Saturday, April 11, 2009

Then its Saturday

I somehow stumbled through the long, long day yesterday, don't ask me what I did----like hello, between reading a book, playing my SimCity4 game, staring at the TV---I do recall ordering an "On Demand" movie ----Highschool Musical #3----found it excessively cute, and was mad at myself for spending the $ 4.99 for it. Then too, I found an old movie going on one of the movie channels, the old but still good, "Captain Blood", with Errol Flynn, and Basil Rathbone.
Some time late in the afternoon yesterday I realized I was coming down with a Cold/Sinus thingy, my eyes were watering, my head felt stuffed to the point of having a headache, and was sneezing alot,  so I started taking asperins, and I couldn't quite remember the old saw, --is it "Feed a fever, starve a cold"? or the otherway around??---its of no real importance, as I was hungry so I stuffed myself, made Tortilla's, stuffed with Cheeze and salsa, and a large bowl of cream of tomato soup---almost had a major disaster however, at one point had to sneeze , and almost sneezed into my bowl of soup------on my light beige carpets and white walls that would have been the end of the world -----fortunately I was able to catch myself.
Today, the pressure on my sinuses seems somewhat less, but my nose is running like the spring runoff of the missippi-----I am hoping my tomorrow morning that I will be up and about and feeling good enough to go to the family Easter convention (I mean even Uncle Bob, who is 81years old is driving the 75 miles to Mel's place in Redlands)----on the otherhand I don't want to give everyone else my cold-----time will tell.
OH, OH!!? Question of the day: How heavy is a Brick of Cheese?


  1. That sneeze was too close for comfort, Gary. I'm glad disaster was averted, and I hope you feel better soon.


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