Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wash Day, (must be Thursday again)

One thing about being retired, and away from the 40/wk grind-----all the days begin to look alike, the sun comes up in the east, and sets in the west, day after day after day. The point being after some time, one begins to not place any importance on just which day of the week it is--in that they all share equal booking so to speak. Today for example, its thursday, how do I know this you ask??---simple I did the laundry this morning, yeah the whole enchilada---got up, packed the dirty clothes into the big basket, dragged it out to the truck, added the box of soaps, and bleaches, and drove to the laundramat, stuffed the washers full (carefully seperating the whites from the coloreds, ---(and yeah girls, us men make better cooks too), walked a half block over from the Laundramat bought me a large coffee ($1.25), got in about 20 minutes of reading of my current Library book (1635 by Eric flint), ----did the fluff and fold bit, and drove back home, and Thats how my Thursdays go---if I am doing laundry KNOW it must be thursday.----and then like most days here I sit playing with the puter, and blogging my brains out---.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with that. Some on has to do it!!


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