Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I played the games at the Casino, and the Casino won!!----I got home around 1:30am. It was the old story---I arrived at the Indian gambling resort of Pechanga, sometime shortly after 7pm, and was happily engaged with a nice lil quarter machine fifteen minutes later. ---By 7:30pm, I was up by 35 bucks---did I quit, no way-------by 8:15 pm, I was back to being even for the adventure---did I quit, ---nope!!-----over the next four hours it was just a slow up and down, mostly down night. We learned a few things however. 1) play the nickle machines and not the Quarter eating machines, ---learned to know the layout of the casino better, what with jumping around looking for "THE RIGHT MACHINE" (which still eludes me damnit!!) , and I learned that drinks are not free to the slot players----a bottle of Bud light costs $3.50 each----plus tip. My bar total expense last night came to $14.00---plus tips---as for the gambling loss???---we don't care to talk about that--------so don't even think about asking me. However, all in all I found the evening fun, and a nice diversion, and will no doubt do it again in the future---I think I have an opening in late march of 2010.


  1. We will have to go to Valley View sometime. I used to go every Month. We play the penny slots. Lots of fun.

  2. I definitely am in the market for a new casino (lol)---and in the mood for penny gambling

  3. Sounds like you had fun, even with the losses and the outrageous prices for a Bud Light plus tip.


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