Sunday, April 5, 2009


This coming Tuesday, I plan on meeting up with some of my friends back in the old territory from which I just recently moved away from. So-o-o Old Blue and I are making a road trip, back to Sherman Oaks. It will be the longest trip to date that old
Blue and I have taken, but then I know old Blue loves to run, so it will be a good one.
The purpose of the trip is to meet with my old friends, and have dinner, and say goodbye to Margaret, who actually lives in Ohio, who has been out here visiting with her friends and taking care of some business, and who will be leaving to go back to Ohio in a few more days.
It will be a great afternoon, and it will also give me a chance to show off old Blue. and afterwards, then me and Blue will romp back to the home barn here in Temecula. (will endeavor to remember to take my camera, and give ya all an update when I get back)


  1. Wow a looooooong road trip....I'll bet Blue is thrilled. I'm sure it will be nice for you to visit old friends. And we will be waiting for those pictures.

  2. What is it about the term "road trip" that make us want to scream, "ROAD TRIP!!!" ?? I myself find I can't use the words without yelling them. A road trip - any road trip - is just plain exciting.

    Drive carefully, Gary, and enjoy.

  3. Oh Gary. The most pleasure will be when you turn your back on your old lifestyles and drive back to your new life. Joe and I were thinking that once we moved to Florida, we would walk away from this area and never look back. Now we realize we can't afford it.


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