Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here's A Seasonal Thought---good for year round too

  A couple more pieces of Bric-a-brac to some people, but these kinda are my touchstones to my outlook on life in General. (click on he make bigger thingy)


  1. Loved looking at all your bloggers. Now we have a face to their comments.

  2. I love your bric-a-brac. I have lots of shelf space as you well know.

  3. once I find out how much shelf space I have in my new digs, wherever that ends up being, maybe then we can talk Melanie----the above two pieces however are not on the market, now or then----sorry about that.(lol)

  4. Beautiful bric-a brac you have Gary.
    And those bronze cranes that you pictured in a previous post---I would have loved to have them for a gift for Monsieur Bear.
    Too bad that I live so far away.
    I would be buying you out of house and home with your wonderful objects d'art.

    Seasons greetings from my blog to your blog.

    Bear((( )))

  5. What bric a brac? Those are memories. And beautiful memories they are. I'm sure you have a story for each of them. I know I do for mine. I wish you all the best with your packing and moving (when the time comes). Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  6. Looks like beautiful Bric-A-Brac to me.

  7. Gorgeous pieces Gary ... I am sure they will have a special place in your new home.


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