Friday, December 12, 2008

What I did today (not to get excited over people)

Today I was awakened with a phone call at 6:30am, from my friend Midge advising she would be unable to meet me for coffee as it is our norm on Friday mornings. (just as well as in that it was already 6:30am and I hadn't got up yet, I would have been late. Anyway that's how my day started out---with a negative. (Don't ya just hate that when that happens?)
To awake to go back to sleep, and yes I did give that option a bit of thought, got up showered, shaved, wrestled with the coffee maker (I won---pretty sure the machine saw I was not in the mood for any attitude from it, and acquiesced to making me coffee)
Then sipping my coffee gazing out at the pool, decided it looked like the rain they had predicted for Saturday might come in early, and so I decided to go out and wipe down my bronze cranes and drag them into the house, and have them ready to fly when my niece Melanie and her husband bill arrive Saturday to pick them up.(Leastwise they won't have to put wet birds in their trunk. (lol).
Then I killed a couple hours walking back and forth through the house, measuring furniture, and letting my mind deal with what might fit in an apartment, which I have decided either has to be a very large one bedroom, or more likely a two bedroom unit. Then I leaped on the old puter and googled apartments for rent in the Temecula/Murrieta towns, then got to looking at condo's available-----next thing I knew it was 3pm, and then I remembered I had to go to the supermarket.
Returning to my domicile, put groceries away, and began preparation of the evenings repast, (will be reprised on Saturday night as well), which hopefully will be a big pot of beef stew. Browned the beef, chopped the onions, carrots and celery, potatoes, and even as I write this its all simmering on the stove----we won't starve tonight anyway.
Anyway, will finish this posting, review some of youawl's blogs, eat my dinner, catch the evening news and watch the next three hours of "Entourage" with Danny Divito. So did I get anything packed for moving?--NO. Did I make any firm decisions on what furniture I am taking?---No.-----do I know how to procrastinate?---OOOOH YEAH!!


  1. You got more accomplished than you think you did. What a busy day you had. The beef stew sounds wonderful. Enjoy it.

  2. i visited Temecula the last time I was there. Very centrally located. In case you are interested there are a lot of scrapbooks stores there! LOL

  3. I will starting looking for you after the first of the year. I think you need to get into a community area so they have activities.

  4. Wow... that still sounds better than the day I had. :p

  5. I love that you typed "youawl's" ... that's almost like ya'll ... LOL ... you know I'm from the south, right? That just made me giggle.

    Sounds like you had a very productive day.


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