Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A PIC!!! My kingdom for a PIC-----!!!!

Most frustrating, I found a pic to put in my blog (of the families two OLDEST uncles), but the damn thing is to big to be uploaded into the blog system-----well gosh ya just know I tried to jam it in anyway---but failed. Back to the drawing board on pics---kinda envy all you guys with your fancy digital camera's---may have to break down and get me one.

Its just another damn nice day here in ValleyGlen, so when I finish this input, will grab me a cup of coffee, my current book by Eric Flint (I am reading his alternative history series ---its a kinda science fiction thing----but rather intriguing----its about a small town in W. Virginia, that gets zapped and is transposed back to Europe in the year 1632----in the middle of the 30years war (in case any of you remember the history you were taught---hmm? do they even teach history anymore in today's schools?), anyway that happens to be the title of the first book in the series "1632", and is followed by 1633, 1634, 1635, and then there are about five or six peripheal books giving side stories to the time frames listed -----I of course read them in sequence, and had to "order" the Library to collect them all for me------. I am a relatively good reader, at least as far as speed goes-----retention of the information I am reading is sometimes suspect, thus the experssion yo will hear me use from time to tome-------"OHH! I knew that!! being uttered a few seconds or a few minutes after somebody else mentions the fact in question. Not getting old, its just that I have this HUGE memory bank to sift throught to get the facts---(damn, I think I just called myself a fat head?)

Think now instead of grabbing a coffee, will make that a cold beer-----


  1. I am loving your Blogging. Next time you are over I will show you a few things on my computer. You should be able to upload the pictures if they are scanned in correctly. It does take some time for the photos to load on.

  2. OK, you mean to tell me out of all the Gilmore's in that family not one person has a picture of poor GARY?

    Throwing a horse shoe, drinking a Beer? Relaxing in Mexico?

    Anybody!???? Good Grief! Poor Guy


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