Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Road Trip Redux

OKAYYY! As those that follow this blog know, Tuesday (yesterday), Blue and I took a road trip----Galloping up to Sherman oaks, (my old stomping grounds), to spend some time with friends there, but primarily to give one friend a nice sendoff back to her home in Ohio. Old blue sure enjoyed the long gallop, and I have to say so did I (found a radio station playing all the good old stuff from the 70's and 80's to listen to, while I let old blue have his wild romp)

Once there I indulged in all the repartee that friends throw at each other, and embibed in a number of cold refreshments, and a ton of fingerfood, cheeses, crackers, shrimps and dips, and then we all headed out to the local Marie Callendars, for some good food, and more drinks. All in all it was a most satisfactory time.

Here are some pics of those attending, (somehow Steve managed to avoid having his picture taken at this gathering, but I pulled up one from an earlier time to add to this post.:
Margarite (From Ohio)

Midge and Kathleen

On Top is Steve, and on the last pic is James, and the little doggie is named "killer", (just kidding) her name is Maggie, and then finally there is one more pic----of yours truly, (Pic taken by James---thanks James)


  1. The pictures are great, It looks like you had a nice time. Does Margarite blog? That sure would be a great way to keep in touch.

  2. I'm glad you enjoying life again Gary! Sounds like you and "old blue" will have lots of fun trips down the road. (great pic of you...lookin GOOD!)

  3. Sounds like a worthwhile road had to be nice being with old friends in an old familiar place. And I'm with you...I love driving if you can find some good tunes and just enjoy the ride!


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