Sunday, April 27, 2008

----Seems I Have Rippled The Blogging World Somewhat

I was fully immersed in my latest book "The Grantville Gazette III" (another in the "Ring of Fire" series written and edited by Eric Flint---when the LP hollered at me to inform me I had a phone call----twas from Judi,--- (That's Judi, of the famous blogging page "SCRAPPIN FROM BLUEFIELD RANCH" ----back from a successful fun junket to Laughlin,Nevada. She wanted to inform me that my "Blogging page" has become somewhat the talk of the local blog network, with one complaint. ----many had wanted to lay a comment on my blog but not being in the blog network were unable to do so---SO-O-O!! I have hopefully got into my settings and corrected them to allow comments to be made by those who enjoy reading blog, but have not as yet started their own blog page, these people should be able to click on the "anonymous" sender and it should get posted. I look forward to reading the comments you all might have----and feel free to critique my inputs as you feel necessary. From time to time you will no doubt see new bits and gadgets on my page---I bore easily---so delete and add stuff as the mood strikes me---kinda have it in mind that Blogging is not all that different than Stripping----anybody can strip , so to stand out from the crowd-- ya gotta have a gimmick-----so looking for new gimmicks all the time here. (damn its after 3PM , definitely time for a cold brewski----LIFE IS GOOD)


  1. I see the Anonymous tab. You have made some people very happy. You might have to wait until Monday for a response. Everyone is usually out and about on Sunday's.

  2. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Carol

  3. So I have to admit to how much I enjoy your blog. I don't even care if you talk about what color the sky is, you make everything so interesting. Keep it Up!

    and I feel the same way about my blog, I get bored easily and change mine all the time. NO WORRIES!
    It's your blog, do whatcha wanna do

  4. I "LOVE" reading your blogs. This is a perfect venue for you to shine through with your witty comments on life. Your observances and descriptions of life make it all come alive to me. The Uncle Gary of my youth is back. Love you. Melanie


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