Monday, April 13, 2009

THE DAY AFTER (not the movie)

     Yesterday of course was Easter Sunday, which this year was held at my niece Melanie's beautiful home in Redlands. Unfortunately, due to poor planning (as if one actually plans these things) I had come down with a good cold. Not feeling at all perky, or my normal self, I went through the motions, smiling and participating in the consumption of all the home cooked foods, and finally had to make my excuses and headed back home here in Temecula. I mention the cold as its my excuse for not taking more pics of the occassion, but here are the few I did manage to take below.
     Even with my cold I have to say the food was scrumptious, the ham so good, the turkey so tender and moist, the greenbean casserole cooked just right, the mashed potatoes were nice and buttery (Ya did good tish), but I think from all the comments from many of the others, the one big hit of all the foods served, was the Macaroni&Cheese that you made Melani---twas fantastic, as you no doubt know as there were no leftovers of that.
     As my priveledged position in the family of Uncle Extrordinaire--I was of course only allowed to leave if I took home leftover ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, and a cup of flan (good Flan Jen, lip smacking good) ----so won't have to go to the grocery store til later in the week.
     I just got off the Phone, and am pleased to report Uncle Bob got home without incident, and he really appreciates having somebody drive and lead him back from the house to the freeway. (He got lost driving to the house, and in all fairness, unless your familiar with the territory it is rather complexed finding one's way up the hill to the house, lots of small lil lanes, twisting turns, leftsf and rights------) I also got home without incident, made all the right (and left) turns without getting lost----next time I come up won't need a google map to find my way.  The pics below were all taken on the patio of Melanies home in Redlands

The picture above is my Nephew Edward's wife Sherri, and their daughter (my grand-niece) Rhonda.
The picture below is my Niece Melanie (the hostess of the gathering), and my Nephew Eric's wife Jennifer.
And this last picture is again Jennifer, Melanie (sitting) and the other uncle in the family, Uncle Bob, who got lost on the way to the party, but finally, by asking directions from some local bicycle-ists, finally found the place.


  1. Nice pics Unc, but the flan was made by Tracey. Jen brought the ham. Thanks for the kudos to me. You were absolutely right the mac and cheese were phenomenol, Good job Mel. See you soon Unc.

  2. I am so sorry your not feeling well. Not sure about ya'lls weather, but our is crazy hot one day cold the next. Hope you are feeling better. If I lived nearby I would bring you some soup and crackers.

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon ...

    Your family seems to have the best time together ... so glad you got to enjoy Easter Sunday with them.

  4. It was a great day!! I hope you feel better soon!!


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