Sunday, April 27, 2008

HEY Just expressing myself here

Coffee is made, the sun is shining, life is good----but then its early yet. Here's a thought. No doubt you all have heard how come next Febuary the entire television broadcast system will stop broadcasting in analog and only broadcast in High Definition digital. So if one wants to watch tv on their current old fashion analog sets off the traditional attennea on the roof, once needs to procure a converter box. The goverment has put in place a system so that all who ask can get coupons worth 40 dollars with which to buy the required converer box. Needless to say I have applied for my coupon, and expect to receive itg sometime late in May. In anticipation of receiving it, I paid a visit to my local Circuit City store. Sure enough they have the converter boxes----priced at $60, use my coupon and I will be out of pocket for the difference---plus taxes . So come febuary, I will get the new super fine digital signals, converted and shown on my old analog set------life goes on----now if only the government could mandate and improvement in the quality of the television programs being offerred------(sigh) Thank goodness Jerry and I have signed up with Netflics and if all else fails we have the 600 plus movie cassettes of old movies we have watched since we were little kids. and of course there is the Library.


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