Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I awoke at my normal hour of 7am, to find the day would be clear and sunny, albeit a bit cooler than the normal for this time of year 67 degrees F. It would be a good day for the Tax Protest demonstration scheduled to be held down at the "Duck Pond" park, here in Temecula. I had heard of this public protest from my Nephew Edward, who had come across it on-line, and so I had promised to meet him there along with his wife and grandchildren. We figured perhaps about 100 people would show up, if any at all.

To my surprise, when I drove to the corner of Rancho California and Ynes blvds, (the protest was to be done on the Southeast corner of the park, near the big pond ), there was no parking to be found, and the intersection, all four corners were thick crowds of people waving tax protest signs of all kinds of descriptions. Cars moving through the intersection were all honking loudly like mad, in support of the demonstrators, who sent up great cheers , and waved their signs with more vigor. I finally found a parking place acouple blocks away and walked back, using my cell phone to finally Locate my Nephew and his people , where we listened to a series of political speakers , all denouncing , the wild government spending, the ill defended borders of our country, and a number of other political issues.

It was all good to see the large turnout , I estimate there had to be close to 3,000 people at the demonstration , and it was quite a grand lil "Tea Party", and I was glad I went. I did manage to take a couple pics, but failed to get pics of some of the better protest signs. I did see one that I got only a quick glimpse of that read, "You can't cure STUPID--but you CAN VOTE THEM OUT". I thought it captured the mood of the crowd---like the line from the Movie "Network"----we are mad as hell and we aren't gonna take it anymore"
Anyway here are the few pics I took of the milling crowd, such as they are----:


  1. I saw a tea party going on in our area today ... wish my camera battery wasn't dead, I would have LOVED to take pictures.

  2. I am glad it went well. No one got arrested?

  3. This libertarian almost stopped by to check it out but wasn't able to. I drove by that intersection at 6:30 p.m. and there were still a bunch of people out there. There is a new proposal before the city council to severely limit street demonstrations like this one. Not a lot of people are aware that they are talking about it. The pro/con Prop 8 protests got the issue before them.


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