Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sign In Mystery Guest----??

Those who have looked are familiar that underneath my wordy blog inputs one can see a map of the united states ---which reflects by lil flags whose looking at my page---between my immediate family and family of wives and husbands of my nieces and nephews had pretty much got the both East and West Coasts covered---suddenly wham I now see got input (somebody checking out my blog) from what appears to be Kansas------wow, both coasts and now the middle of the USA too---makes me kinda well ----"National"?? (blush) (ahh, you sure this is how Will Rogers got started guys?


  1. We have friends from all over the place. Remember my Mom & Sister are in Virginia. You are famous. I will have to put that Map on my site. I was not sure what it was doing there.

  2. OK I put the map on my site. It is at the top and I have it hidden. If you want to see it you need to click on the Ikon


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