Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Awakening early and looking out as the sun reflects off the nearby mountains, makes for a glorious sight, and one can not help but realize its going to be yet another good day.  I am quickly adapting to my new surroundings, and I almost regret not having made such a move much earlier---but one can not turn the clock back---well maybe for daylight savings time---but not sure that counts, as you have to turn the clock forward again six monthes later----or is that the otherway around??
     Okay, now where was I?---oooh yes adapting to my new world.  I've completed the move, my stuff is unpacked and semi-quasily put away in some semblence of order, I have made all the necessary changes to my banking, insuruances, utilities, and alerted all my friends to my new location, phone numbers etc.  I have initiated the investment of my proceeds from the House sale, into what I hope will return to me a pittance large enough to accommodate my spending habits, time will tell.  In fact later this morning I have another meeting with "Chuck", this one to discuss Certificates of Deposits (CD'S), which will complete my investment portfolio.  It was nice to see the stocks I bought yesterday are all up today----and I see now one is already about to issue a dividend to share holders of record 3/9 (thats this coming monday),
     Yesterday afternoon, I drove down to old town Temecula, and explored.  I re-found "Texas Lil's ", a fun little place that sells adult beverages, and decent hamburgers, (My Nephew Pete and his wife took me to "Texas Lil's: some weeks back when I was first exploring the possibility of moving to Temecula, and I found it again on my own---a fun watering hole if every there was one----the harleys out front really set the mood of the place.   OOH, also I found the Temecula Senior Center-----they have pool tables, a library, and serve lunch every day , with different entrees each day.  They also organize travel trips to local points of interest, this coming month they have one going to the J. Paul Getty Museum , which I may go on, which is kind of ironic, in that before I lived about 10 miles from the museum but never got there. now I'm a hundred miles away and I am going----go figure?
     The Headboard was delivered at 11:45am, and the crew had it efficiently installed in no time at all, and I think it looks great.  -----yes I will post a picture soon.


  1. Ah Gary, I am happy to be the first one to leave a comment. Yehh !
    It's always a pleasure to read you because you seem to have so much energy and fill with enthusiasm and good spirits. I'm happy for you.

  2. Yeh!! I am glad the headboard made it there. Also I am glad you were able to explore yesterday. I think the Senior Center will bring lots of activities for you to do. I will be waiting for those pictures.

  3. I am looking closely at everything. I am SO happy for you and so is Joe.


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