Monday, April 21, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

I am new to the blogging world, but am aware that one can do any number of things to one's blog page, ===change colors, add pics, and stuff---and if you notice I have added a little thing titled "This day In History"---wow everything you wanna know about the Red Baron, is featured today.

I want to take this time to say thanks for all the comments and kind words regarding my initial blog inputs---was kinda really impressed that even Wendy input a comment-----(have we ever met Wendy?---being the old guy I am, and you know how the family gatherings go-----I get confused easily?) Another comment pleaded for me to bring "game" to the blog world----not sure what my No. 1 fan has in mind there-----?

Then there is the matter of those silly lil tool icons on my side bars??---is that normal or what??---havn't found an explanation of what those are all about yet?

Still searching the immediate world to find a relatively current pic of yours truly---but my family appears somewhat reluctant to forward them to me----but then ---(sigh)---nobody LIKES ugly, so guess I can understand why so many pics were taken , but none seen afterwards.


  1. Oh Uncle Gary, i am sure my mom has many pictures of you. I'll tell her to email you some. Your blog looks great. I have enjoyed reading it.

  2. Uncle Gary I am still searching for a picture. Give me a few days. I want to make sure I find a good one.


  3. I am enjoying your blog, your writing skills blow me away.

    I think we have met once or twice, but don't ask me when because I have that sops syndrome sometimes too!! LOL

    The silly tool icons only apear to you when you are signed into your Dashboard (which is where you post and change settings) Hope that helps.


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