Monday, April 28, 2008

Its A Dancing Jester Day today

Back from the Monday meeting of the Sherman Oaks Coffee&Debating Society---(making the world safe for democracy). Now here I am blogging on auto-pilot----I think I feel a thought coming on------wait for it!!??-------nope, sorry, just a silly muscle twinge. My good friend Midge was kind enough to give me a fun birthday card, one of them new fangled ones, where when ya open it,it plays music----the tune in this one was "Shout"----and now I got that tune flitting through my head and can't get it out-----(make it stop mommie!!)---makes me kinda feel like the dancing Jester icon I got on the page to the right----.

This evening, normally, this being a Monday, it would be MY night to prepare the evening meal---but in that its MY birthday today---the Lil Prince will be giving our traditional birthday party dinner---ordering in Pizza and having champagne. (yeahhhh! lets hear it for champagne!), and with that we will have (compliments of netflics) an oscar award winning movie--"No Country For Old Men"-----it just don't get no better than that!!

Have started the lastest book form Eric Flints "Ring of Fire" Series, this one titled "Ring of fire II". In the forward of this book the author makes reference to two more novels in the series that are due to come out soon, if not already-----so can look forward to those. Actually can't believe I am so into this Sci-fi series---my normal reading is in the venue of "Who done-its", my goal is to read all of them in the library so have been working the list of Mystery writers alphabetically, primarily those authors that have published more than one book, being the avid ready (I said AVID, not RABID)---I uusally have six or seven books from the library laying around. Hey beats watching television. ----well more later-----stay tuned sportfans


  1. It sounds like a fun birthday to me. I hope you have a good one!!

  2. It sounds like you had a great day. I am glad to hear it. Happy birthday!!

  3. Pizza and Champagne! My you are spoiled.

    Glad you had a great Birthday.


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