Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Day After

Greetings all----I survived another B-day. (sorry for those of ya who bet the wrong way on that) The LP had a great pizza delivered, and the champagne was cold---and literally evaporated in one's mouth----yum. I had the brains to take two aspirin before calling it a night, so awoke as I am prone to do at 6am---clear headed, and a heavy need for hot coffee. It being a Tuesday, I was the first one at the Sherman oaks coffee and debating Society (SOCDS) meeting , and working on my second cup before others began to arrive.

Leaving the SOCDS a bit earlier than normal, made my wait to our local Ralphs Supermarket to do the LP's grocery shopping. I must say that shopping at our local Ralph's store has become something of an adventure these last few weeks, in that the store is remaining open and doing a complete renovation at the same time---nothing is where it use to be---its structured chaos---one merely has to have fortitude, and perambulate up and down every new isle, (moving around the work in progress as necessary), and one my one find the items on one's shopping list----which in the case of the LP's list is yet another challenge. The kid has nothing to do but watch cooking shows, and compose his shopping list accordingly---and then sending me to the store looking for such items as PB dough, and other mystery items-----and you can't imagine the wild discussions we have had over the differences between Yams as compared to Sweet Potatoes---.
(for those of you who hasn't figured out what PB dough is----its the Lil Prince's shorthand spelling for Peanut Butter Cookie Dough)---learning that took me the better part of 30 minutes and the humiliation of actually asking for direction from one of the store clerks. (needless to say I won't forget what PB Dough is NEXT time it shows up on the list). I am not complaining here boys and girls (having just past my allotted 3 score and 10, that automatically makes everyone younger than me ---so I can say things like that---)---Jerry, in his own indubitable fashion, is teaching me how to be a better cook and definitely a wiser shopper and I thank him for that. (wow, so THAT's a Shitake Mushroom----wow!!)

Todays list howver was quite simple, he biggest problem was trying to find cauliflower with cheese sauce----couldn't find it at Ralph's, so substituted Brussel Sprouts in Butter Sauce---(hey he didn't throw anything at me, so guess I did okay on that) Tomorrow after the SOCDS meeting ,will see if I can find cauliflower with cheese sauce at Gelson's---if not there, will go to Vons, ---surely somebody has cauliflower with cheese for sale??


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