Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Boy's Night Out

Well today I have suffered through, a cloudy overcast day, took some lumps on the Stock Market (nothing severe, just didn't make any money today.), guess its somewhat unreasonable to expect the market to go up every day!!----(two steps forward, one step back is acceptable however).
In the afternoon, I went out and got my monthly haircut, and then decided since I was out, to have an early Dinner at Mimi's. A meatloaf sandwich, made with ciabatta bread, side of fries, and decaf coffee. Then stopped at Trader Joe's and picked up a few items for the home Larder, and returned to my Apartment.
Spent a couple hours researching and analyzing the Financial shenanigans of the day, in preparation of the market opening tomorrow.
Just looked at the TV on-line guide, and determined there is nothing worth spending any time watching, and I don't feel like curling up with a good book. (I have three currently checked out from the fabulous Temecula Library (the new one, not the old one). and the evening's entertainment looks bleak-----BUT WAIT!!! I got options, and so-o-o, I have decided to go out and spend the evening at our local Casino------will most likely lose some money, but what the heck, might just win too------as I am often prone to say-----"Time will tell"!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good day, but a meatloaf sandwich? Love the Casino if it is the one that Judi and I go to they have a great buffet once a month and we LIKE to think that it is free

  2. YEAH for you, hope you won a lot and lost a little!

  3. Hey Gary, I did not know you were a notorious gambler :o). I hope you didn't "lose your shirt at the casino" ! (in French we have this expression : " y laisser sa chemise" that is to say : to lose much money ! what is the equivalent expression in english ?

  4. Gary Mom is talking about Valley View Casino. I don't go very often. How did you do?


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