Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LIVE BY PROCRASTINATION----die by Procrastination---NO WAITTTT!!

Where does the time go, I mean like I knew my license had to be renewed by my birthday, knew that when I first moved here to Temecula, (did the legal change of address via the Autoclub), but had plenty of time to find and do the DMV thing, so no hurry on that-----well hello, yesterday (04/20), decided I had procrastinated long enough, and best to call and make an appointment at the Local DMV, and get my license renewed-----only one problem with that----the earliest appointment I could get would  have been May 4th, about a week after my current licensed expired----(NOT GOOD!!)  I had put it off for to long----so-o-o, I had only one choice---drive to the DMV, and get in line and DO IT!!

To make this long story short (I know to late again---sigh), it only took just under two hours,  the first 30 minutes was inching up the line to get into the DMV proper, 40 more minutes waiting to be called to one of the 16 windows to  initiate getting my license extended,  and of course they took my money right there and then----and over the next 50 minutes, I got my new pic taken (in my panic to get to the DMV I had forgotten I had forgotten to shave that morning---so gonna have that pic to look at for the next five years ).  also got fingerprinted (electronically, so no  dirty ink to wipe off) and of course had to take the written test----18 questions that would determine if I got my license  renewed, ---18 questions that would determine if old blue would get to roam, or be  padlocked in his stall for gowd knows how long----PRESSURE!!

I havn't read the DMV drivers manual for gosh, maybe 30plus years,  -----I went through the questions and made checkmarks where I thought it was proper------and then waited for five minutes, as my test sheet was scored------as it was being tallied, I in a low, but tense voice  told they young lady doing the tallying, that I was about to start bleeding around my eyes, waiting to know if Ihad passed or failed-----she gave a kinda grunt (my heart sank), but then she cooly remarked, "no  problem you only missed two, and your allowed to miss three---you passed, your new license will be in the mail in acouple three weeks----OOOOH Yeah!!! LIFE IS GOOD.


  1. That would not have been good if you wouldn't have passed. Those test are hard sometimes.

  2. Gary, right before we left Indiana, we noticed our driver's license's were up for renewal, but did we go and get them renewed? NO!!!! Now I'm down here in Floruba and the only way to get a license is to bring in my birth certificate and I have no idea where it is, but it IS in New Albany. Procrastination? HA! I'm the queen!


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