Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a Miracle I Tell Ya!!!

All men like to believe they know what they are doing and how best to go about doing things. (Its a guy thing, its a given like the Sun always coming up in the east.) So yesterday I am concentrating on how to insert a pic into my blog-----and getting no where with it----finally deciding that the system would only handle pics with up to xxxxx pixels in em, and the one ones I was trying to jam in were much bigger----. The sun comes up (again in the east), and I find myself once again sitting in the control chair, staring at the computer screen once more throwing my keen mind and family stubborness into the problem of getting apic into place. then suddenly, for no apparent reason, I find myself staring at a pic I had tried to install yesterday----I have absolutely no idea how it happened---its a Miracle I tell ya!!!---anyway now if ya look over to the upper right of my page here---you will see the old coot hamming it up for his Nephew Peter, while at Melanies Easter gayla------.


  1. YEAH!! I knew you could do it!

    And don't worry I am still learning myself after 2 years at it!!

    Oh! Cute Picture

  2. I love the picture!! It just takes some time to get the hang of it.


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