVE to go HOME!" It made me feel SO bad, because she was staying here after having eye surgery. But they originally said ONE day, and NO DOGS, and they brought their HUGE, dogs that SHED non stop, and we've been walking around GIANT dogs and through GIANT dog hair tumbleweeds for a month (OK. Three days.) Sometimes, nothing works out.

  3. Those items look great in your nieces house. Especially the cranes. They really look great where she has them. Moving is always a sad affair, but just think of all the wonderful new beginnings you'll have.

  4. Those things look beautiful in Melanie's home.

  5. Gary ... it's nice to know things you love so much will be well taken care of in your niece's home. The pictures are lovely.

  6. Yeah, love the cranes, would like to have a few of those out in back too. They look quite nice. Cheers Gary!


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